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The Torygraph’s Spy column has obviously stung the Follets with this; “Champagne socialist MP Barbara Follett has been under fire for claiming £20,000 in expenses to pay a mortgage on her London pied-à-terre, even though her £2 million constituency house in Stevenage is an easy half-hour commute to the Commons.”

Because on her hubbies’ website is this;

Statement on Barbara Follett MP’s parliamentary expenses

Barbara Follett makes no financial gain from being a Member of Parliament – in fact her work is heavily subsidised by her husband, Ken Follett.

The expenses she claims from the House of Commons Fees Office amount to less than half the actual cost of doing her job. She puts her entire salary back into her office, taking nothing for herself. But, as this does not cover all the costs, Ken subsidises her.

In the financial year 2003-2004, it cost Barbara £275,695 to do her work as the MP for Stevenage. Two thirds of this amount went on paying her staff in her Stevenage and Westminster offices.

But she claimed only £118,214 in expenses. She contributed her entire salary of £55,118 to meet some of the difference. The remaining £102, 673 was met by Ken.

Ken Follett said: “I’m not complaining – I’m very happy to help Barbara serve the people of Stevenage in this way. We have released these figures only because some newspaper stories have given the impression that our lifestyle is being subsidised by the taxpayer. In fact, it’s the other way around.”

Barbara and Ken Follett

Doesn’t your heart bleed for the Follet’s scrimping by on their multi-million annual income…

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