Sleazy Sayeed Survives – Opponents Resign

Last night Sayeed survived a vote of confidence by 173 to 126 votes at a constituency party meeting in Mid-Bedfordshire. Constituency president Sir Stanley Odell resigned in protest.

Sir Stanley, who is a proper old fashioned Bufton-Tufton and chaired the 1989 Tory conference, said “I have no confidence in the member of parliament and I will be resigning as president tomorrow morning… I am a man of principle, I am an honest man and I am resigning my position as president. It is a sad day for the association and for the Conservative Party.” Lady Odell, who is president of the mid-Bedfordshire Conservatives Women’s Advisory Association of Jam-Makers, said she also would be resigning from her position.

Sayeed has had the Conservative whip withdrawn. Guido is not convinced Sayeed will yet fight the seat for the Tories.

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