My New Year’s Resolution

This year Guido has resolved to encourage everyone not to vote in the general election since it only encourages the buggers. The only way to show your contempt for the political classes (short of blowing them up) is to ignore them at the ballot box.

Look at the choices, can you as a Labour voter stomach Blair and his lying ways back in power with your support? Where next for him and his New Labour/Neo-Con cronies? As a die-hard Tory can you support ID cards and no tax cuts? What is the point? Charlie Kennedy? He really wants to be a daytime TV presenter and its actually more likely than him becoming Prime Minister.

Use your cross wisely, use it to crucify politicians. Abstainers will be the biggest party, with a lack of effort we could be the majority at the general election. Where would that leave their democratic mandate?

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Quote of the Day

Michael Gove in the present tense…
‘The Prime Minister is doing a great job at the moment’


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