Polidex Bloggers league – Now 21 Traders Competing

James Graham still leads with a 36% increase in his portfolio this week. AndyT, Swordsman, Me, Anthony Wells, Biscit, NickBarlow and Artesea trail him in that order with respectable double digit gains.

New Traders Qwghlm, DirtyDen, NoSurrender and Lagwolf (of Dodgeblogium) join the battle. Trick seems to be to buy whomever is going to be in the news for a day trade. Remember also that a lot of LibDems are playing. So the market is LibDems biased – unlike the real world eh?

Still don’t have all your e-mails and blog details competitors. So email me if you haven’t already. (And buy Alan Milburn!)

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Quote of the Day

Change UK MP Joan Ryan tells Change UK’s South West ‘rally’:

“Can everyone look at their hands please?”

*everyone holds out their hands in front them*

“That’s it, it’s there, the future is in your hands.”


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