Asian Babe

About those Indian-Media-Mogul-Father rumours. Guido can confirm the father is definitely not the Labour peer and media mogul Lord Ali. That is one media luvvie who can be ruled out.

Mr Quinn, speaking on the doorstep of his Mayfair home, also stopped short however of stating that he was the biological father of Lorcan. The Mail quotes him as saying: “I want to look after my children. I will not draw a distinction between biological and nonbiological – we are not buying Persil or Daz.” The Sun newspaper quoted a ‘source’ who sketched a story: “There is talk of Kimberly having had a fling with a media figure prominent in India.”

So that apparently rules out Simon Hoggart, a media figure prominent in Farringdon Road and Doughty Street. But he has lied about his relationship with Kimberly before.

This is not relevant surely? This, however, is an interesting blog.

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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