Boris and Dave ‘Stood on Chairs’ at Harlem Restaurant

Twitter employee Joanna Geary was in the Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem last night when she bumped into the Foreign Secretary dining with an old friend. She says “I hadn’t seen David until Boris said “‘I suspect you’ll recognise my friend David’ and pointed in his direction”. Team Boris strongly deny allegations of dad dancing, though Reuters‘ Anjuli Davies alleges some standing on chairs:

UPDATE: A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “The picture is of Boris trying to get out of a very tight seating area against the wall in the restaurant. Nearly all the other members of the group on that side had to do the same (step up and over) to get out.

Once a Bullingdon boy…

Police Release First Picture of Khalid Masood

Friday Caption Contest (Taxi for Osborne Edition)

MPs Raise Security Concerns With Authorities

Guido’s revelation yesterday that there were just three unlocked doors between the attacker and the PM and other MPs has been followed up by the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Mirror and Times Red Box. Our map was publicly available – there are numerous non-publicly available security concerns which Guido has decided not to publish, but that we understand are the subject of discussions between concerned MPs and the parliamentary authorities. It goes without saying that there are significant concerns about the security at the Carriage Gates perimeter, and over procedures during divisions. There is a lot of gratitude towards Michael Fallon’s bodyguard this morning, and anger that he was the last line of defence…

Pro-Len Unite Insider Sending Anti-Semitic Tweets to Coyne

Well this is certainly a curious one. An anonymous Twitter account going by the name “Union bloke” has been sending Red Len’s rival Gerard Coyne a slew of anti-Semitic tweets. You might think anonymous anti-Semitic abuse is part and parcel of hard-left politics, yet there is something different about “Union bloke”. Other tweets from the account include internal union documents which Unite sources say would only be available to serving, high-ranking officials in the union. A Unite source tells Guido:

@1UnionBloke is internally believed to be a senior official in the Unite union. He has also tweeted details of the location of Gerard’s home, including a picture, which is particularly sinister.

Screenshots taken before the account was deleted also reveal it was followed by senior Unite officials and activists including Len McCluskey’s baby momma Jennie Formby. It would appear that someone relatively senior in Unite is sending racist abuse to opponents of Red Len…

IRA-Linked Corbyn Aide Quits After Three Months

Jeremy Corbyn’s aide Jayne Fisher, who Guido revealed has close links to a string of convicted IRA terrorists, has quit after just three months in her job. Team Corbyn say she is leaving on health grounds.

Jezza’s media spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin is also leaving, returning to his old job at the Campaign for Fairing Gambling. Matt was always reasonable and popular with the Lobby so leaves a space to be filled. Corbyn’s trade union liaison manager Nancy Platts is also out after being sidelined by Karie Murphy. Guido makes that eight high profile departures from Team Jez:

  • Simon Fletcher: Quit after falling out with Seumas
  • Mike Hatchett: Quit to work for DExEU
  • Neale Coleman: Quit after being sidelined by Seumas and Andrew Fisher
  • Kevin Slocombe: Quit to work for the Bristol mayor
  • Josh Simons: Quit accusing Seumas of grilling him about his family

The only three who really matter are Seumas, Karie and Fisher. Fall out with them and you won’t last long…

Brillo’s Parliament Attack Monologue

Well said Brillo…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight

Channel 4 and Guardian Sanctimony Backfires

Channel 4 News’s Fatima Manji offered her thoughts as yesterday’s events unfolded, sanctimoniously telling Twitter: “Don’t tweet rumours, post unverified pics – let emergency services do their job“. Minutes later, Manji was among the Channel 4 journalists who named the wrong man as the attacker. 

Manji later deleted her tweet.

Meanwhile, over at The Guardian, media correspondent Mark Sweney blasted Twitter users who shared a fake image of a tube sign:

The “people who should know better” who the sign “fooled” include Sweney’s own boss at the Guardian, Jane Martinson:

Let’s hope she doesn’t see…

The Clock is Ticking for FOBTs and the ABB

The “tick, tock” of a clock was all that could be heard at the ABB HQ on Buckingham Palace Road last week. A silent gloom has descended over the bookmakers’ trade body.

After a frenzied few weeks of spinning, lying, blustering, wining and dining, Malcolm George (CEO) and his “crack” team of lobbyists were told “brace yourselves” by former DCMS Minister John Whittingdale – the man who once protected their beloved “crack cocaine machines”.

As he addressed the bookies’ annual meeting in London, he warned them that “significant” changes will soon be announced. The latest rumour swirling round is that an announcement and decision on the £1.8 billion a year machines is very near and the news isn’t good for the bookies and their trade body.

Former Ed Balls’ Chief of Staff, turned bookie lobbyist, Gary Follis was dispatched to seek help to avoid Armageddon as local journalists were sent into betting shops by their news desks on missions to get addicted to the machines.

