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Dear Party Workers,
Calling all Guido’s readers in Victoria Street and Cowley Street, help Guido fill in the boxes. All you hacks, wonks and SPADs who actually do the work, the people of Britain want to know, what is the chain of command? Where does the buck stop? Who is to blame?

What is Alastair’s exact role? Who reports to him? Does he ever come in to the office? Is Milburn actually in charge? The Tories say Aussie Mark Textor is just on holiday here, has he brought a deck chair to Tory HQ? Have I got the right name for the LibDem’s campaign manager – Guido had to call Cowley Street, like a real dead-tree journo, hey I’m a blogger, just email stuff to me. We need to know who does what, from tea-boy to psephologist.

Feel free to fax me the internal phone list, tell me who has the worst job title, who has the most irrelevant title? Who is polling who? Who has a bad habit? Who takes the credit? Who actually really deserves the credit? Who deserves the sack? What did you hear in Starbucks? Send stuff to the usual places with anonymity guaranteed (contact box in the sidebar). Guido’s blog, with your help, is going to be the place for campaign gossip!

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