Handy of the Met’s Deputy Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, to back ID cards (well he is a distant cousin according to Aunt Sarah). David Davis has got a real bee in his bonnet just because the police cars ferrying my campaign team around have the slogan Vote Labouron them. Alastair wrote a statement for the police to put out “We decided this was the best way to deliver his security needs in the environment he is operating in for the next few weeks”. Too right, my security is the security of the state, like De Gaulle said L’etat, c’est moi.

Bloody Guardian and that LibDem rag the FT are going on about the £50,000 bung donation from that bio-tech drug pusher who marked-up the smallpox vaccine we bought after 9/11 by £20 million. A bit too much of the old war-profiteering, thankfully Levy leant on him to do the right thing and he donated a further half-million, just to make sure he’ll keep schtum (unlike Bernie) he’s now Lord Drayson of Powderject. Was careful to shred the payment instructions from the breakfast meeting personally, in line with our commitment to freedom of information.

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