++ Sunlight Reports Baroness Scotland to UK Border Agency ++

Letter here.

baroness scotlandUPDATE : Now if the standard operational procedure for law breaking by senior government figures as per the New Labour school of spin is followed (as executed in the past by Harriet Harman and Peter Hain) Patricia Scotland will report herself to the UKBA.  They report themselves so they can spin “when I became aware of the technical breach of the rules blah blah.”  They are not rules, they are laws, laws which the Attorney General has sworn to uphold….

UPDATE II : Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling is demanding answers to some difficult questions from Baroness Scotland

“The Government has been absolutely clear that small employers should carry full legal responsibility if they hire illegal immigrants. Baroness Scotland should be no different, she should face a proper investigation by the Border Agency and should face the same sanctions as any other employer.”

UPDATE III : Just got off the phone again with the SpAd who this morning said (repeatedly) there would be no further statements, she gave a further statement saying “Baroness Scotland has reported the matter to the relevant authorities”. How predictable…


Attorney General’s Office :
No Comment on Documentation Question

Just got off the phone with Baroness Scotland’s SpAd.

SpAd : We have no comment to add further to the statement last night.
Guido : So you are unable to confirm that Patricia has a copy of the required documentation?
SpAd : We have no comment to add further to the statement last night.
Guido :
‘Her spokesman could not confirm that the Baroness had the documentation required under the Immigration Act’.
SpAd : No, we have no comment to add further to the statement last night.
Guido : Well that sounds like a non-denial to me.

If they had the documentation they would surely have released it by now…

Baroness Scotland : Show Or We Tell

Chris Galley, the former Home Office official who now heads the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has written to Baroness Scotland demanding that she shows proof that she complied with the laws she was responsible for introducing at the Home Office.

It is a fundamental rule of politics that law makers can not be law breakers – particularly when they are the highest law officer in the land.  The letter asks the Attorney General to show publicly the legally required documentation or face being reported to the UK Border Agency later today…

Baroness Scotland Has No Defence
Unless She “Checked and Copied”

baroness scotlandBaroness Scotland was appointed by Gordon Brown to be the government’s chief legal adviser. Prior to becoming Attorney General she worked as a minister in the Home Office, cracking down on illegal migrants and imposing tougher penalties on business and individuals who employ them was passed.

The Daily Mail has Baroness Scotland bang-to-rights, yet she says she did not knowingly employ the Tongan illegal immigrant, Loloahi Tapui, and her spokesman says the Attorney General “saw documents which led her to believe that Ms Tapui was entitled to work in this country” when she hired her.   There is only one statutory defence against conviction for employing an illegal worker under section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 – the act specifies that you get this defence only by checking and copying certain original documents belonging to your employee.

The Home Office guidance on this is clear – you will only be able to establish the defence by checking and copying specified documents, including the passport and “any page containing UK Government endorsements indicating that the holder has an entitlement to be in the UK and is entitled to undertake the work in question.”

Amended ActSo all the Attorney General has to do to clear her name is show us the copy of the page and she is in the clear.  If she has not got that copy, she has broken the law she is supposed to uphold.  Clear and simple.

Lord Sugar Feeling Stupid

Stupid SugarLord Sugar must be feeling stupid today.   Matthew Parris joins in the fun calling him a “pathetic ninny” for threatening to sue Quentin Letts for calling him stupid.  In the Speccie, Toby Young has a letter with a number of signatories telling Sugar to drop it.  Well Alan, you’re mired…

Why Guido is Giving £5,000 to Bring Jacqui to Justice

On the weekend Jacqui Smith gave an interview where she said “I became the poster girl for the expenses scandal.” She personifies the excesses of expensegate not just because she was the first that the public found out about, but because she was one of the worst.  We found out that taxpayers paid for her husband’s porno thrills and almost everything else, literally including the kitchen sink, right down to her 88p bath plug.

She resigned as a result in disgrace.  That can not be the end of it.  She claimed over £100,000 in expenses on the basis that a room in her sister’s house was her “main residence” and her family home was her “second home”.  For years politicians have been spitting in our faces with this kind of blatant milking of the expense system.  They can not be allowed to walk away with our money unpunished.

Bring Jacqui to Justice

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics, a pressure group that Guido helped set-up, is gathering evidence for a case.  The police have indicated that they are not going to investigate Jacqui Smith, who as Home Secretary was at one time responsible for the administration of law enforcement.  Led by Chris Galley* the Sunlight Centre is planning to bring a private prosecution.  The key factor under the rules for determining “main residence” is where she spent most of her nights.  Chris Galley worked in her private office with access to her diary.

The law firm hired by Sunlight to represent the public interest says that it could cost up to £100,000 to bring Jacqui to justice.  Yesterday Guido gave Sunlight £5,000 to get them started.  Everyday some 50,000 people come to this site to read tales of snouts in the trough and expense milking by politicians, if only a small percentage of you give £10 or £20 we can get Jacqui in front of a jury.  You can make your donation online here. What did she used to say about ID cards?  If she has done nothing wrong, she has nothing to fear…

*Chris Galley is better known as the Home Office mole. What he did took courage and cost him his career. Having met him I can say he is someone made of the right stuff with a moral compass. Don’t forget, he blew the whistle on Home Office lying.

Elliott Morley Says He Will Stand Down

MorleyHe will not resign immediately, he still wants to keep claiming his salary and expenses. Claims it was all a mistake and there was no question of deliberate intent.  Well that will clearly be his defence.  Whether it will wash with a jury remains to be seen.

+ + + Jacqui Smith Fraud Hearing + + ++ + + Scheduled for 26 June, Westminster Magistrates + + +

More follows…

That Balls Injunction Rumour

This blog’s comment threads have been rife with rumours that Ed and Yvette have got an injunction preventing reporting of their financial affairs.  Guido hasn’t had an injunction, nor has anyone he knows received one.  So if the Telegraph is […]

Met Police Gearing Up for Investigations

millionaire-mp-logoOn Tuesday Guido saw confirmation that the Metropolitan Police were preparing to make enquiries into MP’s expenses.  Separately the Serious Fraud Office was referring enquiries to the Committee on Public Standards – who as far as Guido knows do not […]

+++ Nadine : I’m Suing Damian McBride +++

She was rumoured to have instructed lawyers this week.  Her blog confirms it this afternoon Just For The Record“:

“I have instructed and proceeded with legal action. Obviously, I am not going to say anything at all at


Brown Reported to Met Police Commissioner for Leaking by MP

click to enlarge

Gordon’s confesses his guilt here.


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