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Labour are watching, listening and taping. Walls have ears, etcetera. First Redwood talks about a down payment, than Kruger creatively destructs, now Howard Flight puts his foot in his mouth – and somebody taped it. He thought he was speaking privately to the true believers of the Conservative Way Forward group, gave a Thatcherite spin to the manifesto and consequently resigned within 24 hours. The event was held at Adam Street off the Strand (a groovier than average club) which is not perhaps as private as previously thought.

Michael has said the unthinkable. All those politically correct things you couldn’t say — if you said a word about asylum or immigration were “racialist”, if you said a word about travellers you were absolutely wicked. All the things that common sense Middle England knows are a load of crap, and no one dares speak out — he’s spoken out! What more do you want! That’s how you win elections, and it’s then about what you do economically when you’ve got there.’ Say what you like about Howard, he’s running a tight ship, and sacks without hesitation if you screw up pour encourager les autres. Flight made his money out of trading foreign exchange (Guinness Flight) and is pals with a lot of City donors (who have returned to the fold). That’s why he was deputy chairman of the party, he’ll be back, since Tory donors are actually looking for tax and expenditure cuts.

Interesting that once again it was The Times that went for the jugular of the Tories again.

UPDATE: Howard has gone mental and removed the whip from Flight in pique. Taking away the whip will not go down well with the rank and file. Flight is well liked in his constituency and taking away the Tory whip from someone for voicing Thatcherite thoughtcrimes is a bit much. Guido thinks this is a bad mistake, now Labour’s big guns smell blood.

Bloody Hell! Flight is now officially an unperson, here is his now blank page on Conservatives.com and here it is from the Google cache. Expect Flight to be airbrushed out of old Shadow Cabinet pictures as well…

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