Toupee or not toupee: that is the question…

Over at PoliticalBetting.Com there have been some snide suggestions in the comments section about the inability of the Tories to win elections being correlated to the baldness of their leaders. Undeniably Thatcher had long golden locks and a lock on the electorate, Major too had a full head of hair, enough to win a second term. Since then slap-head after slap-head has lead the Tories to defeat.

Basher Davis, 57, apparently has a good head of hair – or has he? It has, Guido thinks, a certain Woganesque inability to change…

Since clearly Tory electoral victory is correlated to the fullsomeness of their leader’s follicles, the country needs to know, who does Basher’s coiffure? Does it need a scissors or glue?

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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