Hain’s Security State Breached by Wimmin

Anti-war protesters demonstrated the effectiveness of Hain’s election pledge of security by bursting into a high security government building just minutes after Her Majesty had just announced new government measures to tackle terrorism. As the whole of Whitehall swarmed with armed police on Tuesday afternoon, the three peace wimmin and a man by-passed supposedly impenetrable security to gain access to the Cabinet Office, which has a direct underground link to No 10 Downing Street. Nevertheless, Peter Hain, claimed a few hours afterwards that the threat of terrorist attack was significantly lower under Labour.

The four were arrested on suspicion of burglary and held overnight at Charing Cross police station before being bailed until February. Their mobile phones were confiscated and the protesters were released on bail wearing just white paper suits. (They have run out of the more trendy orange suits.) The police are checking all offices to see if any property or confidential documents are missing. The protesters sneaked by security personnel at the main entrance before donning outfits covered in blood to launch a “die in” protest against the war.

So three anti-government wimmin peace protesters wearing blood spattered outfits got into the building housing the Joint Intelligence Committee, the arm of the state that oversees security, during a high-security lock-down of Whitehall as the Queen opened parliament. Feeling safe and secure?

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