Robin Cook : Tin Hats On

They say exercise won’t kill you, but Guido says why take the risk? And Robin Cook’s death illustrates my point. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to over exertion.

I have no doubt his inside knowledge of Iraq intelligence (or the lack of) will lead many members of the tin-hat brigade to speculate, like they did about Dr David Kelly, that something was amiss. Both died after going for a walk in the country-side…

The tin-hattist conspiracy theory is that a praetorian guard of rogue intelligence officers believes that protecting our Neo-Con PM is part of their mission in the War on Terror. Hence David Kelly’s death and now Cook. Guido doesn’t think so.

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Quote of the Day

One Tory MP remarked yesterday…

“How many are in four Bakers’ dozens? About 35…”


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