Uh-Oh, Random Searching!!!

Recess Monkey (14th in the Bloggers Polidex league) alerts us to the news that all Pass-Holders except MPs will, by order of the Serjent-at-Arms, be subject to random searching. Given that The Sun exposed the existence of cocaine traces in most of the loos in the House not too long ago, this may have more bearing on the War on Drugs than the War on Terror. Wonkette frequently reports stories of stoned slacker Washington interns having to resign after being caught with joints in their bags and wraps in their purses. I fear this may be something that crossess the Atlantic to Westminster.

My suggestion is to do all your drugs before coming into Portcullis house, or better still give them to me..

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Quote of the Day

Hamas offer only a qualified endorsement of the Labour Party’s leader…

“We Salute Jeremy Corbyn’s supportive positions to the Palestinians, but the issue of him as a prime minister is an internal British issue and we respect the choice of the British people.”


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