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Labour’s Gord-tastic website proves that the Old Queen Street operation has decided who has voter-appeal. Blair takes a back-page and Brown is on the front-page. The shape of things to come methinks.

Which leads me to another story doing the rounds. It is whispered that even if Blair gets back in with a majority big enough to squash the awkward squad, the vengeful Brownites will, even though elected on a New Labour manifesto, implement only the Brownite manifesto under the coming Gordon regime. So wise cabinet ministers best not rush to implement any “Choice” policies as promised in Milburn’s Manifesto – if they want to keep their jobs.

You have been warned. If you incur Brown’s wrath it might not be a nice ambassadorship like the banished Boateng, it might be the backbenches. For vengeance will be his, for behold, the coming of the righteous messiah means the Blairite heretics will be struck down in the Kingdom of Brown.

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