As Councils, Councilors, MPs, MSPs, AMs, push forward with their demands for fewer betting shops on their high streets, the ABB granted their wish referencing a “confidential” report they had commissioned which showed a small number of betting shops could close in each Parliamentary constituency in England, Scotland and Wales should stakes be cut. For the Council leading calls for stakes to be cut to £2, losing a couple of their 84 betting shops might not be enough.

As the clock ticks, the ABB and their bookmaker members wait for the inevitable.

Content produced and sponsored by Stop the FOBTS.

Attacker Named: Khalid Masood, 52

The Metropolitan Police have issued a statement:

“The man police believe to be responsible for the terrorist attack in Westminster yesterday, Wednesday, 22 March, has now been formally identified as Khalid Masood.

“Masood, aged 52 (25.12.1964), was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands. Masood was also known by a number of aliases.

“Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack.

“However, he was known to police and has a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences.

“His first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.

“He has not been convicted for any terrorism offences.

“Anyone with any information about Masood can call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321.”

‘Michael Fallon’s Bodyguard’ Shot Attacker Dead

According to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, it was Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s SO1 close protection officer shot the attacker dead inside parliament yesterday. One source tells Guido’s the officer was in Fallon’s bulletproof BMW parked inside parliament a few metres away and he ran over, withdrew a handgun from underneath his suit jacket and shot him. This explains why it was a plain clothes police officer who was seen at the scene. The only ministers with BMWs and SO1 protection officers are the Defence Secretary, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Northern Ireland Secretary. This will raise huge questions about the security aspect of the attack – if Fallon and his team were not in parliament at that exact moment, would an officer have been there to shoot the attacker? Team Fallon say they cannot comment. 

Real News Has Pictures

Social media’s feedback loop means that when Guido published pictures of yesterday’s events we got a lot of “why are you publishing this, take it down, show some respect” comments. Some of them even claimed we were only publishing the news for clicks and advertising revenue. We take the view that we are in the news business, that if you choose to come to the website or follow us on Twitter it is because you want to get the news.

Some other points; we wouldn’t show victims’ faces if we can help it, it is however a fact of modern life that in our real time news culture victims’ families do sometimes learn the bad news from the media. We also held back from publishing the most gory images. The media would not, in our view, be doing the public any good by withholding the reality of the situation in general. The carnage was real, closing our eyes to it does not change that. This is a principle reflected in the coverage in today’s major newspapers.

Oly Duff, the editor of the I paper, changed his mind about the front page photo (above left) after criticism on Twitter, taking the view that “there seem to be people with strongly opposing feelings about it, but ultimately cover should not be the story so best to change it…” Later tweeting“Thanks for the various messages this evening – especially those criticising first front page for poor taste. No intention to offend.. Understand why it did, and apologise. New cover here. Chastened – and grateful for protection we all receive as go about our daily lives.” That is his call – most newspapers published the same graphic picture, if not on the front page.

If viewers and readers don’t like the images they can turn off. That is their prerogative. Insisting that in a free society a free press should censor itself out of a misguided sense of responsibility, or on the grounds of taste, is not something we accept as an operating principle. It is also strange that when the pictures are from foreign war zones the complaints are few and far between.

Cleverly Calls For Posthumous Honour For PC Keith Palmer

Tory MP James Cleverly, who had known PC Keith Palmer for 25 years and served with him in the Royal Artillery, calls for him to be awarded a posthumous honour for bravery. Theresa May appears to agree.

May: Attacker British-Born, Investigated By MI5 Years Ago

Theresa May tells the Commons the attacker’s identity was known to police and MI5. She says he was British-born and was investigated years ago by MI5 in relation to extremism.[…] Read the rest


Evening Standard Editor George Osborne Could Have Been Locked in Parliament

Yesterday raised another question over George Osborne’s appointment as editor of London’s flagship Evening Standard: had the attack occurred in two months’ time, Osborne would have likely been stuck inside a locked-down parliament along with other MPs. Out of the newsroom…

The first edition of London’s Evening Standard hit the streets before the attack, nevertheless the paper says it rushed out a late change to its last editions giving the tragedy comprehensive coverage read by commuters on their way home in print and on their phones.[…] Read the rest


Moment Woman Plunges from Westminster Bridge During Terrorist Attack

[…] Read the rest


Jim Fixes It For Afzal to Be Next Gorton MP

Afzal Khan, who tweeted comparing Israel to Nazis and is a fan of Ayatollah Khomeini, has won Labour’s selection in Gorton. He beat the Momentum candidate Yasmine Dar in the final round last night. Keith Vaz arranged an all-Asian shortlist of which Khan was always going to be the overwhelming favourite – he’s been sniffing around Gerald Kaufman’s seat for years…

As events were unfolding yesterday, Khan was busy deleting all of his previous tweets, which included various attacks on Israel.[…] Read the rest


PC Keith Palmer RIP

48-year-old Police Constable Keith Palmer, a husband and father, who had 15 years experience with the Metropolitan Police, before which he served in the Royal Artillery. RIP.[…] Read the rest


May on Westminster Attack

[…] Read the rest


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