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Zack is at it again, after the piss-poor Kerry blog (which he blames others for) he’s helped come up with Tony Blair’s Campaign Diary, an anodyne bit of platitude ridden alternative reality on the Labour Party website. It promises to host Blair’s campaign speeches and emails. Excited? Me neither.. so…

Yesterday got buggered up first thing, some no-hoper defected to the LibDems, FT poll shows us 5% behind. Andrew Gowers can kiss his knighthood goodbye. Or does it mean he gets a knighthood? What was it Alan said? “If you want to win handsomely, we have to make it look like we’re losing.” Well, that’s his excuse anyway.

As I was coming out of Buck palace had a bit of a dizzy moment, thought it was the old heart flutter again. Hallucinated, thought I saw a poster truck drive by with my face on it with the headline “No Alternative”. Thought it looked a bit sinister rather than the usual smiling, family man stuff. Hope Alastair isn’t having another flying-pigs brainwave. Popped one of those pills Mandy gave me. Felt like things can only get better, again.

World started to spin, and I had a feeling of flying, spinning. Realised I was in a helicopter and en route to some seat we are going to lose in Dorset. Our most marginal seat in the country apparently, its a definite no-hoper, thats the only reason the sitting MP was prepared to have his picture taken with me.

Well, only thirty days to go and then Gordon gets what’s coming.

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Quote of the Day

Jeremy Corbyn told by veteran Jewish MP Margaret Hodge…

“You’re a f***ing anti-aemite and a racist”


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