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Fraser Kemp is no Gordon Liddy, but he should be aware of Liddy’s downfall. Liddy was one of the ‘plumbers’ from Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President, who concocted several far-fetched plots intended to embarrass the Democratic opposition and was eventually convicted of running dirty tricks against Nixon’s opponents including burglary and illegal wiretapping. Nixon’s downfall was of course sealed by tape recordings.

Fraser Kemp is said to be behind the tape recordings of Howard Flight at the Conservative Way Forward event, the covert recording of the Tory Chairman, Liam Fox, talking to the Bow Group about asylum policies and Gerald Howarth’s comedy act being taped at a dinner organised by the Freedom Association: with all tapes ending up with pro-Labour newspapers.

Fraser Kemp, the creepy assistant to Labour’s campaign co-ordinator, Alan Milburn, is known to monitor the websites of pressure groups such as Conservative Way Forward, the Freedom Association and even bloggers. Tim Ireland, ├╝ber-Geek of the left-wing satirical anti-Blair backingblair campaign has also noticed that his site is regularly monitored by Labour’s server and that even the Downing Street server graces his site records as well. He has, Guido discovered from Labour sources, made an application under the Data Protection Act to the Labour Party for records held about him. Urgent emails went out around Labour HQ as a result, Labour apparatchiks were also warned about their IP addresses being trackable on websites. There is also clear evidence that Labour staff have been involved in a semi-official disinformation effort, run out of Labour’s offices, on Left-wing websites to discredit anti-Blair tactical voting initiatives. Guido has also seen an email from within Labour HQ regarding a web monitoring effort to discover political affiliations of bloggers. As a result Guido will also be making a subject access appplication under the Data Protection Act to Old Victoria Street for a full account.

Mark Allat, a behind the scenes operator in Tory circles and secretary of Conservative Way Forward, is livid about the tape-recordings, the word has gone out to assume that all meetings are public in future. Flight’s Nixon-like destruction will not be repeated during the official campaign. Fraser’s Committee to Re-Elect the Prime Minister may have peaked too early, it may yet also backfire legally Liddy-style.

Don’t let your minions delete anything Fraser, if the records “self destruct” its a criminal offence.

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