YouGov: Boris Wins Final Debate 52:48

UPDATE: Further breakdown of public reaction to the debate

6 Days to Go


  • Unveiled new campaign poster
  • Fought back against Channel 4 doctored racism smear
  • Denied Corbyn’s latest document ‘leak’
  • Preparing for tonight’s final debate
  •  Topline(s):
    • We will get Brexit done.


  • Unveiling of new document claiming Boris’s deal puts a border down the Irish sea
  • Reminding their Northern hearlands that Thatcher ‘damaged’ them and Boris will do the same
  •  Topline(s):
    • Corbyn will be an ‘honest broker’ in a second referendum


  • Focus on mental health provision, especially in universities
  • Topline(s):
    • Boris is running away from scrutiny
    • Do we become Donald Trump’s poodle?

Cut through

  • John Major doesn’t back Tories
  • Johnson vs Corbyn prepare for final debate

Latest polls:

IpsosMORI: Con: 44% (-) LAB: 32% (+4) LDEM: 13% (-3) BREX: 3% (-)

YouGov – Scotland: SNP: 44% (+2) CON: 28% (+6) LAB: 15% (+3) LDEM: 12% (-1)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Previous in Brackets):

    • Tories: 4/11 (2/5)
    • No overall: 12/5 (9/4)
    • Labour: 25/1 (20/1)
    • Lib Dems: 500/1 (250/1)

Boris a Mensch in Kosher Bakery

Boris visited the popular Grodzinski kosher bakery in Golders Green this morning receiving a very warm welcome from the community. Mazal tov!

By contrast Jeremy Corbyn yesterday faced a dossier from seventy serving and former Labour party officials declaring “The Labour Party is no longer a safe space for Jewish people.” 100 additional testimonies from party members say they have suffered or witnessed antisemitism at party events. Corbyn himself was personally accused of nine offences against Jews.

Who are the Papers Backing?

Guido brings you another rolling list, this time of who the papers are backing in the 2019 election. Stay tuned for rolling updates…


Express: So let’s put Boris behind the wheel, rev up the engine for Brexit Britain and power ahead to prosperity instead.”

Spectator: “Never in our country’s modern history has it been more important to vote — and vote Conservative.”


Morning Star: “A Labour victory on December 12 means Christmas has come early. A Labour government is a gift we give to ourselves.”

Lib Dem

Economist: “they are the only choice for anyone who rejects both the hard Brexit of the Conservatives and the hard-left plans of Labour.”


Financial Times: “To those candidates who share (internationalist, pro business and pro Europe) values – and are ready to fight for them – the FT lends its wholehearted support.”

None of the above

New Statesman: “we have resolved to endorse no party at this general election. As a publication that is beholden to no party or faction, that defends the intellectual traditions of scepticism, independence of thought, the spirit of criticism and a willingness to debate, we believe that voters deserve better”

The JC: “The JC has never, nor will it ever, endorse any candidate or party in an election. We are, above all, independent… Next week, there is one overriding imperative for our community: ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn does not become prime minister.”

Former BBC TV Comic Planning to Smear Tories in Fake Canvassing Stunt

Heydon Prowse, best known for his part in the BBC TV series ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ is advertising on Facebook to create a fake Conservative campaign in Uxbridge, which will tell voters they want to “sell off” the NHS. Canvassing as another party to smear them is, of course, agaisnt the law…

Comments poured in under the post, tagging people keen to help spread the fake news. His former BBC comedy partner Jolyon Rubinstein is also campaigning against the Tories on Twitter. Although he hasn’t proposed what could amount to fraud quite yet…

Momentum Admits there was No 2017 ‘Youthquake’

Despite it being made ‘word of the year in 2017’ – and the media landscape somewhat shifting in response to it – the myth that a surge in youth turnout changing the course of the 2017 election has finally been acknowledged as untrue by Momentum.

