Cabinet Reshuffle As It Happens

George Osborne reappointed as Chancellor and will also be First Secretary of State.

Theresa May stays as Home Secretary.

Philip Hammond remains as Foreign Secretary.

Michael Fallon stays as Defence Secretary.

Michael Gove to become Justice Secretary.

Chris Grayling is Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council.

Nicky Morgan stays as Education Secretary.

Mark Harper to be Chief Whip.

Iain Duncan Smith will remain as Work and Pensions Secretary.

Baroness Stowell stays as Leader of the Lords and is now a full Cabinet member.

Sajid Javid is the new Business Secretary.

Boris Johnson will attend Political Cabinet as Mayor of London.

Amber Rudd is to be Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Priti Patel is Minister of State for Employment at DWP and attends Cabinet.

Robert Halfon is made Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

John Whittingdale is the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Patrick McLoughlin remains as Transport Secretary.

Liz Truss continues as Environment Secretary.

Jeremy Hunt stays as Health Secretary.

Anna Soubry is the new Minister of State for Small Business. She will attend Cabinet.

Greg Clark is the new Communities Secretary.

Justine Greening continues as International Development Secretary.

Theresa Villiers will remain as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Oliver Letwin becomes full Cabinet member in overall charge of Cabinet Office.

Stephen Crabb will remain Secretary of State for Wales.

Greg Hands will become Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

David Mundell is the new Secretary of State for Scotland.

Matt Hancock becomes Minister for Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.

Jeremy Wright is to remain as Attorney General.

Lord Feldman is Conservative Party Chairman and will attend Political Cabinet.

SPOTTED: Grant Shapps Leaving Back of Cabinet Office

Why the delay in the announcement of party chairman?

Official: No Move Against Bercow Next Week

The Prime Minister told the 1922 Committee this morning that the government would be re-electing John Bercow when the Commons convenes next week.

Apparently Dave said “I think we’ve got more on our plate than the Speaker”.

Intriguingly, Bercow has more on his plate at the moment too. Namely being cuckolded by his cousin.

Sajid Javid: Business Time

BBC Press Office Wastes No Time Attacking New Culture Secretary

This retweet from the taxpayer-funded spin arm of the BBC won’t help them:

Swiftly deleted…

Austerity Champers Arrives at Downing Steet

The champers is arriving in Downing Street this morning:

While it is Bollinger, back in the boom years the Downing Street champagne orders were far more lavish in size. From 2004:


Pic via @sean_clare

View From the ’22

Who are half of these people?

Via David Jones

Bye Bye Telly Tax: Whitto in at Culture

Here is what the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport thinks about the telly tax:

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t pay the licence fee – I would go on paying the licence fee. It is a poll tax. It’s actually worse than a poll tax because under the poll tax, if you were on a very low income you would get a considerable subsidy. The BBC licence fee, there is no means-tested element whatsoever; it doesn’t matter how poor you are, you pay £145.50 and go to prison if you don’t pay it.”


He continued last year:

“I think most people, almost everybody, accepts that the licence fee as it currently stands need some tweaking to sort out anomalies. People’s viewing habits have changed and it needs to reflect that. That’s a very simple change and I think people see that. You then have the question of whether or not it should remain a flat poll tax, collected through some fairly draconian measures, and whether it should still be criminally enforceable. Government has already announced consultation on decriminalisation. I’ve been looking at other countries and I think there’s quite an attractive option of linking it to a specific household tax – maybe council tax. I think in the longer term we are potentially looking at reducing at least a proportion of the licence fee that is compulsory and offering choice.”

The luvvies will luuuurve that.

Stewart ‘Truth Bullets’ Jackson’s Acceptance Speech

You probably missed this at the time, but Tory MP Stewart Jackson’s acceptance speech in Peterborough is well worth a watch. Even after they lost a very dirty campaign, the Labour activists at the count were booing:

‘It’s hard to […]


Message From ‘The Chief': ’22 Meeting in the Morning With Dave

Mark Harper has sent his first email to Conservative MPs as their new Chief Whip:

From: Chief Whip
To: xxx
20 May 2015 16:02
Subject: Message from the Chief

Congratulations to all colleagues and a warm welcome back to a



Computer Says No: Last Minute Tory Campaign Software Fail

Uh oh. Looks like the Tories are having serious problems with their Vote Source campaign software, which is failing to generate knock up slips of people who are registered but have yet to vote:

This is a message from CCHQ



George Osborne Skewered By Kay Burley On Deficit Failure

Kay Burley had George Osborne on the spot today on the key policy failure of this government, in a way that other heavyweight interviewers like Evan Davies and Robert Peston failed to achieve. She asked: is the UK deficit higher […]


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Quote of the Day

Liz Kendall is asked by Tom Newton Dunn if she would ever ban the Sun from one of her press conferences:

“If you stripped naked and ran in front of me, Tom, I might have second thoughts about it, but apart from that, no.”

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