Cameron on Labour: “And I Thought I Was Having A Bad Day”

Even McDonnell had a chuckle at that one…

Junxit! Juncker Facing Calls to Resign


Forget Jezza, Brussels news site EurActiv reports Jean-Claude Juncker is under pressure to resign. Czech foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek says:

“Right now I can’t see the European Commission chairman as the right man for the job”

Another Eastern European diplomat says they will back moves to sack Juncker “if there was such a motion”. A central European diplomat said:

“The situation is changing by the hour. We need to send messages to our public that yes, we can change Brussels, so that it listens. There were many things done wrong and we must talk about that openly”

Brexit vote causing Brussels to finally embrace reform? Surely not…

Labour Coup Day Two

This morning’s rolling resignations:

  • 19:54 Nic Dakin, shadow Minister for Schools, absents himself.
  • 17:59 Richard Burden resigns as shadow Transport minister.
  • 17:54 Melanie Onn, Shadow Deputy Leader of House, has resigned
  • 17:49 Sharon Hodgson resigns as Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children
  • 17:16 Shadow Police minister Jack Dromey next to go.
  • 15:26 Sir Keir Starmer quits as Shadow Home Office minister.
  • 14:21 Shadow Culture minister Thangam Debbonaire goes.
  • 14:18 Luciana Berger goes too.
  • 13:02 Shadow Women’s minister Kate Green quits.
  • 12:37 Maria Eagle quits as Shadow Culture Secretary.
  • 12:16 Shadow Welsh Secretary Nia Griffith quits along with junior Susan Jones.
  • 12:19 Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey also gone.
  • 12:17 Shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle resigns.
  • 11:52 Housing PPS Matthew Pennycock also goes.
  • 11:51 Lisa Nandy and Owen Smith resign.
  • 11:40 Jenny Chapman quits Education team, Colleen Fletcher quits Defra.
  • 11:00 Roberta Blackman-Woods quits the Housing team.
  • 09:58 Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment Alex Cunningham resigns.
  • 09:20 Angela Smith, Leader of Labour in the Lords, and Labour’s Lords Chief Whip Steve Bassam both quit attending shadow cabinet meetings.
  • 09:02 Ruth Smeeth resigns as a PPS to the NI team.
  • 08:45 Education PPS Jess Phillips resigns.
  • 08:37 Shadow ministers Steve Reed and Yvonne Fovargue have gone.
  • 08:31 Wayne David resigns as Shadow Europe Minister.
  • 08:21 Justice PPS Chris Matheson quits.
  • 08:06 Stephen Kinnock has resigned as Angela Eagle’s PPS.
  • 07:53 Neil Coyle, who nominated Corbyn, has resigned as PPS to Bryant.
  • 07:52 Diana Johnson resigns as Shadow Foreign Office Minister.
  • 07:49 Toby Perkins resigns as Shadow Armed Forces Minister.
  • 07:48 Anna Turley resigns as Shadow Minister for Civil Society.

See yesterday’s resignations here

New Shadow Cabinet appointments:

  • Shadow Communities Secretary – Graeme Morris
  • Shadow Lord President of the Council, and Campaigns and Elections Director – Jon Trickett
  • Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary – Debbi Abrahams
  • Shadow Energy Secretary – Barry Gardiner
  • Shadow Justice Secretary – Richard Burgon
  • Shadow Foreign Secretary – Emily Thornberry
  • Shadow Health Secretary – Diane Abbott
  • Shadow Education Secretary – Pat Glass
  • Shadow Transport Secretary – Andy McDonald
  • Shadow Defence Secretary – Clive Lewis
  • Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Shadow International Development Secretary – Kate Osamor
  • Shadow Environment Food and Rural Affairs Secretary – Rachel Maskell
  • Shadow Voter Engagement and Youth Affairs – Cat Smith
  • Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary – Dave Anderson

Tory Leadership Timetable

Wednesday 29 June – Nominations open

Thursday 30 June – Nominations close at noon

Friday 2 September – Latest date new leader announced

Provisional timetable has to go to party board… 

‘Corbyn Voted Leave’ Rumour Non-Denial

Chris Bryant claims Corbyn refused to confirm to him if he personally voted Remain. There’s been no clarification from Corbyn himself today – he did tweet on Thursday that “I have voted to Remain”. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has demanded an urgent update. A Corbynista Labour source tells Guido:

“Any attempt to suggest Jeremy didn’t vote remain is just a cynical attempt to destabilise the leadership.”

Which is not exactly a denial. Piers Corbyn told Guido Jeremy would not vote to Remain…

Mervyn King: ‘Doom and Gloom Wildly Exaggerated’

“There are some threats from the EU that will no longer be relevant. So, the idea there might be a tax on financial transactions – which George Osborne challenged, took to the European Court of Justice and lost his case – now we won’t be involved in that, and my guess is that any attempt in Europe to impose such a tax will never take place now because business will simply come to the City… There are obviously uncertainties in the short run… but the idea that this is a doom and gloom story seems to be wildly exaggerated.”

