Mind Boggling

Michael Crick is good, very, very good. On Newsnight he pointed to a passage from Woodrow Wyatt’s published diaries in which he recalled the then Home Secretary obliging him by fast-tracking a passport for his daughter Petronella.

So it seems the editor of the Spectator’s mistresses’ father asked the Home Secretary of the time to fast-track a passport for her and now she is a columnist on the Spectator, where the publisher was the recent mistress of the Home Secretary who asked him to fast track a passport-visa for her nanny.

The Home Secretary of the time was Michael Howard and is, for now, currently David Blunkett.

So, the question on Guido’s mind? Did Michael Howard have an affair with the nanny? It would complete the mind boggling circle.

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Quote of the Day

Tobias Ellwood tells LBC…

“So Jeremy Corbyn will meet with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA with no preconditions, but won’t meet the British Prime Minister without her agreeing to his precondition.”


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