Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yates : "Publish and Be Damned"?

Guido has been told, but is unable to confirm, that Yates of the Yard intends to publish the evidence he is handing over to the CPS. Is a co-conspirator able to confirm if that is correct / legally possible?

It would be an open invitation to the bringing of a private prosecution in the event the CPS were leaned on to not pursue a case…

UPDATE : Consensus of m’learned friends in the comments is that this is improbable. Would be bloody interesting if they did.

UPDATE : Seems to Guido that in the event of a courageous wealthy individual or individuals bringing a private prosecution on behalf of the outraged nation in the event of the CPS failing to prosecute, they would be able under the rules of discovery to get the evidence.

Day 2 in the Blog Brother Boycott

Skip this if you have a low boredom threshold, because it is for the geeks. Guido himself is basically simultaneously bored by, but amused that the blog boycott / de-link call has so spectacularly badly backfired, with hits up again to a new month and year high at 18,463 page views yesterday. Ironically bloggers blogging about blog wars have driven up the link count as well.

New developments are that Blog Brother has stopped trying to spam comments here (yes, they still get deleted), so comment moderation is off and the free-wheeling flow of comments can once again continue. Bizarrely, Peter Hitchens himself took it upon himself to try to broker a peace deal. Yes, the foulest mouthed, most deleted comment maker of all is trying to calm down the manic one.

So it looks like it is over and normal service can resume. So, for old times sake and just to wind Blog Brother up one last time, here are yesterday’s stats. On Day 2 of the link boycott, Blog Brother himself slipped from fifth to sixth ranked link referrer:


Spotted in Bristol by co-conspirator Lolly Pertwhistle.

Lord Dale of Cyberspace?

Guido refuses to make any queen jokes (for a change). He will be insufferable now.

Brillo! Brillo! Brillo!

“The Thick Of It” special had a junior minister who went on TV only to be reduced to a blinking quivering mess by the fictional forceful line of questioning. If only instead of being so craven they were like that in reality, Guido thought to himself.
Yesterday Ed Ball’s made fantasy reality. His blink rate per minute went hyper when Andrew Neil asked him about inflation. Why is it lower everywhere else in the Western industrialised world? Ball’s smile turned into a stutter, the blink rate doubled, the smile thinned under further pressure. Blinking desperately, Balls is reduced to stroking Neil’s ego. No excuses left, even Paddy Ashdown manages to put the boot in with a “Blair won’t go until the economy goes bad” crack.

See GuyNews.TV for the extract.

Brillo Dis-Inflates Balls

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Matthew Taylor Stands Down

The former youngest MP was always popular with researchers. Maybe his wife the mother of his child wants him back home now he has just become a father…

Doughty TV @ PMQs

On Doughty TV last night*, ex-Downing Street spinmeister Lance Price asserted to Iain Dale that it was Blair who claimed Brown was “psychologically flawed”. Asked by Tory MP Jeremy Wright at PMQs Tony denied it. Andrew Rawnsley has promised to reveal all after Blair steps down. So we will find out if Blair was lying (again) eventually…

*Watch clip here.

Celebrity Culture Bites Brown Back

At the Fabian conference on the weekend Brown condemned Cameron as a lightweight and made a virtue of his grumpy seriousness. The Mirror headlined it “He blasts rival Cameron for ‘fluffy’ showbiz politics” and the Indy more soberly said ‘I’ll have nothing to do with celebrity culture,’ says Brown.

So his India trip is obviously going to be all about one thing only – the travails of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant in Britain. All the Indian press want to know are his views on her treatment. The Beeb reports that “Gordon Brown has become involved in the row over alleged racist bullying on Celebrity Big Brother during a visit to India. Mr Brown said the issue had been raised repeatedly during his trip.”

“Celebrity culture” loathing Brown is scheduled to visit a Bollywood film studio on the trip.

Tracey Back in Prezza’s Office

According to the Sun the former chipolata swallower diary secretary is again working in the Deputy PM’s old office, “though officials insist she NEVER meets him or has contact with other ministers.”

So now she and Prezza are both paid to do nothing in the DPM’s office.

N.B. Prezza and Tracey’s homemade video is on GuyNews.TV.

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Westbourne-Change-Opinion Guido-hot-button (1)

Knifed former civil service chief Bob Kerslake on his recent troubles:

“Many thks for kind wishes following back opn. Incision measured 16cm. A pretty big knife in the back! Photos on request.”

TJ says:

And i’ve noticed that 100% of Guido Fawkes staff are men. Looks like Guido has a woman problem. Or is it an hypocrisy problem?

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