Monday, April 27, 2009

Dolly is Watching Daytime TV

Further to Guido’s story about the BACP Crisis Meeting Over Draper, the psychotherapist’s professional body has confirmed that the

BACP has received a number of queries regarding Derek Draper to which we are responding. Any complaints received will be treated seriously and processed according to our Professional Conduct Procedures.

As soon as they are known, the outcomes of all Professional Conduct Procedures are published in our journal Therapy Today (which automatically goes out to all 30,200 BACP members) and also to the general public via our website. All such proceedings are conducted on the principles of natural justice. All parties to any complaint have a reasonable period during which to make their representations.

Derek Draper and Kate GarrawayGuido understands that Dr Annie Hickox, a qualified clinical psychologist who has worked in the NHS for more than 20 years and holds qualifications up to and including a PhD (unlike Dolly) is one of many who have written to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy in order to register concern. Dr Hickox says Draper “clearly is not fit to work in his chosen field”.

Draper’s wife Kate Garraway is presenting “The Biggest Loser” on ITV weekdays at 4 p.m., Guido will resist the obvious temptation…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

+++ BACP Crisis Meeting Over Draper +++

derek_draperThe British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is having a crisis meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss the continuing associate membership of Derek Draper.  No one was available for comment when Guido called to contact the BACP.  It is hard to see how someone who thought it “absolutely brilliant” to use mental health issues as a means of political attack can remain a member.  It is hardly compatible with the high ethical standards required by the BACP.

The BACP can not say it had not been warned.  Complaints had already been made to the association over his misrepresentation (in Berkeley, not at Berkeley) of his credentials.  The BACP Ethical Framework [PDF] insists that

Particular care should be taken over the integrity of presenting qualifications, accreditation and professional standing.

Guido revealed last month that he had been expelled from the Wright Institute before completing the course of study.  This second subject of concern makes it impossible for him to continue.   Guido understands that the original complaints were rejected by the BACP on the grounds that they “politically motivated” and did not come from clients or other members of the association.

Guido has been unable to confirm if formal written complaints have been made by disgusted psychotherapists who fear he is bringing psychotherapy into disrepute.  BACP committee members themselves are said to be concerned. The Wednesday meeting is likely to be a precursor to a formal Professional Conduct Hearing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Believe Your Own Eyes, or Kevin Maguire?

whelanWhile Guido does have a detailed picture of the discussions held at Labour HQ, the attendees at the two Red Rag meetings held at Unite HQ are less loquacious.  Look at the people at that meeting; Andrew Dodghson, Charlie Whelan, Damian McBride, Derek Draper were all copied in on the shocking  smear emails as proposed by McBride.  These are not people through whom the milk of human kindness runs.  Charlie Whelan is not a bleeding heart known for his charity towards Tories, Damian McBride is the  poisonous destroyer of Brown’s internal and external enemies.  Derek Draper thinks it “absolutely brilliant” to attack the wives and lovers of Tories.  Kevin Maguire is not merely a partisan journalist, he is an integral part of Brown’s spin and smear operation.  Even after the existence of the smear emails was revealed, Maguire was still peddling innuendo from them about “Cameron’s alleged embarrassing complaint of a highly personal nature”.

Maguire has been touring the broadcast studios claiming that at the Unite meetings they just watched a few YouTube videos and discussed Obama’s online campaign strategy – the email invitation however says it was a meeting to discuss the Red Rag attack site.  Do you believe Maguire or the written evidence?

Maguire’s claims are laughably implausible.  Here we have a gang of the most vicious  Labour propagandists with a visceral tribal hatred of their opponents, yet Maguire would have you believe they were merely singing “Kumbaya” around the Unite boardroom table.  The meeting took place some five weeks before the infamous emails were circulated to four of the six attendees at the meeting.  We know from Draper’s “absolutely brilliant” reply that they were almost ready to go live with the smear and spin  site.


No email has come to light cancelling the project.  We only have Derek’s word for it that they were going to abandon the idea for the site.  The fact that the site was still online when the existence of the emails came out strongly suggests the project was not cancelled.