A few months after the election it had become clear that there was no youthquake, as the authoritative British Election Study made clear, much to the protest of Corbynista Millenials who purported to speak for their generation. Now, belatedly, Momentum have told their supporters “just 57% of young people voted in the last election” in a fundraising email sent to supporters. Twelve points lower than the average turnout…

People’s Vote Campaign Ask Electoral Commission to Investigate Themselves

In a 4-dimensional-chess move no one saw coming, the People’s Vote campaign have written to the Electoral Commission asking that they be investigated over apparent dodgy donations.

A statement released to the press reads:

“The People’s Vote is asking the Electoral Commission to look into possible non-disclosure of donations under the organisation’s previous executive management.

The new interim management team, in place since beginning of November, has been conducting a fundamental review of the organisation’s systems, policies and processes.

In the course of this review we became extremely concerned donations may not have been declared to the Electoral Commission. We immediately made the Commission aware of this.”

Guido understands we are looking at six-figure donations undisclosed. The new People’s Vote regime under new campaign director Stuart Hand is upbeat, saying some 30 staff are toiling in Millbank Tower, that they have had £700,000 in donations since the election was called, at least a £100,000 of which has been funnelled to preferred candidates. That’s a lot of LibDem leaflets…

Former campaign director Patrick Heneghan is still “on a leave of absence” pending investigation of his alleged drunken cocaine and chill offers to young female staffers. As you do…

Where all this leaves former People’s Vote campaign chiefs James McGrory and Tom Baldwin is anyone’s guess. The Electoral Commission report will be interesting…

Remainers Demand Stormzy Boycotts Brand after it Backs Brexit

At Boris’s rally yesterday, (yes, that one), he was handed a scarf saying ‘Get Brexit Done’ from Derbyshire-based knitwear company John Smedley. Naturally, Remainers went absolutely bananas…

Immediately, furious FBPEers took to Twitter, disgusted a business might disagree with their economic outlook that more dither and uncertainty with a second referendum is precisely what companies desire.

The icing on the cake came when remainers spotted the company boasted just two days ago that their pullover had been worn by notable Labour-supporter Stormzy

At least the company found one new supporter – from Rachel Johnson who said she’s sorted her Christmas presents now…

Friday Caption Contest (LibDem Leaflet Edition)

Channel 4 Smears Boris with False Quote

Channel 4 have been caught out smearing Boris – by mis-captioning his speech from yesterday and replacing the word ‘talent’ for ‘colour’. Is it any wonder the Tories are waging war with the propagandists…

Boris, speaking in Derbyshire, said he was “in favour of having people of talent come to this country”, however when Channel 4 uploaded the clip they claimed he said “people of colour” – listen for yourself above.

Boris uses the quote so often it could be considered his catchphrase (for example in this BBC interview), yet Channel 4 took it upon themselves to mislead thousands.

But that didn’t stop lefties immediately leaping on the smear, with 11,000 tweets about the quote at time of publication and other notable lefties like Lewis Goodall wasting no time in attacking the PM

UPDATE: Channel 4 have apologised for the mistake. Too little too late?…

UPDATE II: Senior Tory Source: “This shows why it has been impossible to cooperate with Channel 4 News, they are campaigners in this election – inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit. ‘This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same.”

Saj Reveals Dilyn is ‘Randy’

Chancellor Sajid Javid has revealed that Boris’ dog Dilyn has been getting very friendly with Saj’s Bailey, who lives in Number 11. When asked by the Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn if this was ‘like master like dog’, Saj responded with a cheeky ‘no comment’…

Emails Reveal Momentum Only Applied for Electoral Commission Registration After Guido Revelations

At 09:50 on October 30 Guido published a story pointing out that Momentum had already raised more money than allowed for non-party campaigners to spend on the general election without being registered with the Electoral Commission. Essentially being in non-compliance with the law. In 2017 the Electoral Commission levied the highest fine ever “on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return during the 2017 election.”

