Luxembourg Rejected Request for an Indoor Press Conference

Guido understands that the PM’s team requested an indoor press conference, where Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay had his press conference when he visited, as they wanted both Boris and Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel to be heard over the Remainer protesters. The Luxembourgians rejected Number 10’s offer and insisted on holding it outside alone with two podiums to a baying Remainer audience. The opposite of diplomacy…

Boris instead did media at the Embassy, where it could actually be heard. Strange “press conference” with a cheering and whooping crowd…



Lib Dem London Mayoral Candidate’s Whopping Heathrow U Turn

The Lib Dem’s candidate for the London Mayoralty has joined in with the Lib Dem tradition of performing the most whopping U-Turns imaginable. Siobhan Benita, who stood for the mayoralty in 2012, boasted of being the only pro-Heathrow expansion candidate. Now she’s claiming to be ardently against a third runway…

What was it about the West London Lib Dem pool of votes that made her change her mind?

Ed Davey Lies about Lib Dem’s Historic Manifesto Support for EU Referendum

Appearing on Politics Live, Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Ed Davey, squirmed whilst trying to defend his party’s u-turn from wanting an in-out referendum to wanting to revoke Article 50 in the space of just 10 years. The Lib Dems are not having a great media round this morning…

Davey tried claiming the Lib Dems had not supported an EU referendum in their 2010 or 2015 manifesto, unfortunately however this is incorrect.

In 2010, Nick Clegg said the Lib Dems “remain committed to an in/out referendum”:

And again in 2015, the Lib Dem manifesto promised to go even further than the coalition’s law guaranteeing a referendum before any more sovereignty was transferred to the EU, saying the Lib Dems would ensure any referendum was in-out:

The Lib Dems simply cannot defend this undemocratic u-turn. 

May to Stand in Next Election

Unlike David Cameron who bolted from public life the moment he resigned as PM, Theresa May will be standing in the next election. Just think of the riveting backbench speeches we have in store…

Maidenhead Tories confirmed her re-selection this weekend, however her selection was never really in doubt – Guido knows how good she is at remaining…

EU’s Proposed Justice Commissioner Faces Corruption Probe

Belgium’s foreign minister Didier Reynders, was unveiled last week as incoming president Ursula von der Leyen’s pick for Justice Commissioner, has been named by a former Belgium spy as part of a corruption scheme. Awkward for a Justice Commissioner…

The former spy testified that Deynders was part of a “veritable criminal association” involving arms sales to the Congo and Libya as well as money-laundering and taking bribes. Naturally, the EU Commission has declined to comment on the revelations. Justice, EU style…

Boris Meets Juncker for the First Time

Jo Swinson’s Brexit Referendum U-Turn

Damning vintage footage of Jo Swinson calling for an in-out EU referendum has emerged today, reminding Guido of a time when the Lib Dems were both liberal and democratic… 

Watch the excruciating u-turn here:

The footage emerged just one day after the Lib Dem’s new party leader said she doesn’t “forgive David Cameron for calling the referendum”. Vintage footage also shows Swinson criticising the undemocratic systems of the EU.

Give it another decade and she might have flopped back to being a eurosceptic again!

H/t: Adam Heilbron

Lib Dem Candidate Implodes in Interview After Insulting Her Potential Constituents

Speaking on The World This Weekend the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon, Kirsten Johnson, claimed that her prospective constituency voted to Leave because “it’s 98% white, we don’t have a lot of ethnic minorities living in North Devon, people aren’t exposed to people from other countries, they don’t travel a lot.”

Johnson went on to claim that that North Devon hasn’t “appreciated the advantages” of being in the EU because it is “isolated, rural, and low income.” She went on to imply that leave voters were linked to hate crime, but when asked to explain her view just “trailed off” in the words of the BBC’s Ross Hawkins. It makes for excruciating listening…

North Devon was held by the Lib Dems for over two decades, finally being lost to the Tories in 2015. It voted Leave by almost 60%. Doesn’t look like the Lib Dems are going to win it back any time soon…

Hodson’s Choice Rejected

This speech from Niall Hodson, a Lib Dem councillor from the Brexit heartlands of Sunderland, is the most sane speech heard so far from LibDem conference. He was cautioning against the idea of revoking Article 50, stopping Brexit, without people being given a vote on the matter. The LibDems passed the motion.

The Lib Dems are enjoying one of their periodic resurgences – this time an electoral spasm from frustrated Remainers. The incoherence of their new position will not pass scrutiny in a general election given that in 2010 they campaigned for an In-Out referendum on our membership of the EU.

In 2016 they fought and lost the referendum they demanded. Now they are demanding the referendum result is ignored. The danger is one that only Norman Lamb recognises. They will be punished outside the Remain heartlands…

Rich’s Monday Morning View

Swinson Tries To Defend Phillip Lee’s Admission

Priti Hits Back at David Cameron

Sadiq: “We Are a Remain Party”

Chuka: New Dividing Line in Politics is Leave/Remain

So much so that according to Chuka, Philip Lee’s refusal to vote for equal marriage is “a matter for him”…

Gyimah Justifies Defection Saying Lib Dems Came Second in Euro Elections

Harman: Bercow is Right

Harman: Parliament Should ‘Change With the Times’

Barclay: We Can Now See a New Deal Landing Zone

Barclay: I’d Rather Back a ‘Hulk’ Leader than one on the Chicken Run

Lib Dems Applaud Call for EU to Become an Empire

The EU Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt took to the stage at Lib Dem conference this evening to claim the EU is “acting too little” and needs to become an empire, to rapturous applause. At least he’s being more honest than previous Lib Dem speakers[…] Read the rest


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