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Nick Sheridan Westlake emails. Nick Sheridan says “it’s an urban myth that my ‘real name’ is Nick – my first name is Sheridan – it’s on my birth certificate, driving licence, was the name I used at school, etc, etc, and unsurprisingly, it’s the name I still use now.”

And then it gets a bit more menacing, in language that I suspect not to be Nick’s Sheridan’s own, it continues with regard to the comments on the blog post (mostly made by LibDems) which basically went into some detail about some tedious local matter in Guildford. To precis;
  • He denies fiddling Oxford Union elections.
  • Admits only to standing for the Tories in Oxford
  • Denies breaching any electoral law in the 2003 Guildford local.
Fair enough. The Lib Dem’s Neil Fawcett tells me he was threatened with a defamation action which he would not be inclined to fight. Therefore the comments from the post have been removed.

But one thing Nick Sheridan Westlake cannot deny and for which I have incontrovertible evidence, he is the living embodiment of a vote-losing Tory stereotype.

UPDATE: So popular is Nick Sheridan that Guido has had to switch off the comments facility for this post, since some people seem to dispute Guido’s new chum’s version of events. On the plus side, a blog-reading fan from Carter *uck rang up last night to say sorry, but he just likes reading blogs, and didn’t think that reading from the office would cause so much interest. Office? In Spain? Guido assumed it was via sat-link from his yacht…

UPDATE: What a popular Tory boy he is, the comments are switched off, but Guido has received plenty of email about Nick Sheridan, below is a typical (non-defamatory) example.

Guido –
I was at school (and university, although thankfully managed to avoid him for almost the entire three years) with Sheridan Westlake, and he was, indeed, called Sheridan back then.

He was also, indeed, a cock.

John Band
Shot by Both Sides

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