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21 Days To Go


  • Big attacks today on Corbyn’s manifesto launch, specifically over the lack of Brexit policy and cost of proposals
  •  Topline(s):
    • A Corbyn Government will cost you £2,400 in tax


  • Big day: Labour’s manifesto launch
  • New policy of a windfall tax on oil companies
  • Claims the policy is ‘fully costed’
  •  Topline(s):
    • This is a once in a generation chance to get real change


  • U-Turn with Swinson claiming they could back a Boris government on the condition his deal was put to a referendum
  •  Topline(s):
    • We’re the only party that can take seats off the Tories.

Brexit Party

  • Ran their party election broadcast last night
  • Manifesto launch day tomorrow
  • Topline(s)
    • The Brexit Party are the only choice in hardcore Labour areas

Cut through

  • Labour manifesto launch

Latest polls:

IpsosMORI: CON: 44% (+3) LAB: 28% (+4) LDEM: 16% (-4) BREX: 3% (-4)
ComRes: CON: 42% (+1) LAB: 31% (-2) LDEM: 15% (+1) BREX: 5% (-)

Survation – Great Grimsby Constituency: CON: 44% (+2) LAB: 31% (-18%) BREX: 17% (+17) LDEM: 4% (+1)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Previous in Brackets):

    • Tories: 1/2 (4/9)
    • No overall: 7/4 (15/8)
    • Labour: 25/1 (25/1)
    • Lib Dems: 250/1 (250/1)

Jewish Christmas Song for Corbyn

Yet Corbyn says Jews Zionists don’t understand irony…

Labour’s ‘Poshest Candidate’ Reported to Police

Guido was only too pleased to bring attention to this year’s poshest candidate, Lauren De Thibault De Boesinghe, who is standing for Labour in their traditional middle-class heartlands of Middlesbrough. She makes Peter Mandleson look like a Hartlepool-native

Regrettably, Guido must now inform fans of the Flemish aristocracy that Lauren has been reported to Cleveland police for potentially misleading constituents by lying about her address.

In a letter addressed to De Thibault De Boesinghe, local Tories said it came as a surprise to see Lauren claim her address is in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, given she has – since leaving university – lived and worked for a telecommunications company headquartered in Berkshire; and at a presentation at her former private school, Yarm, said she was making “weekly trips back to the North East to establish myself as the Labour candidate”. 

Since writing the letter, Councillor Coupe, has escalated his complaint to the Cleveland Police. Perhaps estate agents couldn’t find any local castles for De Thibault De Boesinghe to move into…

Corbyn on the IRA, Now and Then

Just take a second to note the difference in tone from today when Corbyn was electioneering in Birmingham and in the past when he was asked to condemn what the IRA did to Brummies. Corbyn’s friends in the IRA unleashed carnage by bombing two Birmingham pubs on this day, 45 years…

Goodall Finds Big Election Swing in Wrexham

Journalists are used to going round in circles when interviewing politicians, but Lewis Goodall took this to new heights yesterday by conducting an interview on a fairground ride. A real emotional roller coaster of a chat…

The absurd clip sees Lewis talking to an anti-Brexit 19-year-old – who was too young to vote in 2016 – about the forthcoming election. Goodall will soon be leaving Sky for the BBC, Guido believes he isn’t suing his current employer for funfair dismissal…

Corbyn Endorsed Stalinist at Manifesto Launch

Corbyn was in his is jumper-wearing, vegan element at Labour’s manifesto when he quoted poet Pablo Neruda:

As the writer Pablo Neruda wrote so beautifully: ‘You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming’.”

Guido immediately thought the quote Corbyn chose had Maoist undertones from the dictator’s ‘let 100 flowers bloom’ campaign; however it seems Corbyn was channelling a different brutal communist entirely – as Neruda is, in fact, one of history’s most famous Stalin supporters, having written:

“To be men! That is the Stalinist law! . . .
“We must learn from Stalin”

Could Corbyn have chosen a more appropriate poet to quote at his manifesto launch?…

IFS: Labour Proposing the Most Punitive Corporate Tax System in the World

UPDATE: He’s even more emphatic with ITV…

Truss: No Deal With the US if they Ask for Higher Drug Prices

Liz Truss has been unusually clear on today’s Politics Live, saying that if the US demands higher drug prices in the UK in trade negotiations, the UK will walk away from the talks. Trade is, after all, meant to make things cheaper…

At first the Labour Party tried to claim the Tories wanted No Deal trade, now their attack line rests on the Tories going for an ‘any deal is better than No Deal’ philosophy. As far as Guido can make out, that’s what the Labour Party believes, not the Tories…

Labour’s Non-Existent Manifesto Costings

As in 2017, Corbyn has attempted to address the public’s concerns about the cost of his proposals by claiming Labour’s 2019 manifesto is ‘fully costed’.

According to Labour’s supplementary “Funding Real Change” ‘Grey Book’, their spending plans come to a pocket change amount of merely £82.9 billion, and their tax rises meet this amount pound-for-pound.

