Ipsos MORI: No One Cares About DECC Climate Change Campaign


The Department of Energy & Climate Change are probably wishing they hadn’t commissioned a “Social Listening Evaluation” in an attempt to justify a “Tweetathon” they held last year. The 45 page report published today comes to a shocking conclusion. No one was really bothered.

DECC employed pollsters Ipsos MORI  to measure the “Sentiment” around their #BackClimateAction campaign which aimed to “re-engage the public with climate change” and “make climate change relevant to peoples day-to-day lives.” MORI found that 11% of people were positive about the campaign, 6% were negative and a whopping 83% were neutral. DECC are spinning that MORI’s software must be dodgy because national polling suggests people are really concerned about climate change and thus most people should be reacting positivity to taxpayer funded tweets about it. More taxpayers’ money well spent…

GREEN WASTE: Gov Sponsored Climate Change Picathon

turbine fire

Instead of securing affordable energy supplies for Britain, pen-pushers at the Department of Energy and Climate Change have taken time out from their busy schedule to launch a climate change themed photography competition. Launching tomorrow, it aims to bring together pictures that illustrate how climate change will impact the things people care about most in day to day life. The winner will challenge DECC to “re-imagine climate change in the most original and engaging way.

Excitingly the competition judges include Greenpeace photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Ed Davey himself.

Here is Guido’s entry:

You can let DECC know what climate change means to you by posting a picture on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BackClimateAction…

No Hands On DECC


The Department of Energy & Climate Change paid £600 to promote just one job on the business social network LinkedIn. Despite the advert being seen by 4,162 people, the number of people who clicked on it was precisely zero.

According to an FoI request, the cash was shelled out to the recruitment agency Penna who “promoted” the vacancy on LinkedIn for them.

Efficient, data driven and on the ball with new technology; it’s everything we’ve come to expect from the DECC.


DECC’s Green Deal Flops as Only 36 Sign Up

The Green Deal is a giant white elephant. Figures snuck out at the end of term show, as of the end of last month, of the 306 Green Deal plans for making properties energy efficient, 270 are “new” plans, where someone has simply asked for a quote. There have been only a measly 36 deals where the customer has actually signed a plan and energy efficiency measures are set to be installed. None so far have been completed.

Another stunning success for the reshuffle ripe Department for Energy and Climate Change.

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Quote of the Day

Asim Quereshi, research director of CAGE, the British “independent advocacy organisation”, on Jihadi John:

“[He is] a victim… extremely kind, gentle, the most humble person… a beautiful young man”

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