Tory Conference’s Women-Focused Agenda

Preparing for his forthcoming trip up north, Guido had a flick through the Tory conference fringe guide last night. While most attention will undoubtedly be on: A) which MP has said the most provocative thing about the current economic predicament, and B) where’s the nearest drink, party organisers are clearly hoping for some productive discussions on policy and election strategy. Guido’s eye was caught by the 15.30 slot on Monday, which has an ironic double billing: #AskHerToStand clashing with a discussion about “Beaver fever”…

Conference organisers have clearly drawn inspiration from the Deputy PM’s WhatsApp

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Cancel Culture Hits Tory Party Conference

While it’s already been reported that Rishi Sunak has decided to give Tory Conference a miss this year – apparently to “give Truss all the space she needs to own the moment”  – it looks like he’s not the only one who’s skipping the journey to Birmingham on Saturday: David Davis, Sajid Javid, and Mel Stride have also confirmed they’re sitting it out. It seems they agree with Labour, the LibDems, the SNP and Plaid that there are more important things going on than justifying a three-day bender in the West Midlands…

Guido also hears many of Rishi’s parliamentary backers are avoiding the event, although not as an organised faction. One supporter tells Guido that while the mood is “very very bad”, they haven’t decided to gang up and boycott it together – instead, they’ve all just independently decided it’s not worth it. Another said the combination of “arrogant” Liz backers, free-flowing booze and the constant presence of the Lobby provides very little incentive to battle train strikes and go to Birmingham. Apparently some whips are now concerned whether any Rishi supporters will bother going at all…

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Leftie Lawyers Fume as Court Declares Colston Statue Toppling an Act of Violence

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the toppling of Bristol’s Edward Colston statue in 2020 was a violent act, and not protected by the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). This afternoon appeal judges declared ECHR protections don’t apply where significant damage is inflicted. The case had been brought to appeal by then-Attorney General Suella Braverman, after the Colston Four – the group who pulled down the statue  –  were acquitted of criminal damage after citing their right to protest according to the ECHR. Turns out it wasn’t so peaceful after all…

While this won’t affect the Colston Four verdict, it will have a meaningful impact on cases in the future. Vandals won’t have a human right to pull down statues and trash public spaces going forward. Inevitably this has upset the leftie lawyers, who are throwing their toys out of the pram and attacking Suella already.  

Raj Chada, Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen, says:

“We are disappointed by the Court of Appeal Judgment. In our view, the evidence at the trial was that the toppling was not done violently. The clear view from an expert valuer, which we were prevented from relying upon during the trial, was that the value of the statue had increased exponentially after the toppling. The statue is still on public display as a monument to the evils of the slave trade, not as an obscene glorification of a slave trader. It is a shame that this is the Attorney General’s focus rather than the multiple crises facing this country.”

A reminder that even Sir Keir said it was “completely wrong” to pull that statue down…

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Scholar’s Sacking Disrupts Bojo’s Resignation Honours

Guido’s still looking forward to seeing the details of Boris’s resignation honours; current rumours include a knighthood for Guto Harri, and peerages for Nadine Dorries, Paul Dacre and Nigel Adams. While we’re not expecting the honours for another month or so, it looks like Boris’s chums may have to wait a while longer before they receive their gongs.

It turns out Kwasi Kwarteng’s excellent decision to sack Treasury Permanent Secretary Tom Scholar didn’t just affect Whitehall’s economic outlook. A Cabinet Office update today reveals Scholar’s also lost his job as chairman of the main honours committee, the top body in charge of reviewing nominations.

The i previously reported Scholar was “keeping a close eye” on Boris’s honour nominations before being sent to the Palace to avoid embarrassing the Queen. There’s now a vacancy as the body’s chairman, with the government’s website merely saying it remains “to be confirmed.” Hopefully they can sort a replacement out quickly – Nadine needs to book an ermine fitting…

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MPs’ Expenses to Finally be Published in November

The IPSA has announced that the next batch of MP’s expenses will come on November 17, following the previously reported suspension. The initial justification, for delays to reports due in September, was the death of Queen Elizabeth. The period of mourning lasted 10 days, what’s their excuse for the next 6 weeks?

In the bulletin the IPSA also announced further reductions in the detail provided on expense claims, specifically to reporting taxi journeys and surgery venue costs. None of this will surprise co-conspirators. The IPSA has taken any excuse to delay and water-down the transprency of published expenses. In addition to MPs taking liberties with taxpayer funding, we now have to watch the body created to watch them…

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Shadow Minister: Boris Used Asian Home Secretary to “Do His Dirty Work”

The fallout from yesterday’s Rupa Huq row seemingly didn’t stop Shadow Rail Minister Tan Dhesi from making similar eyebrow-raising comments on race in the Tory Party. At a fringe event, Dhesi accused Boris Johnson of “getting someone of Asian heritage to do his dirty work” for him. He also said he’d rather see a “white male” in Cabinet than Kwasi or Priti…

“You know, I’d much rather have a white male, who is caring, who’s compassionate, who wants an inclusive society, rather than having somebody like Priti Patel, who’s acting against the interests of the minority communities. I’d rather have somebody who cares about the communities that we live in rather than having someone like Kwasi Kwarteng who is going to gamble with our futures”

“As I said, the Prime Minister is getting somebody of Asian heritage to do his dirty work and that’s why there are accusations of tokenism from so many within the British Asian community”.

Guido doesn’t consider Tan’s comments to be half as bad as Rupa Huq’s. His quote about Boris having an Asian do his dirty work for him, alongside Huq’s referral to Rishi as “a little brown guy”, is indicative that Labour somehow questions the legitimacy of non-white Tory Cabinet ministers. Does anyone get the sense Labour are slightly panicked about the Tories having a more diverse front bench than they do?

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