Metallica Calling Mrs Quinn

Blunkett when maudlin’ (alcohol was involved) would phone Mrs Quinn and play Metallica down the phone.

Guido has been unable to establish what tracks were favoured but I’m guessing “Ain’t my Bitch” was most likely. As a service to those of you not familiar with Mettalica here are the lyrics;


Draggin me down, why you around?
So useless
It ain’t my fall, it ain’t my call!
It ain’t my bitch

Down on the sun, down and no fun
Down and out, where the hell ya been
Damn it all down, damn it unbound
Damn it all down to hell again

Stand tall, can’t fall
Never even bend at all
Before… you arrived
But now it’s time
To kiss your ass good-bye

No way but down, why you around?
No foolin’
It ain’t my smile, it ain’t my style
It ain’t my bitch

Ain’t mine, your kind
Your steepin outta time
Ain’t mine, your kind
Your steppin outta time

Bitch… you ain’t mine

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George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

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