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The humiliation of Malcolm Rifkind continues, Guido understands that he has not even got a double figure number of MPs nominations (though the Guardian’s count of three is a little harsh). So he seemingly has done what he needs to do to get in the papers – “trash the Tory brand”.

Why Rifkind thinks this will help him is hard to fathom, his whole campaign has been completely misjudged, a has-been slap-head who could not even hold on to his seat now hopes to lead the Tories to electoral victory – strewth. Cameron and Davis are careful to avoid rubbishing the past, but that may be because they are not yesterday’s men. Rifkind, a figure of the past, has perhaps to put some distance between him and his history, hence his “we were wrong” stance.

Alan Duncan had the sense to get out as soon as he realised he could not garner support on the backbenches. Rifkind needs to give it up and support Cameron or a possible Clarke bid in the hope of future preferment – or suffer abject humiliation.

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