The explanations don’t make sense, if they were going to do something legitimate, why keep it secret from all the Labour bloggers at those Draper organised breakfasts? If they really wanted to try out new video ideas, wouldn’t Maguire’s own Mirror blog be the perfect place to do it? The only explanation that makes sense is that they wanted to keep it away from the loose tongued Labour bloggers.

When you have people like Draper, McBride and Whelan plotting in secret it can only mean they were up to no good. Maguire is bullshitting.  He says it was innocent, the written evidence suggests otherwise.  There is nothing innocent about Whelan, Draper and McBride…

Red Rag : the Others Who Knew at Labour HQ

Ray CollinsThe Labour Party’s general secretary, Ray Collins, denies knowledge of the Red Rag attack site.  Yet the News of the World placed him at a planning meeting held on December 1, 2008 at Unite’s HQ.  He was there with the now disgraced spin and smear merchants Damian McBride and Derek Draper.  On the Unite side were Charlie Whelan and Andrew  Dodghson.  Kevin Maguire completed the dirty half-dozen. Guido believes that although Collins did not know of the specific intended smears outlined in the January email by McBride to Draper, he did however know of the intention to launch the anonymous attack site.  Nor was he the only person at Labour HQ who was aware of the intention to set-up the “plausibly deniable” site.

On Friday Guido spoke with Dan Thain, who was until recently the Labour Party’s eCampaigns Manager based in Labour’s HQ at 39 Victoria Street, he now works in the London office of Blue State Digital (famous for being Obama’s online people).  He admitted on the record that:

  • He knew in principle about the plan to set-up an anonymous Labour attack blog.
  • He denied knowing about specifics such as the smears or the name of the site.

He indicated that Sue Macmillan,  New Media Campaigns Taskforce Leader at Labour HQ, was also in the know.  She worked closely with Derek Draper.  The obvious question for Collins, Thain and Macmillan to answer is:

Why if it was not the intention to use the Red Rag site for below the belt, spin and smears, was it set up with an anonymous and therefore plausibly deniable structure, outside the Labour Party?

The mere fact that they didn’t want it to have any link back to the party was because it was always intended for it to be used to smear opponents in a way that they would be too ashamed to do openly.  That was implicit in the setting up of the site.  Ray Collins can hardly claim to have no responsibility for the site  just because he didn’t know which particular smears were going to be used.  He still helped plan and facilitate the setting-up of the smear site.


Numerous “blogger’s breakfasts” were organised by Derek Draper at Labour HQ with invitations sent to dozens of bloggers [invitation list for the December 4, 2008 blogger’s breakfast revealed by Guido here].  Attendees of the blogger’s breakfasts organised by Derek Draper held at Labour HQ confirm to Guido that the idea of setting up an attack blog was openly discussed.   In fact at all the meetings the discussions invariably came back to how to take on  and counter  the success of the ConservativeHome, Iain Dale and Guido blogs.  Guido has a detailed picture of discussions held at those breakfasts.

+++ Developing +++

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save Draper! Oh, Too Late. Goodbye Dolly!

derek_draperGuido was too late to get the “Save Draper” campaign going.  People don’t realise what a disaster this is – what will Guido do for comedy material?

Labour’s general-secretary Ray Collins has thrown him overboard already.  In an NEC announcement leaked to Iain Dale, rather than LabourList, the entertainment provided by Derek was brought to an end.

Ray Collins, General Secretary of the Labour Party,

“As you will recall from November’s NEC Away Day, last year Derek Draper volunteered one day a week of his time to Labour HQ on an unpaid basis. He subsequently left Victoria Street to set up the Labourlist blog.  Since then he has offered advice and opinion on an adhoc basis which ended in March of this year and will not be sought in the future.

“I receive advice and opinion from many Labour Party supporters in my work as General Secretary but I decide what advice I take or seek and act in a manner appropriate with my values and those of the Party which certainly does not include smears or personal attacks. I want to reiterate that Derek Draper does not hold a position or role with the Labour Party and this will remain the case.

