Friday, August 30, 2013

The Thirty Tory Rebels

David Amess
Steve Baker
Richard Bacon
John Baron
Andrew Bingham
Crispin Blunt
Fiona Bruce
Tracey Crouch
David TC Davies
Philip Davies
David Davis
Nick de Bois
Richard Drax
Gordon Henderson
Philip Hollobone
Adam Holloway
Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Julian Lewis
Tim Loughton
Jason McCartney
Nigel Mills
Anne Marie Morris
Andrew Percy
Sir Richard Shepherd
Sir Peter Tapsell
Andrew Turner
Martin Vickers
Charles Walker
Chris White
Dr Sarah Wollaston

They knew exactly what they were doing…

Via ConservativeHome

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tory Councillors Spend Taxpayer Money to Dodge Tax

Kent County Council has spent over £5,000 of taxpayers’ money on financial advisers in order to challenge an HMRC decision to tax their travel expenses. Tory council leader Paul Carter clearly really, really doesn’t want to have to pay tax on the expenses he claims for ferrying himself around Kent. So much so that he has even proposed a 47% increase on councillors’ mileage allowance. Well if you can’t abuse your position as a councillor to ensure you pay less tax, what’s the point?

Via Kent Online.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beeb Tries to Trip Up Tory Councillors

Eccentric Conservative councillors are a vital source of silly season copy for any hack, evidently something not lost on the BBC Sunday Politics team this week. Worth noting that they are spending licence fee payers’ cash on a ComRes poll of Tory councillors which even the staunchest Beeb defender would concede are designed to embarrass the party. The questions include:

  • asking if they think “climate change is not happening”
  • whether “Immigration has had a negative impact on Britain”
  • whether “legalising gay marriage will cost my party more votes than it gains at the next Election”
  • whether they support a ban on the burkha
  • whether Cameron and Osborne are “arrogant”
  • whether they support an electoral pact with UKIP

Of course those taking part in the poll have every opportunity to answer otherwise, nonetheless it is certainly an interesting choice of question topics from the BBC. No doubt they will also be asking Labour councillors specifically-designed awkward questions in the name of impartiality…

UPDATE: A Labour councillor gets in touch to tell Guido his party’s questions are on approval of Miliband and Balls and union links.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tribune v Tories Bitch Fight Rumbles On
CCHQ Accused of “Zimbabwe Style Censorship”

Failing socialist rag Tribune’s bitch fight with CCHQ over conference press passes has taken a particularly shouty turn. There has been an impasse after the Tories said they would only award the paper one pass, despite editor Chris McLaughlin demanding two. With Tribune only having three members of staff and a circulation that plummeted to just 4,000 in 2011, in fairness giving 66% of their employees free entrance to Tory conference does seem a bit silly.

McLaughlin isn’t giving up without a fight though. He accuses CCHQ of “discriminatory restrictions and politically motivated censorship, Zimbabwe-style”, insisting “this amounts to a ban on Tribune attending conference, defended by trumped up, false claims of justification. It is an attack on press freedom and a disgrace”. Tribune are now accusing CCHQ of taking away the one pass they did offer, though Tory sources stress this is because the magazine refused to provide a name to put on the pass. Nonetheless amusing to see the loony left jumping on the press freedom bandwagon…

Friday, August 16, 2013

Afriyie Writes to All Tory Association Chairman


Guido hears that next month’s Conservative Renewal conference is stepping it up a notch. Last year Afriyie denied the conference was a Tory rebel conference. Intriguingly, despite being on best behaviour of late, Adam Afriyie has personally sent a letter to all constituency chairman urging them to attend for a special session on improving democracy in the party and garnering support amongst the grass roots. Whatever could that be about?

If anyone fancies leaking the letter, you know what to do.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Farage Taunting Tories

It looks like Nigel Farage is really going to enjoy his time at Tory Conference, making it as awkward for the Conservatives as possible. An invitation lands in Guido’s hands for “Pint and Fag” with the UKIP leader, just outside the conference zone. Despite the obvious ban on Farage coming into the lock-down zone in Manchester, Guido suspects he will pull by far the biggest fringe crowd.  The event is appropriately at the comedy story, but some won’t be laughing….

Friday, August 9, 2013

Has Tory Membership Dipped Below 100,000?

Paul Goodman has been chipping away at CCHQ and Downing Street over Tory membership numbers all month. They are hiding behind spurious reasons like the Party Board not signing off the release. ConservativeHome put their estimate at 130,000, yet it could be much worse? Douglas Carswell now suspects the reason that they are stalling is because membership has dropped below 100,000 for the first time in modern history. Nearly a quarter of a million members voted for Dave. What is the point of bringing in Obama’s field genius when you haven’t got anyone in the field?

UPDATE: Jon Ashworth has written a moderately amusing letter to Jim Messina pointing this out. Another happy reader…

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Rebel Alliance Form South of France Hotel Pact

Lord Ashcroft’s ability to troll the Prime Minister knows no ends. When he’s not pouring claret down Tom Watson’s throat he’s lunching another former insider Cameron threw to the wolves:

Not a menacing picture, at all…

Dave Admits He Owes Cruddas an Apology
Though Does Not Actually Say Sorry

According to PA the PM said of his former party treasurer “I rather think I do owe him an apology”:

“I rather think I do owe him an apology. Had I known at the time how badly the journalists had behaved, I might have been in the position to take a different approach. I am very sorry about that. I congratulate Peter Cruddas on his victory and on the verdict he has won. I think it is very deserved. He has done a huge amount for this country. I look forward to meeting him after the summer.”

Which is not the same as actually giving him in one.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…


Labour are enjoying this:

“If David Cameron thinks he owes Peter Cruddas an apology, perhaps he should invite him round to one of his famous dinners for donors in Downing Street to tell him to his face.”

Tory MP: Send in the Navy and the Queen

Parliament’s Gibraltar expert Andrew Rosindell has spoken:

“And so, the time has come for Spain and it government to act like a twenty-first Century democracy and move on from this stupidity, end the nonsense and put this whole sorry episode behind them. If they refuse to do so, the Spanish Ambassador in London should be ordered to return home, the Royal Navy must be dispatched to the waters around Gibraltar to protect British interests and in every international forum and organisation, Britain must use its influence to challenge Spain. We must demonstrate by words and actions that Spain have lost Britain as a friend and if they want to change things, they have to change their own attitude towards Gibraltar.

And finally, the Prime Minister should make a decision to send the most powerful signal that can possibly be made and show the world that Britain will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Gibraltar. David Cameron should advise the Queen that after sixty years, now would be an appropriate time for her to visit the people who are unquestionably her most loyal subjects on the planet. The message from Britain will then be clear: Britain will defend Gibraltar now and forever!”

Gawd save her…

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