The claimed amount of tax each increase will raise are frankly fanciful. The document says that whacking up corporation tax will raise £30 billion, ignoring the fact that the corporation tax cuts that the Coalition government brought in actually raised revenue. The proposed yield from the financial transactions tax is frankly fanciful. Changed behaviour would wipe out receipts…

The document also has some enormous spending omissions:

  • Labour’s £400 billion ‘national transformation fund’ – including a £250 billion Green Transformation Fund and a £150 Social Transformation Fund
  • Their 4-day working week – estimated to cost £17 billion a year in public sector wages
  • All Labour’s nationalisation programmes, including water, rail, energy and the royal mail – estimated by the CBI to cost £196 billion

Guido hopes broadcasters will remind any Labour politicians of these glaring black holes if they claim the manifesto’s fully costed…

Read Labour’s pretend costing document below…

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Labour Audience Jeers BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg

Even after being explicitly told to be polite by Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Labour Party audience could not stop themselves from jeering at Laura Kuenssberg. Rebecca Long-Bailey promised a ‘gold star’ for a ‘well-behaved audience’ at Labour’s manifesto launch if they listened quietly. They booed her…

Read in Full: Labour’s 2019 Manifesto

McDonnell’s Oil Tax U-Turn

Just last week McDonnell denied that Labour was planning a windfall tax on oil companies. He answered a question from the telegraph, channeling Thatcher “No, no”…

“Earlier this week and over the weekend there were reports that Labour was planning a windfall tax on oil companies. Is this true and if so, please could you set out how your proposals would work?”

“On the windfall tax on oil companies. No. No.”

Today both the BBC and FT are reporting that Labour are pressing ahead with the tax, despite McDonnell’s earlier denial. Impressive to U-Turn before the manifesto has even launched… no doubt the BBC / Channel 4 factcheckers will be all over this…

Alex Salmond Indicted for Attempted Rape & Sexual Assault

Alex Salmond has just appeared in court charged with 14 sexual assault cases against 10 women between 2008 and 2014.

The full list of charges include:

  • 1 sexual assault with intent to rape
  • 1 attempted rape
  • 10 charges of sexual assault
  • 2 of indecent assault

Including one allegation of pinning a woman’s head against a wall inside Bute House, laying naked on top of her and attempting rape; other alleged locations include the Scottish Parliament and Stirling Castle.[…] Read the rest


Swinson: I Inhaled and I Liked It

For once a politician says they enjoyed their drug experiences. Sometimes when politicians talk about historic – and it always historic – drug experiences they make it out it was some kind of terrible ordeal. Which kind of begs the question why did they do it?[…] Read the rest


Angela Rayner Praises 17 Years of Tory Government

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner took the bold decision this morning to praise seventeen years of Tory government – an odd move for the middle of an election. She claimed that in 1996 – after four consecutive Tory election victories – she had “an NHS that was there for me.” Straight from the mouth of the Shadow Cabinet – the NHS is safe in Tory hands…[…] Read the rest


Corbyn’s Manifesto Launch Details

Guido hears that the Labour Party is up in Birmingham City University tomorrow in their Parkside Building. A big stage and banners are all being put up in what could be the setting for their manifesto launch, which – awkwardly for Jeremy Corbyn – coincides with the forty-fifth anniversary of the IRA’s Birmingham pub bombings.[…] Read the rest


22 Days To Go


  • Boris accidentally lets slip his big tax pledge: to raise the National Insurance threshold to £12,500
  • Fallout from CCHQ’s fact-check rebrand
  • Boris visits Teesside factory
  •  Topline(s):
    • Corbyn refused 9 times last night to say whether he’s leave or remain


  • Spent today rebutting various claims Boris made in the TV debate
  •  Topline(s):
    • Labour will bring about a green industrial revolution


  • Lib Dem manifesto launch day
  • Announcement of 20,000 new teachers
  •  Topline(s):
    • Give every child the education they deserve

Brexit Party

  • Farage running clips of his BBC Leaders Debate from last night
  • Topline(s)
    • The Brexit Party are the only choice in hardcore Labour areas

Cut through

  • ITV Debate fallout
  • Tory fact-check row
  • Boris tax cut pledge

Latest polls:

YouGov – who won the debate?: Boris: 51% Corbyn 49%

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Previous in Brackets):

    • Tories: 4/9 (1/2)
    • No overall: 15/8 (15/8)
    • Labour: 25/1 (25/1)
    • Lib Dems: 250/1 (250/1)
[…] Read the rest


British Indians Abandoning Labour

A landmark election poll of British Indians has found a 12-point decline in the community’s support for the Labour party since 2017Is there any community Corbyn can’t offend with his foreign policy?…

The abandoning of the Labour Party by British Indians comes after Corbyn sparked a diplomatic incident with the country, after claiming he had discussed the ongoing incident in Kashmir during a meeting with the Congress Party, before being slapped down by the party’s leader who said that was purely an internal affair in which Corbyn had no right to interfere.[…] Read the rest


Further Hamas Links of Corbyn’s Insta Takeover Comic

Last night Guido revealed that the comic who Corbyn picked to take over and manage his Instagram account during ITV’s debate is gigging to raise money for Corbyn’s old friends, Hamas. Putting the “ha, ha” into Hamas…

Today, Guido can disclose that Tez Ilyas was also invited to speak at PalExpo by Friends of al-Aqsa, a group described by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center as “a pro-Hamas British organization based in Leicester which advocates Israel’s elimination.”

Tez Ilyas also just this month appeared on a Corbynista alt-left YouTube channel, where he joked that if Prince Andrew and Epstein were Pakistani, they’d be a grooming gang from Rotherham.[…] Read the rest


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