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The speculation is that Blunkett will be in the re-shuffled cabinet on Friday, sources close to Blunkett (i.e. the bonkster himself) tip him to become some kind of cabinet ‘Minister without Portfolio’.

Guido calculates that if he returns to Office on May 6, having resigned on December 15, he will have been out of office for a mere 22 weeks. During the five months he was not a minister he still enjoyed living in the £3m grace and favour apartment that came with the old job. Giving him a benefit-in-kind tax bill for his Belgravia grace and favour residence of some £30,416.53. Not that Guido was counting or anything. Amazing that a liar who resigned in disgrace might be sitting back in the cabinet room on Friday – on second thoughts maybe not…

Just in case you forget some of the lies, the fiddles, the barefaced audacity, the sleazy money grubbing, the arrogance, and the terrible taste in music, but he did make one good joke. Shouldn’t his recent well remunerated work for lobbyists who represent firms bidding for government contracts delay his return? Particularly as he was advising them on how to influence Whitehall – should he not have to have a decent cooling off period? He will be in a position to influence not only contracts, but the passage of legislation and regulations directly impacting on their profits. Its a bit sleazy that the potential hardware and software vendors for ID cards indirectly paid to support Blunkett’s multiple residences.

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