Queer Eye for the Parliamentary Guy

It is said this is the gayest parliament ever (based on those MPs admitting it), and Guido reckons he’s found the man to take the crown – new Heywood and Middleton MP, Chris Clarkson.

In 2004, Chris appeared in an internet Star Trek parody of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, playing the camp character ‘Stephahn’. When asked about the Oscar-worthy performance, Chris told Guido, “Yea, that’s me. Bit younger, bit blonder and a bit more fun.” Live long and prosper…

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Lefty Life Expectancy Report Author Challenged on His Analysis

Michael Marmot, the lefty author of a report that attempts to link austerity with a slowdown in the speed at which life expectancy is increasing in the UK, was not happy with the first interview that actually challenged him on his conclusions. Marmot: you either love him or you hate him…

When LBC’s Iain Dale explained, as Guido did yesterday, that the same life expectancy change has occurred right across Europe, under radically different styles of government, Marmot was not happy, telling Dale “we can have a discussion about the causes, but I’m sorry I’ve had a long day going through all of this, and I’m not going to have an argument with you about the numbers in front of us.”

Guido hears Marmot told LBC producers it was the worst interview he had done that day. Presumably because it was the only one that countered him with facts…

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Another Blue Brick in the Red Wall

This vaguely familiar* feisty northern MP is certainly striking a different tune to the previous Labour MPs across the red wall:

“Let’s not open up our borders for everyone to come in to give our skills, why don’t we give our kids those skills as well and open up our education system and our regions and unlock that, and harness our own skills here to ensure that we can tackle the issues?”

Does anyone know which Brexity constituency she represents?

*We have enhanced the video’s background.
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Hoyle Opens a Chamber of Secrets

Exciting news developed in Parliament this morning as the ongoing restoration has uncovered a secret room and passageway that nobody knew existed. Shame the discovery wasn’t made when Bercow was speaker – the door’s the perfect height for him…

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Sajid Javid’s Resignation Speech in Full

Watch his properly Conservative, spending restraining, tax cutting resignation speech in full…

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PMQs: Who’s Asking The Questions?

Q1 Philip Dunne (Con)

Q2 Martin Docherty-Hughes (SNP)

Q3 Mhairi Black (SNP)

Q4 Kate Osborne (Lab)

Q5 Sir Oliver Heald (Con)

Q6 Sir Edward Davey (Lib Dem)

Q7 Laura Trott (Con)

Q8 Bill Esterson (Lab)

Q9 Saqib Bhatti (Con)

Q10 Siobhain McDonagh (Lab)

Q11 Ben Bradley (Con)

Q12 Gerald Jones (Lab)

Q13 Miriam Cates (Con)

Q14 David Linden (SNP)

Q15 Ian Mearns (Lab)

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