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There has been much talk lately of “trashing the Tory brand” – Guido asks which brand?

Here is Guido’s cut out and keep guide to which brands matter in the Tory leadership stakes:-

David Davis is an ex-director of the heavily subsidised Tate & Lyle, where he masterminded the breaking of the dock union’s old Dock Labour scheme. Even so, without the £127m of tax-payer subsidies last year, Tate & Lyle would have made a loss. Basher’s leadership campaign is backed financially by Stanley Kalms of Dixons. Lord Kalm’s is a major financier of the Conservative Party.

David Cameron is backed financially by Lord Harris of Carpet Right, and picks up the odd £27,000 a year from Urbium p.l.c., owners of establishments like Tiger Tiger where you can binge drink till all hours. Cheers!

Ken Clarke is the Tory brand leader in two senses – best known by the public and on the most corporate boards, he is in the fags, drugs and fund management businesses. All very profitable and all willing to support his leadership bid – if he stands. As leader he would have to take a pay-cut of course.

Some ill-informed types have suggested that Dr Fox’s The Atlantic Bridge think-tank could be a conduit for Neo-Con dollars for the doctor’s campaign. Guido hears that this bridge has collapsed – not a good omen. Pfizer, a company which takes billions out of the NHS and spends millions corrupting the political process, sponsored the bridge, now they don’t. Coincidentally, he was the Health shadow, now he isn’t.

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