Candy Says No Gay Smear, But Says Gay Assistant ‘Mental’

Candy Atherton MP, described Mr Phillips, who is claiming discrimination on grounds of a sexual orientation, as a man with mental problems, who was “emotional” and produced “erratic” work.

Ms Atherton told the tribunal: “I would personally not want any personal political gain because of other peoples’ prejudices. I want to win the election on the political issues, not personalities.” How boring.

She claims she wanted to find out about her political opponent because little was known about him other than that he was a barrister and lived in London. Googling into Mr Crossley’s background, she found a report on the internet of a Crown Court case involving Mr Crossley who had been a witness for the prosecution. She said that the report stated that he had met a man in Soho, invited him back to his flat in Wapping, where Mr Crossley had been attacked. The report also mentioned that he was employed by a large London legal firm.

While realising the implications about Mr Crossley’s sexuality in the report, she said she was actually interested in the fact that he lived in Wapping and worked for a large London legal firm. She was not in the slightest bit interested in the fact that her Tory opponent had got a kicking from a bit of Soho rough trade. Oh No, just that he worked for a City law firm. Right. Well either the MP or the gay ‘mental’ assistant is lying. Hmmm, the lie-ometer is unable to tell which one it is for sure, so the voters will have to decide – the Gay Tory needs 2,300 votes to give Candy a kicking…

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