Project Calm from the former Bank of England governor…

Corbynistas Believe Watson and Nandy Plotters

According to Corbynista Labour sources, Tom Watson is the coup leader and the plan is currently that there will be a vote of no confidence and then Lisa Nandy will eventually take over. She is said to have Watson’s backing. Labour whip Conor McGinn, who is close to Watson and hates Corbyn, is choreographing resignations. Labour MPs are calling colleagues canvassing support for Nandy. That is the plan from one faction of the plotters: for Nandy to ultimately take over from Corbyn… 

UPDATE: Sam Coates from the Times reckons there are three separate coup groups, all fighting among themselves as to who takes over.

UPDATE II: Lisa Nandy has now resigned and said Watson should take over as caretaker leader.

Osborne: No Punishment Budget


Labour Leadership Game On


Guido put these bets on at William Hill on October 4, last year, shortly after the Labour Party conference. Now the odds are much shorter with Tom Watson 7/2 and John McDonnell 7/1. Place your bets…

Rich’s Monday Morning View

no 11 540

Labour Coup As It Happens

  • 21:19 Shadow Leader of the House Chris Bryant resigns.
  • 19:08 Karl Turner, Shadow Attorney General, is next to quit.
  • 17:46 Blairite Shadow Justice Secretary Charlie Falconer resigns.
  • 17:20 Tom Watson says he is “deeply disappointed” by Hilary Benn’s sacking and “equally saddened” by resignations.
  • 16:51 Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Vernon Coaker quits.
  • 13:44 Close McDonnell ally, Shadow Chief Secretary Seema Malhotra resigns.
  • 13:09 Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy goes too.
  • 12:58 Andy Burnham says he WON’T resign.
  • 12:56 Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell resigns.
  • 12:55 Confirmed Lilian Greenwood quits.
  • 12:40 Len McCluskey says it’s a “pathetic and futile coup” against Corbyn. Says Tom Watson will back Jez.
  • 12:30 Lucy Powell has told MPs she’s resigning from shadow cabinet later this afternoon.
  • 11:38 Confirmed Ian Murray has gone. He’s Labour’s only Scottish MP.
  • 11:07 Gloria De Piero quits.
  • 09:52: Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray set to quit, along with Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood.
  • 08:15 Corbyn says he won’t resign.
  • 08:00 Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander resigns.
  • 01:00 Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn sacked in the early hours. He had been about to resign.

As Jez once tweeted, “Here we, here we, here we f**king go”…



Late last night EyeSpy.MP spotted that the Prince Across the Water was back across the water:

UPDATE II: John McDonnell tells Andrew Neil the membership will be mobilised behind the programme. Note that he doesn’t say mobilised behind Corbyn. McDonnell’s rhetorical support for Corbyn conflicts with his manifest ambitions. Under pressure from Brillo he says he won’t stand for leader even if Corbyn falls. A politician’s promise…

UPDATE III: A senior Labour MP texts: “McDonnell lying through teeth. Seema [Malhotra] and others been calling for him in last 24h.” Tom Blenkinsop suggests McDonnell has been ringing round himself to canvass for support.

Tory Leadership Runners and Riders

This is where the potential Tory leadership contenders stand this morning:

