Rayner’s Mum: Angela Will Be Prime Minister Soon

Angela Rayner’s mother, Lynn Bowen, has boldly declared her daughter will become Prime Minister “soon”. Not putting Sir Keir QC at ease…

Speaking to ITV’s Paul Brand, Bowen revealingly said:

“She could do it now if she wanted, she’s just not going to tread on her mates toes. That’s why she’s not going for it, but I reckon, watch this space…”

“She’ll be the Prime Minister soon, watch out Boris you won’t be there for long!”

Many in Labour have whispered the Long-Bailey-Rayner ticket was the wrong way round, and if Angela had gone for the top job herself she would have given Sir Keir more of a run for his money. The truth is, Rayner isn’t dense enough to think Labour can win in 2024 and is biding her time…

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Trump Practices his Hindi

Excruciating scenes on Trump’s state visit to India today as he practised his foreign language skills during a big set-piece speech (he struggles enough with a lot of English words). See whether you can decipher what Cricket players he’s talking about…

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Home Office Hiring New ‘Inclusivity’ Director

The Home Office’s diversity unit is already twenty people strong, yet they are advertising for another £70,000 to £80,000 diversity and inclusion reform director. It will be the successful hire’s role to “actively promote an inclusive culture where everyone can fulfil their potential”. Guido wonders when Sir Philip Rutnam, the current Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, will fufil his potential.

The advert comes in the midst of briefing about the Home Secretary’s behaviour, accusing her of being a ‘bully’ and ‘intimidating’. Bullying in Whitehall is not seemingly constrained to the Home Office, with another advert put up last week by the Cabinet Office for a ‘Special Adviser’s HR Policy Lead’.

Reports linked this advert to Dominic Cummings’s ‘unkind’ treatment to SpAds. The PM’s Spokesman claimed it’s the result of a review launched in December 2018….

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Net Zero Emissions to Cost Over £100,000 per Household

Analysis by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has found the cost of reaching the Government’s “Net Zero” carbon emissions target will be astronomical for the UK economy. The cost of decarbonising the electricity system and domestic housing alone in the next three decades will cost over £2.5 trillion pounds. This soars to over £3 trillion when manufacturing, transport and agriculture are included equivalent to £100,000 per household or £100 billion every single year.

The reports set out the “stark” conclusions that there are relatively few avenues to strip out carbon from the economy, leading to inevitably drastic measures in a short amount of time, such as stripping out all gas central heating systems in the country. Each tonne of carbon abatement will cost “hundreds of pounds”, far higher than the cost of damage done by CO2 emissions, which is estimated to run to £30 or £40 per tonne.

Freedom of Information requests cast huge doubt on the Government’s official Committee on Climate Change estimates that Net Zero will cost “around 1–2% of GDP by 2050.” The committee refused to release its calculations, and remarkably admitted it had not calculated the resource cost for each year between 2020 and 2049. Meaning the Government is embarking on this project without any of its own costings…

GWPF director Benny Peiser told Guido that

“Although the Committee on Climate Change claims that net zero can be achieved at modest cost, they have now quietly admitted that they have not actually prepared any detailed costing. Unfortunately, Parliament seems to have taken them at their word, and we are now embarked on a project that risks to bankrupt the country.”

The Net Zero project was rushed through with no proper discussion or costings having been carried out. After the obscene spectacle of HS2 costs more than tripling over the last decade, Guido would have thought the Government would take more care over this enormously expensive decarbonising project that is pushing ahead with next to no scrutiny…

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Candidates’ Trans Confusion

The Labour leadership candidates have got themselves into a mess on trans issues. Nandy in particular has gone from taking the most extreme stance to denying she said what she said. Because of this, as a service to readers, Guido has produced a compilation of their positions. Confused? You will be…,

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Parliament’s £8000 Brexit Night Booze-Up

While the big-ticket parties on Brexit night were the most sought-after invitations – Downing Street, Jon Moynihan’s mansion in Chelsea, and Farage’s Private Member’s club – those not on the VIP invite lists had to make do with sticking to Parliament’s meagre seven bars.

Guido’s FOI now shows staffers, MPs, and Lords got through nearly £8000 worth of booze to celebrate our newly-won independence, with the Woolsack Sports and Social bar alone raking in £5000 before rowdy staffers were kicked out by Parliamentary security at 10 pm.

Spirits were clearly high and demand for spirits even higher, with 142 shots sold, along with 10 bottles of champagne and prosecco. Conversely, the group who ordered 21 shots of Courvoisier were clearly drowning their Remainer sorrows…

MPs’ usual haunt, Strangers, took in less than £100 on Brexit night. Readers might presume the lack of sales was from MPs favouring the more glamourous parties, though Guido understands CCHQ advised MPs to celebrate in their constituencies to avoid looking out-of-touch. One Tory rising star had planned on going to her local with live music, only for the pro-EU band to cancel when they found out her intentions…

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