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You’re either in front of Guido, or you are behind…

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Money Matters: Gamble Safely With 6 KingCasinoBonus Tips

It is crucial for you to not lose your money when you gamble. Avoiding gambling addiction is just as important as protecting your finances.

Thus, your dedicated gambling funds should be in your top priorities. For that, you need to employ many skills and have a solid plan.

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Convincing evidence that these tips are useful

There aren’t many things more important than health and wealth. Gambling can become harmful to both, if not done correctly.

Since we know that even veteran players might get stuck, we try to solve the struggles of amateur gamblers here.

Players who want to play safe and be money-smart can guide themselves by these principles.

Even highly distinguished authorities like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission give your funds a superior status. They sustain them with educational campaigns and imposing requirements on gambling operators.

For example, casino operators are required to allow you to set financial limits. If you see a casino without this option, it’s best to avoid it. Also follow these 6 points.

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Simpson’s After Dinner Yarn Unsuitable for Morning TV

Foreign correspondents and veteran BBC journalists are full of interesting yarns from their careers. John Simpson’s yarn live on Good Morning Britain whilst chatting to Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley was a little better suited to after dinner over the port. Madeley and Garraway apologised for Simpson’s unexpected outburst…

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Angus Robertson Continuing SNP’s Delusions

Scottish Cabinet Secretary Angus Robertson is continuing the trend of SNP ministers kidding themselves into believing things that just aren’t true. Yesterday, he insisted “support for Scottish independence is continuing to grow”, yet offered no evidence to back that claim – probably because that evidence doesn’t actually exist. Aggregate polling shows that support for independence has been in decline for the last 12 months…

Guido reminds Robertson that the Scottish Ministerial Code clearly states “holders of public office should be truthful”, with honesty listed as one of the “seven principles of public life”. Guido’s flicked through the code, and it doesn’t look like ‘self-delusion’ is another one of those principles. Of course, the code was issued by Nicola Sturgeon, so there’s probably room to be flexible…

Hat Tip: Duncan Hothersall

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Excited Tories Celebrate Gaining Leicester East Council Seat With 18.4% Swing in Heavily Hindu Ward

Last night the Tories gained a council ward in Claudia Webbe’s Leicester East constituency, the gain in Humberstone & Hamilton by Daniel Crewe was in a majority ethnic ward. Leicester East is one of the top Hindu denominated wards in the country (21%). The Tories won 44.7% of the vote, an 18.4 point swing to them, Labour’s vote dropped -15.6 points to 33.2% and this was despite the Green Party vote collapsing -7.1 points to 8%. Giving the Tories their first councillor on Leicester Council for years.

The steady Tory inroad into ethnic Indian heritage voters has been given a steroid shot after Starmer’s Labour Party attacked the Tories in a chauvinistic appeal to Pakistani heritage voters with a crude negative association of Boris with India’s Prime Minister Modi. The UK has an estimated population of 1.4 million with Indian heritage and 1.2 million with Pakistani heritage. The politics of the sub-continent are finding an electoral echo in Britain today.

Keith Vaz had been out campaigning for the Humberstone & Hamilton council seat, which is within the borders of his old seat, and was the former ward of Vaz’s now deceased election agent, councillor John Thomas. Vaz has been campaigning and putting himself about very actively in recent months ahead of his successor Claudia Webbe’s imminent day in court. If the case goes badly for Webbe, Vaz would be in the running to be the Labour Party candidate in a parliamentary by-election in Leicester East. Slippery Vaz has managed to secure the chairmanship of the Leicester East constituency Labour Party to aid his efforts. Some suspect that if Vaz was blocked by Labour’s NEC he would try and stitch up the seat for his daughter, though many Labour figures are convinced he still hopes to return to the Commons in his own right. It would be ironic if the crude appeal in Batley and Spen to Pakistani chauvinism against India damaged his prospects with his core voter base…

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Extinction Rebellion Accidentally Calls Sports Writer An “Ultra-Rich Media Baron”

Extinction Rebellion’s plan to tell “the scary truth” about “ultra-rich media barons” by launching their own national tabloid (and in a stroke of genius, calling it “Not The Sun“) went about as well as you’d expect this week. In their hotly-anticipated first edition, the lunatic activists revealed they don’t even know who those ultra-rich media barons even are – by confusing Telegraph owner Frederick Barclay with author and sports journalist Patrick Barclay, and running a story which headlined the latter as a “Lord of the Lies”. To be fair to “Not the Sun”, they did also promise they’d try to “make us smile”…  

The paper immediately issued a grovelling correction, apologising to Patrick for accidentally calling him a “Fat Cat media baron” with a net worth of £4.3 billion, and adding:

“We would like to make it clear that Frederick Barclay is in fact the owner of the Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph… We’d also like to thank Patrick for his good-humoured acceptance of our apology.”

Rich stuff from a group demanding people should be “allowed access to the true facts”.

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