Poll says Blunkett should go for fast-tracking visa

The poll for GMTV and the Daily Mirror found that 53% of people think Mr Blunkett should quit if the inquiry finds he helped the nanny get her visa. Only 39% say he should stay.

The London Standard quotes a government as saying that Mr Blunkett is in “twilight time” and could resign. “There is a growing acceptance that David will be gone within a week.” It was clear from Mr Blair’s announcement with Mr Blunkett yesterday that the Home Secretary cannot continue his job as normal.

One minister said they were monitoring reaction among voters and activists. “Overall, there is sympathy, but it is diminishing a bit,” he said. After those quotes slagging you all off, I bet! (Declaration of interest – I actually do have bets with William Hill and DM Andy.)

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David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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