Charlie’s Boy

The cynic in me thinks the birth of Donald James will be handy for the headlines, it will probably be good for votes, it will definitely help with the problem.

When Guido came home late a couple of months ago, more than a little merry, the Fawkes household was filled with much weeping and wailing along the lines of “how could you, you wouldn’t be able to drive me to the hospital, you are irresponsible” etcetera (ad infinitum). Guilt ridden, I was forced into near chose sobriety for the remaining months. My theory is that hormone changes effect males during a pregnancy – I bought a bloody tool box and did some DIY and a lot of blogging instead of drinking. Time and opportunity for drunkeness are reduced, so there is a lot of truth in Kennedy’s statement to GMTV (for Guido and him) “There’s an altogether new man you’ve got sitting here.”

The baby will have to stay out of germ’s way for a week or so, no chance of it joining the campaign trail methinks. Its a small world, Sarah Kennedy is in a room next to Mrs Fawkes. Our paths crossed late last night at St Thomas’. I did not suggest we go wet the babies heads…

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