NHS Un-Appy


NHS England has been pressured into removing sub-standard apps from their Mental Health Apps Library following accusations that they’re too incompetent to assess the third party applications. The Library which launched in March is supposed to curate a selection of medically sound health apps, but health campaigners have poured scorn on the quality of the apps being promoted by the NHS as viable health solutions. Current apps on the store include Phobia Free which uses “exposure therapy” to overcome arachnophobia, Panic Attack Aid which relieves panic attacks by offering distraction exercises and Depression Calculator which tells you if you are depressed…

After sustained pressure from health charity medConfidential the NHS has removed some of the worst offenders, including Kvetch which offers to help you “share your suffering, and use the power of sick social to get the sympathy you deserve.What a load of crApp…

Boffins: NHS Staff ‘Too Incompetent’ to Digitise


NHS staff are too dim to implement effective reform to their IT systems, according to the boffins drafted in to overhaul IT at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Addressing an event at the Academy of Medical Sciences this week, Fran Cousins and Dr Afzal Chaudhry singled out a lack of competence on the part of senior NHS staff for burdening their hospitals with costly and sub-standard legacy systems.

“I would say the first barrier is a lack of knowledge and understanding… There just aren’t enough people with the capability, competence and knowledge to implement and digitise 250 hospitals across the country”

Envy of the world…

NHS Overpaid by a Massive 920% For IT Products


The NHS is overpaying for basic IT equipment on an epic scale, in one case splurging out 920% above the trade price for a product. The figure comes from benchmarking organisation KnowledgeBus – after reviewing IT spending across 20 sectors they found the NHS had managed to overpay percentage-wise more than anyone else. Socitm, the professional body that represents those in IT management, state that organisations should never pay more than 3% above the trade price for IT hardware…

Tutting Diane Abbott: ‘Tories Harp On About Mid-Staffs’

In an ITV London health debate last night former Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott tutted when the Mid-Staffs scandal was mentioned:

When called out by the presenter, she justified her response by claiming that the Tories “always harp on about Mid-Staffs”. Apparently mentioning 1,200 deaths through neglect on Labour’s watch is not allowed, despite their claims to be the party of the NHS…

Domestic Violence: Labour Fans Paint Cameron Strangling Woman on House

This charming mural has been daubed on the side of a house in Filton and Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire alongside a placard backing Labour’s candidate Ian Boulton:

It reads “NHS: Safe in his hands?” and shows David Cameron strangling a female nurse:

Another ‘weaponising’ victory in Labour’s ‘NHS Week’.

H/T Bradley Stoke Journal

Labour Weaponising Nurses for Miliband Speech

Labour’s “NHS week” is going well. First, a poll found only 13% of GPs back Miliband. Then Andy Burnham’s big NHS poster launch ended in a gaffe and everyone spent the rest of the day talking about the SNP.

Now Guido can reveal how Labour are cynically stage-managing Miliband’s NHS speech in Manchester this morning. A leaked email from regional party director Anna Hutchinson to the GMB union shows Labour attempting to weaponise nurses ahead of the speech:

From: Anna Hutchinson
Date: 17/04/2015 13:48
Subject: Ed Miliband speech – Tuesday 21st

On Tuesday 21st April, Ed Miliband will deliver a speech on the future of the NHS at the Health faculty at Manchester Metropolitan University… Whilst the majority of the audience will come from the University, a limited number of places are available. If you have members who would like to apply, please ask them to email me direct at xxx@labour.org.uk
We would particularly like to welcome those who work in the NHS and would encourage them to wear their uniforms to demonstrate the strong support Labour enjoys amongst health workers.

To think cynics say this election is too stage-managed…

More Fantasy Election Numbers

It’s Labour’s big health day, so Guido was amused to find this leaflet in his inbox over the weekend. Under the Representation of the People Act 1983 it is illegal to knowingly provide false statements on election literature. Just ask Phil Woolas if you think they are joking…

Up in Wirral West they are throwing the absolute kitchen sink at Esther McVey, but given all the ammo they have with her, this Labour leaflet looks very sloppy:

“Tories have: Cut thousands of nurses, doctors and GPs”? Odd, given that since 2010 there are 9,500 more doctors and 6,900 more nurses providing healthcare, according to official NHS statistics. Even odder that Shadow Public Health Minister Luciana Berger had no qualms delivering this leaflet when she visited the seat on Saturday. Given that the local Labour candidate Margaret Greenwood claims to be an NHS expert, you might have thought she would know what she was talking about.

Nigel Farage Was Right About Health Tourism


Nigel Farage has been round condemned by the commentariat for suggesting that treating foreigners for free on the NHS was not right and that we should, like 46 other countries, not admit foreigners who are HIV positive.

The cost for treatment for HIV positive patients is some £20,000 or more for anti-retroviral drugs every year. Once HIV treatment is started, patients will probably need to take the medication for the rest of their lives. In total, the cost to the NHS could be up to £1 million per patient if they survive into old age from their early twenties.

Of the 107,800 people estimated by Public Health England to be HIV positive an astonishing 59,300 are originally from Africa. The cost to the NHS to treat just them alone with anti-retrovirals would be £1,186,000,000 per annum – and the numbers are rising. Such is the alarm at the cost that 20 Tory backbenchers (including former NHS GPs Dr Sarah Wollaston and Dr Phillip Lee) tried unsuccessfully to amend the Immigration Bill to make it law that before new immigrants enter the country, they must prove they are not HIV-positive and not suffering Hepatitis B – an equally devastating illness that is also incredibly costly to treat. The same demand that Nigel Farage made and George Osborne refused “to dignify with a response“.

Go into any London NHS hospital and you will find them full with non-English speakers, truly London is the capital of the world. The taxpayers who pay for the NHS are not stupid, the issue of health tourism is one which NHS users will have direct experience of in the waiting room. The issue is a real issue according to the latest polling research Guido could find, with 29% of the population blaming health tourism for long waits at Accident and Emergency, ahead of any government policy failings:


The NHS budget is not yet part of the foreign aid budget, nor should it be. Despite the distaste of the political class, the screams of outrage from the gay lobby and the commentariat, the facts are the facts. On this billion pound question, Farage was right about the facts.

UPDATE: [VIDEO] Farage Defends Health Tourism “Hard Cold Facts”

Freeman At the Point Of Use

Ed Miliband reassured a concerned member of the public in Huddersfield this morning that he doesn’t use private healthcare. Indeed, apparently he doesn’t know anyone who does:

“Not me and not anyone I know.”

Unfortunately not everyone got the memo. […]


Jeremy Hunt Slashes NHS Tech Fund



Jeremy Hunt trolled NHS staff at a health conference yesterday by claiming that the millions of pounds slashed from a flagship NHS technology launched to help securely integrate digital record keeping, was not a cut in funding – he […]


NHS Admit Medical Records Are Not Safe


The NHS has finally admitted what everyone has known for years: they can’t guarantee the security of the information gathered by their Care.data programme. Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s national director for patients and information, admitted on Tuesday that the security […]


Envy of the World Update

Jeremy Hunt is currently giving a statement to the House on today’s independent report investigating a hospital in Morecambe Bay. It found:

  • 11 unnecessary deaths at Furness general hospital between 2004 and 2013
  • “a culture of denial, collusion and



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Quote of the Day

Liz Kendall is asked by Tom Newton Dunn if she would ever ban the Sun from one of her press conferences:

“If you stripped naked and ran in front of me, Tom, I might have second thoughts about it, but apart from that, no.”

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