1 in 8 Labour Voters Thought Howard Poster Anti-Semitic

Over at Anthony Well’s Polling Report he analyses polling about the two Labour posters that were accused of being anti-semitic;

21% thought the [Fagin] poster was deliberately anti-semitic. As one might expect attitudes towards the posters divided along party lines – over half of Conservative voters thought the posters were anti-semitic, while two-thirds of Labour voters thought they weren’t. There were significant minorities of Labour voters though who thought the posters were deliberately anti-semitic (8% and 13% respectively).

Perhaps more important are the proportions of people who said the posters would make them more or less likely to vote Labour. Overall people said the posters would make them less likely to vote Labour, but this was largely because of current Conservative voters’ answers. There are practically no Conservative voters who say the posters make it more likely they will vote Labour, and almost as few Labour voters who say the poster makes them less likely to vote Labour. Amongst current Lib Dem voters, both posters made more people less likely to vote Labour than more likely to vote Labour.

Well done Alastair!

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