  • Boris Johnson – Will announce he’s running within days. Jesse Norman, Nadhim Zahawi and Ben Wallace are phoning round MPs canvassing for support. Faces a battle to get on the ballot from Cameron’s allies, Remain MPs and a number of Leavers too. The story of the next few weeks is whether anyone can ‘Stop Boris’.
  • Theresa May – Definitely a goer, the leading ‘Anyone But Boris’ candidate. Her aides did a ring around yesterday and a group of 20+ Remain MPs met on Friday where her name came up. MPs believe only she can beat Boris with the members. Several Leavers would back her. But would Cameron and Osborne?
  • Michael Gove – Many Leave MPs wanted him to run but he has always had reservations. Sunday Times says he is backing Boris. Out of the running.
  • Stephen Crabb – Sets out his stall in two Sunday papers. Has the personal story but MPs say he isn’t PM material. Could be the Cameron/Osborne choice. Faces fight to the death with May to be the Remain candidate.
  • Andrea Leadsom – Name has been doing the rounds for months. Leader of the Fresh Start group which will be a player in the next few years. Potential Chancellor?
  • Liam Fox – Intends to stand. Has significant backing from the south-west contingent of MPs. Will he make a deal for a Cabinet post? Whoever squares him off will get a boost.
  • George Freeman – Who? He’s the Life Sciences minister and the Sunday Times says he’s running with the backing of 30 MPs from the 2010 and 2015 intakes. He has tweeted that he is “discussing how best to get a bold Programme of OneNation reforms centre stage. #NoPlansUPDATE: Tells Crick he’s not running.
  • Nicky Morgan – Arch-Europhile. “Friends” unsubtly briefed Sky that she was “taking soundings“, which was treated with as much derision as when she put herself forward at conference last year.
  • Jeremy Hunt – Tipped by the Mail on Sunday today, and previously by Toby Young and Peter Oborne. Could Cameron and Osborne back him? His SpAd Ed Jones has cryptically posted on Facebook that he is “losing his job”.
  • Dominic Raab – David Davis’ old chief of staff is something of a hipster choice for Tories who fancy a flutter. Name was in the mix pre-referendum and he had a good war. An outside right-wing choice, seems a long shot. UPDATE: Told Question Time tonight “I can tell you now I won’t be running.”
  • Priti Patel – Has ruled herself out.
  • George Osborne – Missing, loathed by Leavers over his scorched earth campaign and punishment budget. Isabel Oakeshott says he spent yesterday canvassing support. Has longer odds than Priti, and she’s not even in the running.
  • Sajid Javid – Eurosceptic who went with Osborne and will forever live to regret it.
  • David Davis – Said to want another go.
  • Graham Brady – Chairman of the 1922 so has influence, said to fancy himself.
  • Adam Afriyie – Genuinely not ruling himself out. LOL.
  • Alan Duncan – hard for anyone he tells to keep a straight face. Attention seeking behaviour.

  • Jeremy Hunt – well you have to dream. Will need a personality change.

So, who are you backing?

Where’s Tom?

Probably not a good idea for Tom Watson to do interviews this morning while nursing a post-Glasto come down. This is from his snapchat at 4 a.m.:


He is on his way back…

No comment from Labour’s answer to Gromyko yet…

Social Media’s Filter Bubble Driving Political Anger


Tom Steinberg is one of those internet gurus who actually does interesting and useful things and he is really on to something with his fears about the filter bubble:

I am actively searching through Facebook for people celebrating the Brexit leave victory, but the filter bubble is SO strong, and extends SO far into things like Facebook’s custom search that I can’t find anyone who is happy despite the fact that over half the country is clearly jubilant today and despite the fact that I’m *actively* looking to hear what they are saying.

This echo-chamber problem is now SO severe and SO chronic that I can only only beg any friends I have who actually work for Facebook and other major social media and technology to urgently tell their leaders that to not act on this problem now is tantamount to actively supporting and funding the tearing apart of the fabric of our societies. Just because they aren’t like anarchists or terrorists – they’re not doing the tearing apart on purpose – is no excuse – the effect is the same, we’re getting countries where one half just doesn’t know anything at all about the other.

It’s in the power of people like Mark Zuckerberg to do something about this, if they’re strong enough and wise enough to swap a little shareholder value for the welfare of whole nations, and the world as a whole.

Filter bubbles exist outside social media, Guido noticed that during the 2008 Ken v Boris campaign private car owners didn’t know anyone who was going to vote for Ken and those who solely relied on public transport were almost the reverse, they didn’t know anyone who was going to vote for Boris. That was a function of income to some degree. People associate with people like themselves in real life. As our information sources become ever more filtered and self-socialised this will mean that we live in our own social media echo chambers.

It seems that after every major political event people who have been living in a filtered world find it difficult to believe that their opponents won. Because we’re living in our own filter bubbles.

This is even more pronounced on the left because so many of them never read right-leaning media, whereas those of us on the right are more used to reading The Guardian, watching Channel 4 News, Newsnight et al. Is this a significant social problem? Or does it just mean that after elections the losers will be unpleasantly surprised?

See also Dr Max Wilson on the subject:


Lammy: MPs Should Ignore Referendum Result

Delusional David Lammy has said parliament should ignore the referendum result and vote to Remain in the EU anyway:

“Wake up. We do not have to do this. We can stop this madness and bring this nightmare to an end through a vote in parliament. Our sovereign parliament needs to now vote on whether we should exit the EU.

The referendum was an advisory, non-binding referendum. The Leave campaign’s platform has already unravelled and some people wish they hadn’t voted Leave. Parliament now needs to decide whether we should go forward with Brexit, and there should be a vote in parliament next week. Let us not destroy our economy on the basis of the lies and hubris of Boris Johnson.”

A Labour MP effectively telling millions of working class Labour voters across the country he doesn’t care what they think…

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Quote of the Day

Sky’s Faisal Islam on the mood in Parliament at the moment:

“It’s a totally febrile atmosphere here. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones meets House of Cards – and if you chuck in the Labour Party – Laurel and Hardy too.”

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