Lord Drayson Gets In Via Reshuffle

Guido is grateful to an eagle-eyed reader who spotted down the bottom of the reshuffle list our old friend, Lord Drayson. Remember him? The businessmen who gave a £50,000 donation to the Labour party. Then had a business breakfast with the Prime Minister, gave a second donation of £50,000 to the Labour party while the government was weighing up who should be awarded a £32m contract his company Powderject was bidding on. Surprise, Powderject got awarded the contract, making a quick £20m profit on it. What value for money for the taxpayer, what a return on investment!

Loaded now, he gave another £500,000 donation to New Labour, and got made a life peer by Mr Blair six weeks later. He sold his company two years later, trousered £100 million and joins the government today. Hey, that’s politics with integrity…

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