“To make clear Labourlist is an independent left-of-centre website and blog. The Labour Party did not fund its activities. What the Party has supported is an effort to promote left-of-centre bloggers more generally by bringing interested supporters together at a series of events.

“I absolutely support the Prime Minister’s view that scurrilous rumour, gossip and personal attacks have no place in politics and no place in the Labour Party.”

Psychologies magazine, where Derek Draper had a regular column, announced today that:

“Derek’s position is being investigated independently by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists to reveal if he really is guilty of the allegations made about him, what the background and details of the story are, and how all of this affects his standing as a therapist.”

Guido doesn’t have any psychotherapy qualifications, so this is not a professional judgement.  In Guido’s opinion a man who thinks smearing an innocent woman over mental health issues is “absolutely brilliant” is not fit to deal with vulnerable people.  The BACP has been dragging its feet over concerns that Draper lied about his qualifications.  It is a fact that Draper was expelled from his course at the Wright Institute (in Berkeley, not at Berkeley).

His desk is already on Ebay

The Crushing of McPoison

Damian McPoisonNo severance pay-off.  Quite right.  James Purnell’s announcement that unemployed alcoholics will be refused benefits must be a double blow. However the government says unemployed alcoholics who seek treatment will be able to claim benefits.  McBride should seek help from Draper, he is a sort of psycho-therapist…

Monday, April 13, 2009

+++ Nadine on GMTV : Smears Did Reach National Press +++

Nadine DorriesNadine Dorries MP has just told GMTV that she was called last year by journalists seeking to substantiate the smears against her.  She believes that because the press would not run the stories McBride and Draper set-up the Red Rag blog.

+++ Draper Lunched Brown Week After Setting Up “Red Rag” +++

Derek Draper’s “Red Rag” anonymous smear site was registered on November 4, 2008 according to publicly available records.  Draper had lunch at Chequers with Gordon Brown on Sunday 16, November 2008.

Guardian Front PageBrown recalled Draper to aid the  Labour Party, Draper boasted to many people that he was helping Gordon Brown.  Did he not discuss with Brown what he was doing for him?  Was Damian McBride also at the same Chequers lunch? 

Are we supposed to believe that the subject of Draper’s online battle plans was never discussed with the PM?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Armando Iannucci Foresaw All

You can just imagine the panic in Downing Street on Friday with Tom Watson having conversations exactly like those in this clip, telling Damian and Derek to undo what he doesn’t know about and wouldn’t even remember if he did. The excuse lines used by Damian and Derek come straight from episode 6 of The Thick of It - including “this email was never intended to be seen by anyone but the recipient”.

Draper of course added to the real comedy with his defining Channel 4 News soundbite yesterday – “I wasn’t lying on purpose”. Armando Iannucci’s fictional version was “I unintentionally lied. Unknowingly might have told an untruth”.

Guido particularly likes the line “Malcolm Tucker has left the building”Damian McBride has left the building.

+++ Liam Byrne Just Effectively Sacked Draper Live on Sky +++

Questioned repeatedly he disowned Dolly, he denied Dolly headed up Labour’s online operation.  Byrne denied he had any official role in Labour.

So why did they launch LabourList in Labour HQ with Peter Mandelson and Dougie Alexander in attendance?  Why did Gordon Brown invite Derek Draper to Chequers?  What did they discuss – Strictly Come Dancing?

UPDATE : Alastair Campbell has just disowned McBride and Draper, with a nothing to do with me  guv dismissal: “I barely know Mr McBride. I was vaguely aware of him being around the Treasury when I was in Number 10, and vaguely aware that he was closer to the Charlie Whelan school of strategic communications than my own. (I’m aware we tend to get lumped together in some sections, but I know the differences, even if they don’t.)”

UPDATE II : Clarke has just called for Draper and Whelan to consider their position.  His was the voice that put the final nail in the coffin for McBride.  He obviously hasn’t finished with that hammer…

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