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There has been some movement amongst the front runners. Guido Fawkes (yep) is now ahead of James Graham, Anthony Wells, Will Howells, Ripefig (who seems to have come from nowhere). Of the 28 competing pundits, only 3 are nursing losses.

I put my lead down to basically gambling almost everything on Alan Milburn last week, I have now sold him since he surged 50% in that week. I’m tipping Ruth Kelly, the oh so clever clever Treasury Financial Secretary to do the same, so Buy, Buy, Buy Kelly and Alan Duncan, who is also smart and making a good fist of International Development Shadow. Robin Cook may shine now he has been shown to be completely correct on WMD etc. Still can’t stand him mind you.

UPDATE: James Graham re-takes the lead again and Ripefig moves up to third. Now a total of 30 competitors.

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“Authoritarian? I wouldn’t actually describe the PM as being authoritarian because she doesn’t exactly have a lot of authority at the moment.”


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