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The Tories issued a Michael Howard manifesto with a slightly sinister rock guitar riff and an “I’m choosing the Conservative party because…” line repeated by various demographic interest group icons. Howard comes over extra sinister with the line “I wasn’t born into the Conservative party, I chose it…”like some kind of cultist. (Can anyone identify the background music?) 5mb download. The Tory manifesto itself just seems to be a load of soundbites. Still, if it worked for Labour….

Alastair Campbell emails about the extraordinary soft-focus romantic video with Tony and Gordon indulging in foreplay before Gordon achieves orgasm his ambition of leading the Labour party. Its a clear pitch “Don’t worry about voting for Tony, Gordon will be what you get…” Streaming video. We’ll see if Labour’s base buys into it. (Note to Zack – some of the links don’t work, tsk, tsk.) What interests Guido is why did they choose to have it sent from Alastair Campbell? Does he energise Labour supporters?

Could someone email the “banned” Blair attack video? Guido will find a good host for it.

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