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WATCH: Liz Handles Low-Energy Climate Protesters
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Marco Longhi Copies Liz Endorsement, Accidentally Promotes Himself

Tory members up in Dudley North were in for a surprise this morning thanks to their MP Marco Longhi. In an email sent to all party members in the constituency earlier today, Longhi offered a long and convincing endorsement of Liz Truss for the leadership, along with a few generous anecdotes about his experience working alongside her. All well and good… except for a few crucial details:

Dear all
I am writing because many of you will be eligible to vote in the ballot for the next Leader of the Conservatives, and thus the next Prime Minister.
I know both Rishi and Liz well. I was elected at the same time as Rishi and we shared adjacent offices as new MPs. I worked with both Liz and Rishi as a PPS. Since I became a Minister 3 years ago I have also worked extensively with both in Government. Given this, I thought you might find my views on the contest useful as you decide which way to vote…”

That’s certainly an impressive CV. The only problem is, erm, Longhi was elected in 2019, not 2015. He never shared adjacent offices with Rishi, and he’s definitely never been a PPS, let alone a Minister. In other words, someone’s botched the cut n’ paste job…

Guido’s been trying to work out whose homework was copied here, with one suggestion it could be Wendy Morton, though Guido understands she’s never had an adjacent office to Rishi. Co-conspirators can proffer guesses in the comments…

UPDATE: Guido’s ascertained the origin of Marco’s copied and pasted endorsement. It’s…………. Chris Philp

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Telegraph Offering Staff £2,000 Bounty to Find Replacements As Evans’ “Reign of Terror” Prompts Exodus

Chris Evans’s “Reign of Terror” at Telegraph towers is having consequences beyond a backlash from employees. In addition to the usual sackings, the paper is now facing an “exodus” of staff, according to whistleblowers. Guido’s newsroom moles reveal that the state of things has got so bad senior managers are now distributing flyers on every desk in the London HQ, titled “It pays to know people”. You’d hope you wouldn’t have to tell that to a room of journalists…

The flyer’s proposition is simple: staff could earn £2,000 for every new starter they bring into the Telegraph family. As well as the purple pamphlets on each desk, a large notice has also been erected at the entrance to the newsroom with the same “It pays to know people” message, and emails from Mark Musgrave their “Chief People’s Officer” have also been hitting inboxes.

There are, the mole reports, now “leaving drinks” emails from staff every week, sometimes multiple; “the frequent sound of people being “banged out” of the office, as is tradition, has become deafening.”

Whistleblowers attribute hacks abandoning ship to one major complaint: the ban on working from home. The policy was introduced after the pandemic in September 2021 and is seen as particularly nonsensical given most staff only chat online anyway. This stands in contrast to other papers, many of which have adopted a hybrid approach to work.

“The reason is ideological, and down to a lack of trust from managers of their own staff, which is why management culture and WFH is so often cited by those leaving. Ironic, though, how the Telegraph’s HR floor is always empty because they’re WFH.”

Staff are apparently exhausted, the poor dears. Meanwhile the paper’s columnists are often found filing op-eds from the comfort of their homes about the outrage of people not returning to offices…

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EXCLUSIVE: HMRC Spending Over £1 Million a Year on 16 Diversity & Inclusion Officers

In June, Guido reported on HMRC’s latest cash splurge: three diversity officer roles on salaries up to £50,000. At the time, hiring just three seemed excessive for a department whose main responsibility is to take money from people’s pockets. It turns out that’s the tip of the iceberg.

A new Freedom of Information response reveals the taxman actually has 16 full time diversity tsars on the payroll, at an astonishing cost of £1,019,534 a year. Since 2019, the total bill comes to over £3 million. The Equality Act never meant it was impossible to stop 16 people hoovering up millions in taxpayers’ cash over the last three years. This wasn’t inevitable. 

That £3 million sum is just for the dedicated diversity brigade; the FoI makes clear there are others on the public payroll who occasionally take on these responsibilities in addition to their “regular duties”Regular duties in this case meaning the actual work taxpayers expect them to do, such as – for instance – trying to claw back the billions lost to COVID fraud…

Of the 16, one is on a Grade 6 salary, which reaches up to £80,384 in London. Five more are on Grade 7, which tops out at £66,712. Then there’s the ‘Race Delivery Programme’, which somehow has “16.87 full-time equivalent staff”, and a total budget of £1.5 million for 2022-23. How is any of this reasonable or justified? Hand over your pay cheques, HMRC have got rainbows to paint and pronouns to wear…

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Caption Contest (Things Are Looking Up Edition)

Entries in the comments…

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