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PMQs was the usual panto, Tories did a sort of Bruce Forsyth chorus, crime UP, immigration UP, taxes UP, pay DOWN, catching crooks DOWN etcetera. I just can’t wait for May 6 when he loses again.

Howard spotted Milburn looking sheepish hiding by the Chamber entrance and mocked him. Alan will I think be returning to spending more time with his family next month. What was I thinking? Gordon has managed to moodily re-position himself in the middle of things, but sort of above things as well. He’s put himself in charge of campaigning on the economy but made sure the buck stops with Alan for eveything else. Hmmm.

Fear I’m becoming obsessive-compulsive about checking if candidates I meet on the campaign are using my picture or not. Did a press conference with Gordon, which was marred by endless stupid journalists asking tittle-tattle questions and a total lack of understanding of the great things we have achieved. You know it just is so wearing. My throat is a little sore, Cherie said I looked like I had something stuck up my bum. Highlight of the day was a visit to ASDA. Sums it all up really.

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