Starmer U-Turns on Gig Economy

The Daily Mail this morning revealed eyewitness accounts of Sir Keir’s curious car crash on Sunday. Two witnesses have said that the Labour Leader was driving on the opposite side of the road when he hit a cyclist. The cyclist was reportedly a Deliveroo driver on a black and white electric bike, which Starmer slammed into in an attempted U-turn. The incident led to a passer-by calling an ambulance.

LOTO on the other hand claim that Sir Keir was not performing a U-turn, but in fact trying to park. They do not explicitly deny he was on the wrong side of the road. It wouldn’t be the first time Sir Keir U-turned hoping no one would notice…

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EU Reeling on Dual Shock of Brexit & Coronavirus

EU countries are suffering some of the worst death rates in the world, with Belgium, Spain, and Northern Italy suffering enormous loss of life. Now as the EU’s second wave outpaces the United States of America’s, the litany of failures in Europe’s response are coming home to roost. And all compounding this virus suppression rebound, European businesses could be plunged into further misery as a result of no FTA with its largest market, the UK. No wonder leading German think-tanks recently intervened in Berlin saying a no-deal Brexit would ‘slam’ already anaemic German growth in 2020…

As this graphic from Ian Bremmer’s GZERO Media shows, EU cases have outstripped US ones throughout October. Weekly deaths have once again crept higher in the EU now too…

Earlier this month in an interview broadcast on France 24, Emmanuel Macron admitted the French contact tracing app had been unsuccessful after it only alerted 993 people to self-isolate. He said that the app hadn’t been downloaded enough to work properly, adding that in the UK “there were a lot more downloads. We weren’t successful.” Now Macron is to make a televised address this evening, where it is speculated he will announce a new lockdown…

Even Germany, which is seeing a surge in cases, is likely to implement “lockdown light” next month. Angela Merkel is currently in discussions with leaders of each of the 16 German states over shutting bars, leisure centres and hotels. The FT is now reporting that Germany’s first line of defence, local health authorities, are crumbling under the pressure… 

With 1,071 deaths per million people so far, Belgium is officially the third worst country in the world. Led for most of the pandemic by a centrist woman, its death rate soars above they typical ‘strongman’ led countries deemed to have failed on deaths such as Brazil (766/m) or the US (693/m). Now nearly a quarter of medical staff there are reportedly off sick with Covid-19, and doctors with coronavirus have been asked to keep working

In socialist-led Spain, (712 deaths per million so far), a second national state of emergency has been imposed, along with a night-time curfew and powers for local authorities to ban travel between regions. Prime Minister Sanchez this week announced he would ask Parliament to extend the new rules to six months. People were initially told they would be in force for 15 days…

Italy is moving back to a state of semi-lockdown, with cinemas, swimming pools, theatres and gyms shutting from the start of next week. Bars, restaurants and cafes will have a new service curfew time of 6pm. Most secondary school teaching is also moving online.

With the official departure of its powerhouse economy and soft-superpower at the start of the year, Europe is looking smaller and more isolated. Now sliding back into locking down, things are not looking good for the future prospects of the bloc…

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Negotiating Progress Made on Level Playing Field & State Aid

Bloomberg is reporting positive news from the UK-EU future relationship discussion this afternoon as word leaks the two sides have begun working on the text of an agreement on level playing field issues, and are close to finalising a joint document covering state aid. It’s also reported both sides are closer to deciding essential aspects of how any deal will be enforced. 

The soundings bode well for Thursday when negotiations will move to Brussels where attempts will be made to narrow the remaining difference sufficiently by November the 3rd when the ball will be thrown back to Boris and von der Leyen to finalise a final compromise. Macron yet to budge on fishing…

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Drakeford Tries Intimidating Welsh Tories Over Opposition to ‘Essential Items’ Ban

Mark Drakeford is now attempting to intimidate opponents of his ludicrous ‘essential items’ ban in Welsh supermarkets, accusing the Welsh Assembly Conservatives of encouraging “people and companies to break the law” in telling supermarkets to “take a stand” against the absurd ban. Reacting to the Welsh Tories’ Tweet, Drakeford writes:

“While your group has made it clear you do not support this two-week firebreak to bring coronavirus under control and to save lives, it is another thing entirely for the Welsh Conservatives’ health spokesperson – an elected Member of the Senedd and a lawmaker – to be advocating people and companies break the law”

I look forward to your response and your confirmation that, from now onwards, the whole of the Welsh Conservatives group in the Senedd will be unambiguous in its support for the law”

Andrew R.T. Davies responds:

“Mark Drakeford’s priority is to try and silence criticism of his barmy shopping ban”

“Whatever your view on the barmy ban, we’re all entitled to an opinion, and for Labour’s First Minister to go into work this morning and set out to intimidate members of the Senedd is a disgrace and there should be no room in Welsh democracy for these dictator-style tactics.”

All eyes on the Taffy tyrant’s next moves towards authoritarianism…

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Welsh LibDem Leader Pretending She’s In Wales

Leader of the Welsh LibDems Jane Dodds went on TV last night to pay tribute to the only Assembly Member her party has – Kirsty Williams – who is standing down from the assembly after 22 years. Dodds described Williams, who has served in the Welsh Government as Education Minister, as an “icon here in Brecon and Radnorshire.” Only to Guido it didn’t look like she is in Brecon and Radnorshire…

The background behind Dodds appeared suspiciously similar to her house in Richmond, London. She’s sat in front of an identical mantelpiece to the one advertised on Rightmove when the property was rented out in the run up to the Brecon and Radnorshire by election, which she won and served as an MP for three months. So Guido asked the Welsh Lib Dems why their Leader was in London, not Wales, avoiding the lockdown imposed by the Government her party is in coalition with…

A spokesman for the Welsh LibDems – under pressure from Guido – sheepishly admitted “Jane has been in London since October 12th with her husband who works in London.” Probably shouldn’t be falsely claiming to BBC viewers that she’s in Wales when she’s in leafy Richmond…

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Political Party 2019 Finances Revealed

The Electoral Commission has today published financial accounts for major political party income and expenditure in the year ending 31 December 2019. The biggest spenders, naturally, were the Labour Party, who managed to squeak to the end of the year in the black despite spending £57 million. The Tories, by contrast, spent just 54,908,000, although netted £13 in the bank which stood them in much better stead to weather the Coronavirus storm. Fiscal prudence begins at home…

Total income and expenditure was significantly higher than in 2017, the year of the previous election:

Total 2017: Income: £125,659,000 Expenditure: £124,700,000

Total 2019: Income: £185,837,000 Expenditure: £169,103,000

See which major parties ended the year in the black and which slipped into the red below…

Labour Party

Income: £57,295,000 Expenditure: £57,278,000 Net: £17,000

Conservative Party

Income: £67,995,000 Expenditure: £54,908,000 Net: £13,087,000

Liberal Democrats

Income: £24,617,940 Expenditure: £19,905,925 Net: £4,712,015

Brexit Party

Income: £17,290,036 Expenditure: £18,904,591 Net: -£1,614,555

Scottish National Party

Income: £5,290,815 Expenditure: £5,609,024 Net: -£318,209

Plaid Cymru

Income: £888,826 Expenditure: £1,023,492 Net: -£134,666

What is it about independence movements and poor financial control?

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