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Guido has often mocked Prescott as a not too bright, grumpy northern old school socialist, who is way out of his depth and only used by Tony as a merkin to hide what a **** Blair is, but this lovely story melts my cynicism.

Two Jags had left the ministerial car for a stroll in the Whitehall sunshine – unlike the PM who closes off Westminster self importantly every Wednesday for PMQs rather than walking the couple of hundred yards. Not just that, he bumps into an Indian family doing a bit of tourism and offers them an impromptu tour of No. 10.

You couldn’t spin that, never mind that the Patel’s are Hindus from Harrow rather than Muslims from Manchester, but it was still handy that the Press Association got a picture of Asians going into No. 10. Certainly makes a change from Jihadi terrorist threat stories.

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