They responded that this was a smear:

Emails obtained by Guido reveal our story that morning prompted panic at Momentum, making them scurry to make their application:

At 12:26 having now completed their online registration application they emailed the Electoral Commission plaintively asking them to confirm that they were now registered. At 16:19, having got no response, they again seek confirmation that their application – tendered only hours earlier – had been authorised. Bear in mind they had already started fundraising for the election…

As of last night, they are now aiming to raise a total of £300,000 and reckon they can get around the limits put on non-party campaigns:This is total nonsense. Momentum is brazenly flouting the rules – again – confident that they will merely have to pay fines afterwards. The Electoral Commission should go to court urgently and get an order to enforce the law. Any subsequent breach of the order would be a serious contempt of court and the consequences would be more than just a fine.

Farage Defends Strategy in the Wake of Four MEP Defectors


7 Days to Go


  • Boost following 4 Brexit Party MEP defections to the Tories
  • Boris interview on This Morning
  • Launch of their programme for first 100 days in Government
  •  Topline(s):
    • Get Brexit done, take back control of our borders and invest in our NHS, schools and police


  • Corbyn visit to school in Peterborough
  • Continued blitz of policies, especially on education, food banks, homelessness and the NHS
  •  Topline(s):
    • One week to save the NHS


  • Swinson targeting both Cheltenham and her own East Dunbartonshire Seat
  • Swinson put in decent performance on Andrew Neil interview last night
  • Topline(s):
    • Brexit Party MEP defection proves Tories are hard Brexit

Cut through

  • Tories promise Brexit and budget in first 100 days
  • Brexit Party MEPs defecting

Latest polls:

SavantaComRes: Con: 42% (-1) LAB: 32% (-1) LDEM: 12% (-1) BREX: 3% (-1)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Previous in Brackets):

    • Tories: 2/5 (4/9)
    • No overall: 9/4 (15/8)
    • Labour: 20/1 (20/1)
    • Lib Dems: 250/1 (250/1)
[…] Read the rest


Momentum Chief Doesn’t Trust Jon Ashworth

Speaking to Politico about how Corbyn’s team are using the same sophisticated election tactics as Bernie Sanders in the US, Momentum National Coordinator Laura Parker attacked Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth as ‘untrustworthy’.

Parker, talking about trust in politics, singled out Labour’s main man on health as someone who voters would “definitely” not have much faith in:

“”You trust your next-door neighbor talking about their hip replacement more than you’d trust me if I was on the telly talking about health spending — and definitely more than you’d trust [Shadow Health Secretary] Jonathan Ashworth,” Parker said.”

Is this an implicit admission that Labour’s bogus NHS claims aren’t being believed..?[…] Read the rest


Jo Swinson Wiped from Lib Dem Leaflets

The Lib Dems are experiencing a similar realisation to the Tories’ 2017 campaign; they launched a presidential-style campaign centred around a figure who, the more voters saw her, the less they like her.

In initial literature from the Lib Dems, the party was branded as “Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats” with almost every leaflet and advert plastered with her face.[…] Read the rest


Rupa Huq: Boris is Going to Win

Top Corbyn ally Rupa Huq has been caught conceding the election a week out to Boris Johnson.

Addressing a 200-strong husting in her Acton constituency after the launch of the election, Huq said “Realistically… it’s going to be a Johnson victory, a Johnson majority” and boasted of being a thorn in the side of three PMs. […] Read the rest


Pro-LibDem Front Group in Clear Abuse of Electoral Law

Advance Together has registered as both a political party and a non-party campaign – a clear abuse of the law. The pro-LibDem pretend political party has bragged about this allowing them to effectively double their national spending limit. It appears that Advance Together have fielded five paper candidates to extend their spending limit in five selected Tory-LibDem marginal constituencies.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party’s Head of Digital Strategy Left Two Weeks into the Election

To add to the Brexit Party’s woes today in light of four MEPs resigning the whip, Guido learns their Deputy Head of Digital, and Head of Digital Strategy, left two weeks into the election, after having resigned at the end of October.[…] Read the rest


Watch Live: Brexit Party Gang of Four Back Boris

[…] Read the rest


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