Post Poll Punditry ‘fess Up

So how did blogging pundits do? Guido made a few calls and its time to ‘fess up.

My predictions were:- obviously a Labour win, LibDems to get 70+ seats, Tories 200+ seats, Labour only a double digit majority. Splits:- Nullist 40%, Labour 21%, Conservative 19%, Lib. Dem. 15%, Others 5%. (N.B. all electorate basis). Blunkett back in the cabinet on Friday. Anne “Julian” Milton to take Guildford, despite Tim Ireland’s witty efforts. Guido hoped that the excreable Andrew Dismore, London’s most expensive, least value for money, expense padding MP would lose his seat. Tony Clarke, a nasty ex-football hooligan, was I predicted doomed to hear the words “Tory Gain” ringing in his ears. Guido also wished farewell to Candy Atherton in Falmouth.

On the predictions, the winner was in no doubt, I was 8 seats short on my LibDems prediction, which cost me dearly with the spreadbetters, where I was expecting that to be my banker. 3 seats short on my Tory bet and easily right about the Labour majority.

Guildford did fall to the Julian Clary lookalike (and all who bet on her LibDem opponent handed me money on Betfair – thanks). Tony Clarke got thrashed as Guido was sure he would, Candy Atherton did lose, not to her Tory opponent – to the LibDem. Blunkett and his tax-bill did indeed return to the cabinet on Friday. On the electoral percentage splits I was always within 2% of the actual outcome.

Mike Smithson at did deservedly well (apart from over-estimating the LibDem advance), time methinks for other blogging pundits to ‘fess up. Forinstance, how did the war bloggers over at Harry’s Place fare?

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Quote of the Day

Dame Laura Cox report into Pestminster slams Bercow and his team…

“I find it difficult to envisage how the necessary changes can be successfully delivered, and the confidence of the staff restored, under the current senior House administration.”


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