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You are a businessmen, you give a £50,000 donation to the Labour party, you get to have a business breakfast with the Prime Minister, you give a second donation of £50,000 to the Labour party while the government is weighing up who should be awarded a £32m contract you are bidding on. Surprise, you get awarded the contract, you make £20m profit on it. What value for money for the taxpayer, what a return on investment!

Loaded now, you give another £500,000 donation to New Labour, and get made a life peer by Mr Blair six weeks later. The amazing life and times of Paul Drayson and Tony Blair…

Now voters might want to find out what that breakfast meeting was about, that is after all what the Freedom of Information Act is all about. Was something fishy on the menu? We the people like to see what are rulers are up to, what deals they make, after all its our democracy innit? Ms Abraham the parliamentary ombudswoman agrees: “I consider that very little harm would be caused by the release of the comments attributed to [Lord Drayson] and that any potential harm is outweighed by the public interest in making that information available.”

The government claims to have shredded documents that could have revealed why the now Lord Drayson received the invitation from Downing St. The Cabinet Office said: “Any other relevant documents had been routinely weeded and destroyed in accordance with normal records management and destruction policy”.

Hey, that’s politics with integrity…

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