Middlesbrough Mayor’s Porn Protestations

Guido readers may remember Andy Preston – the Mayor of Middlesbrough who at the start of October called for tighter Covid restrictions, only to complain about those tighter restrictions when imposed days later. It seems Andy’s tossing and turning didn’t end there, as he’s now been placed under investigation by his council over accusations of having porn on his work computers. When voters hear this story about Preston spreading his seed, they will assume it was related to his tree-planting policy…

Preston, clearly a consummate professional in publicly airing things best kept private, took to hammering it out in public, accusing Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald via his official Facebook page of putting in the complaint against him based on “no more than rumours and hearsay.”

Unfortunately for Teesside residents who turfed out the Labour establishment en masse last year, Guido hears from a number of well-placed sources that despite his protestations, the situation looks entirely as McDonald alleges. In the meantime, Preston has spent the week digging holes, so if his laptop disappears investigators know where to look…

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Home Office Leak Predicts Harsh Hong Kong National Security Law Will Drive 100% Increase in Passport Applications

A leaked COBR briefing document obtained by Guido has revealed that the Government is preparing for a higher level of Hong Kong British National Overseas passport holders escaping Communist rule and moving to Britain than was initially expected, in the wake of the clampdown following the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. In July, the Foreign Office estimated that 200,000 would move from Hong Kong to the UK. New data derived from job websites, property websites, and BN(O) passport applications has led the Government to dramatically raise their initial estimate. 

In an official sensitive briefing last Wednesday, prepared by COBR National Security Watchkeepers, they said:

“Since the Foreign Office estimate was made, China and the Hong Kong government have rapidly moved to implement severe restrictions on freedoms in Hong Kong. The rapid rise in the issue of BN(O) passport since June, and views of UK-based property, job, and information websites, can be seen as a clear indication that many more BN(O)s are intending to emigrate to the UK than were initially predicted by the Foreign Office.”

In February, there were 349,881 BN(O) passport holders in Hong Kong. By August 2020, there were over 400,000 live passports in circulation and over 200,000 passport applications waiting to be processed. The COBR briefing sets out that

“If the level of applications continues to rise at the current rate, the Home Office predicts the number of BN(O) passport holders is likely to rise to 733,000 by the end of 2020, marking a rise of over 1000% [sic] since February”

The 1000% increase is a typo and it actually is an 110% increase by Guido’s calculation. Guido hears the China Research Group will be putting out a major new paper next week…

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Tory MP Handed Parliamentary Pass to Pro-Rejoin EU Lobbyist

Whilst Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly voted Remain in 2016 and against a WTO Brexit in April 2019, he was elected on a mandate to ‘Get Brexit Done’ a year ago. Guido was surprised, therefore, to see he has given a parliamentary pass to a pro-Remain lobbyist from the Best for Britain campaign group, founded by Gina Miller. Djanogly lists his top member of staff as Daniel Paterson, currently a PR man for Best for Britain, which he describes as “a civil society campaign to keep the door open to EU membership.”

Paterson is a former European Parliamentary staffer in Brussels, current executive member of the Conservative Group for Europe, and managed Dominic Grieve’s failed independent campaign in the 2019 General Election. Curiously, he does not list working for Djanogly or in Parliament on his LinkedIn page, and instead works in what his company describes as “the heart of Brussels” for EU public affairs and business consultancy practice Ridens.

It is no longer standard practise for dodgy public affairs practitioners to get hold of parliamentary passes. In the UK, the Public Relations and Communications Association has stated “it is simply wrong for a lobbyist to hold a Parliamentary pass”, prohibiting it in their code of conduct. MPs are not allowed to give passes to commercial operators or receive any payments. Why exactly has Djanogly handed Paterson a pass, when he’s based in Brussels and doesn’t even list currently working in the House of Commons on his resume?

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Spending Splurge, Sturgeon’s Scorn, and It All Ends In Tiers

The latest episode of Guido Talks is available now both here as a video and on all good podcast platforms. In this week’s edition, recorded yesterday, the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here… 

Guido Talks is also available as a podcast. Subscribe via Apple iTunes podcasts, Google PodcastsSpotifyTuneInaCastSounder.FM, or from wherever you get your podcasts… 

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Friday Caption Contest (Testing Edition)

There was no winner of last week’s caption contest because the entries were so pitifully bad. Try harder this week to win the prize of a copy of Dominic Frisby’s Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future. A great stocking filler!

Entries only accepted when posted in the comments!

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Labour Candidate: If Covid Vaccine Isn’t Vegan It Breaches My Human Rights

The rollout of the vaccine next year is increasingly looking like Manchester’s only route out of Tier 3, though one Mancunian Labour politician has much more pressing Covid concerns; a Facebook comment unearthed by Guido shows leftie Labour candidate Thomas Pilkington fretting over whether the Coronavirus vaccine will be “totally vegan?”

Pilkington loves the animal world so much he’s become a proponent of Darwinism…

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