Vote For Guido

Guido has been shortlisted for the Guardian Backbencher’s political weblog awards. The other candidates are:-

Adam Smith Institute, from the wonks who invented the poll tax, and err, nominated Guido ‘s blog as budget week blog of the week.

Harry’s Place, where lefties argue amongst themselves about Iraq.

Political Betting, where punters and pundits argue about putting their money where their mouth is… hotly tipped.

Recess Monkey is my co-blogger over at and not bad when he makes the effort.

So why should you vote for Guido? Because of the stories that got picked up by the press from Guido (recently the Shylock posters and Blunkett’s tax problems), but mostly because I made you laugh…

So Vote Guido for Political Blog of the Year. Vote because you laughed at Guido’s graphics like this, this, this, this, and this. Oh and the pictures, even the one of Boris. Mind you, remember Guido was first with this, and not forgetting the misfortunes of Candy. And because Guido risks the writs, here, here and here. Vote because it would be absolutely right. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I shall expect a vote from the Guardian’s own diarist.

Tip offs: 0709 284 0531

Quote of the Day

Michael Gove in the present tense…
‘The Prime Minister is doing a great job at the moment’


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