Is this the Veritas brand image?

Our man in purple (an anonymous source) has sent me this – Guido is amused that a party which is not yet officially constituted already leaks. Isn’t this going to be a fun election…

Didn’t the Tories experiment with purple under Hague? David Icke was always dressed in purple when he was in his messiah mode…

UPDATE: Electoral Commission Veritas page link. States that the party’s leader is Mr Anthony Bennett, Nominating Officer is also Mr Anthony Bennett, Campaigns Officer: Mr Anthony Bennett, the Treasurer is Mr Alex Stevenson – confused? Bennett is a fabulously bonkers Metric Martyr.

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Quote of the Day

Writing in this week’s Spectator Diary, the former Chancellor and Evening Standard editor attempted to encapsulate how Boris operates…

“My children have the measure of our prime minister. A couple of years ago, my son and I went for a lovely Sunday lunch at his house in Oxfordshire — where he has a Kalashnikov mounted on the wall. Boris suggested we play a game. A tug of war, but with a difference. The rope is tied around your waist and the contest takes place across a swimming pool. If you lose you end up in the water, fully clothed.

That’s Johnson for you: fun, inventive but ruthless. I suspect his brother Jo had one ducking too many.”


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