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Still no sign of the bottle of Margaux that Guido is charging the Guardian Diarists per lifted piece they take from this blog. Most recently Simon Goodley on Friday nicked my Tory/New Conservatives/Neo-Con joke from Thursday, Marina Hyde nicked my Blunkett’s taxable benefits story and, to add insult to injury, Guido finds in his inbox an email from the Guardian telling me they plan to syndicate my blog feed on their website. Unpaid.

Oh, and this blog is the leading nominee in the Guardian’s Political Weblog Awards (based on best Birmingham voting practices), despite myself and most of the other nominees telling them “thanks, but no thanks”.

Let no-one say Guido is not willing to help the dead-tree-press in their desire to ‘get down’ with bloggers. Guido has introduced a new service especially for them…

Guido Accepts Visa & MastercardDeadline pressing? Can’t be shagged? Short of gossip? Just not feeling like it today?

Then point your browser to, cut ‘n paste the story onto your blank page and then click on Guido’s handy Margaux Fund Syndication service (in the right hand column). Fill in your credit card payment details (£100 covers a decent bottle of Chateau Margaux Premiere Grand Cru) and presto, its done, interactively.

Guido accepts credit, even if you don’t give it!

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