THE SUN’S HARRY COLE: New Era of Punctuation & Punctuality


Harry Cole – our Westminster Bureau Chief better known to readers as Neo-Guido – is off to join The Sun as their Westminster Correspondent. Craig Woodhouse becomes The Sun’s Chief Political Correspondent.

Harry joined Guido in 2008 as an intern on the back of his Tory Bear blog, where he completely ripped off Guido’s modus operandi to take on student politicians – some of whom are now in parliament. He stayed for the summer and after graduating decided not to follow a career in the law and instead become a media outlaw. Coming back in 2009 to enjoy that glorious period of MP bashing known as the Expenses Scandal. He always planned to stay for a year-or-so before getting a proper job… 

Harry’s considerable charm and panache more than compensated for his idiosyncratic early writing style, which Guido would describe as “after-dinner-speech”, this however allowed him to  branch out into writing for the Spectator. He’s also been writing for mainstream media tabloids for years – it is no small skill be able to write well received features for The Spectator and the tightly written popular journalism that has seen Guido’s Sun column contract renewed for three years – winning him fans at The Sun to such an extent that they have poached him. It is no exaggeration to say that the success of Guido over the last 6 years is in large part down to Harry. The puns, the fun, the ability to get a story – often after an inexplicably long lunch – brilliance.

Harry’s new colleagues in parliament will no doubt appreciate and welcome his strong views, as expressed to the Press Gazette, on morally bankrupt Lobby journalism. How he came to be woken up from kipping overnight on a sofa by a Permanent Secretary at 7 a.m. in the Secretary of State’s private ministerial office will always remain our secret. Yes, we are hiring

Wintour is Coming… To Serve the Beverages


It sounds like Guardian Pol Ed Patrick Wintour enjoyed flying with the PM back from Asia. The Speccie have the inside story from 35,000 feet:

“Wintour – who appeared to be enjoying the champagne on offer – decided the time had come for him to be a trolley dolly and assisted an air hostess by taking the other end of the trolley.

To the surprise of ministers on the plane, he made his way down the aisle putting ice and lemon in the cups, and getting drinks out of the drawers on his side of the trolley, repeatedly shouting ‘this is so easy’.”

Must have been the jet lag…

Economist’s Peerless Fact Checking

economist lords

The Economist are excitedly promoting their shock revelation that some peers have done bad things, with a mugshots of five criminal “current members of the House of Lords“.

Just one problem.

Charles Nall-Cain, the Third Baron Brocket is not a member of the House of Lords, he’s an excluded hereditary peer. Economical with subbing stories…

Owen Jones: Lie-RA

Fresh from telling the Sinn Fein summer school to “take inspiration” from the Easter Rising, in which 466 died and 2,217 civilians were wounded, Owen Jones, under criticism on Twitter, claimed to his critics: “I vehemently oppose all IRA violence and have never expressed any support for it”.

“Never”? Oh really?

Actually the truth is that Owen was an IRA supporter and once wrote

“I militarily support the IRA against the British State”

Owen, who supports votes for 16 year olds, now says:

Owen describes his former ramblings as “stupidity”.  At what age exactly did he stop supporting IRA/Sinn Fein? He was at their summer school last month…

UPDATE: Turns out Owen was sweet sixteen when he supported IRA/Sinn Fein

Twitter Outrage Bus Crash

breast twiiter

Social media collectively jumped on the outrage bus after the story of Caroline Starmer, who claimed on Facebook that her baby was snatched from her breast by a Primark security guard. A Twitter mob formed and demanded that the police arrest the ‘guilty’ security man:

In shocking news, the mother who made the claims is to face charges for intent to pervert the course of public justice. Who would have thunk?

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Headline of the Day

In the Times:

See what they did there…

Via @holbornlolz

Sinn Fein Should “Take Inspiration” From Armed Uprising

First Corbyn hosted Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness in parliament, now Red Jez’s number one media cheerleader has taken some time off from the campaign to attend Sinn Fein’s “Summer School”. According to Sinn Fein/IRA party newspaper An Phoblacht, OJ told a Shinners panel discussion in Cork that Sinn Fein are “social progressives” and that they should “take inspiration” from the Easter Rising. That is the uprising which saw 466 deaths and 2,217 civilians wounded. 

What else did he teach his republican fans? Well there is no denying he has made a bomb from his books…

I Can’t Believe He’s Not Tory!

Another BBC smear on the Marr show yesterday:

“Lord Coke, Tory peer’s drug binges with £200 prostitutes”

That would be Lord Sewel, independent peer since 2012, before which he was Labour…[…]


Jingoism from Guardianistas Over FT Sale


There’s been an outbreak of jingoistic fervour among media luvvies following yesterday’s announcement that Japan’s Nikkei bought the FT for £844 million.

First there was a glorious moment on Newsnight last night when Kirsty Wark felt the need to assure […]


Japan’s Nikkei Buys FT For £844 Million

Despite fevered speculation, it’s nein from Axel Springer. Market Watch has the scoop:

Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei said Thursday that it is buying Financial Times from U.K. publishing group Pearson PLC for 160 billion yen, or $1.29 billion.

Who […]


Douglas Carswell v Owen Jones

Douglas Carswell wasn’t going to let Owen Jones get away with saying “I want to pay more tax”…

Who does he think he is, Charlotte Church?[…]


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Quote of the Day

Paul Mason confesses to John Rentoul…

“I am quite happy to call myself a Marxist at the level of method, because historical materialism as a method is a great tool for understanding history.”

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