Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mirror Reflecting Sun

The Sun’s desertion of Labour and spirited onslaught on Gordon Brown, is clearly inspiring the Mirror to become ever more shrill in their attacks on Cameron.  Which promises to be quite good fun to watch.armistice-exploit

The attack today is a little bit bizarre. The Mirror has an expose of Cameron being photographed in the Garden of Remembrance yesterday. They’re outraged that, shock horror, he posed for a photographer.  Terrible.


On a different page a Guido co-conspirator, MisterE, has spotted the appearance of this obviously non-exploitative picture.

Could they be related?

Guido Killed the Lobby Star

guido killed the lobby starThe PMOS, Simon Lewis, and the chairman of the Lobby, Jean Eaglesham, yesterday announced that the system of Downing Street Lobby briefings is to be reviewed  “in light of the changes in the reporting of the work of government in an increasingly fast-moving and on-line media world”.  On hearing the news Guido – enjoying a two bottle lunch since PMQs was delayed – paraphrased  lyrics from the Buggles hit on Twitter in celebration.

A working group of six lobby hacks and five government spin doctors is going to come up with recommendations to be implemented next year. No one from the fast-moving online media world is on the working group. Guido has made his views about the Westminster embedded client media that constitutes the Lobby system clear over the years (see Newsnight and The Times). The meek acceptance of non-attributable briefings, often of questionable truth, is hardly helpful to the functioning of an open democracy. This method of information distribution is glorified as “on Lobby terms”.

Comical AliFriends of Mandy have spun the Guardian the idea that the Dark Lord himself should give twice weekly televised briefings* in a new information minister role.  The prospect of Comical Mandy batting off questions from the Lobby has some appeal.  It will all be a pantomime until the clubby culture of the Lobby changes.

*Guido has long supported televised Lobby briefings, ask yourself why is it that Lobby hacks oppose televising them?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PMQs Live-Chat Proof-Read Edition

Tune In, Turn On, Hang About

Do pay attention chaps, PMQs is at 3pm, not midday today…

Speccie BoobooThe PMQs live-chat will be live on this blog starting at 2.55 pm…

+++ 1/5 Young Unemployed – 943,000 Under 24s on Dole +++

ONS numbers reveal that youth unemployment continues to rise, with the number of 16 to 24-year-olds up by 15,000 to 943,000, giving a rate of 19.8%, a record high. 

Gordon says youth unemployment is his priority…

Jonah Curse Strikes Coventry

ericssonMobile phone firm Ericsson opened a shiny new building in Coventry earlier this year. They invited Gordon Brown to pay a visit, which he did. Inevitably the curse of Brown has hit the newly opened plant quite hard.  Months later 700 new jobs are to go at the hi-tech plant.  When will business people learn?  The hand of Gordon will curse your business, it will cost you jobs.  If Downing Street calls, run from any offer of a visit.

Jonah_curseIn recent months he has cursed a local Fife firm, a metals plant, a high-tech healthcare research facility, an academy, Manchester United, Sellafield, boxer Ricky Hatton, the U.S. dollar (two years in a row), Southampton docks, Liverpool radio DJ Phil Easton (fatally), Honda and Velux Windows, Tottenham Hotspur team captain Ledley King, Media Wales, Nissan and KPMG was struck by arson following his visitThis is all just this year.

We should never forget who opened Lehman’s London HQ – dooming them by lauding their greatness and telling the now collapsed investment bank “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain.  During its one hundred and fifty year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realise their potential. A century and a half of financial success f****d and cursed globally by Gordon.

His presence is booed by crowds at sporting events with good reason:

When England were knocked out of the 2006 World Cup against PortugalJonah was there. When they lost 2-1 at Wembley against GermanyJonah was there. When Scotland lost to Italy- Jonah was there. When England lost the rugby World Cup finalJonah was there.

Nationally youth unemployment, which Brown says is his priority, is tragically going to reach one million. The accursed hand of the one-eyed son of the manse has doomed our children, when will we be freed from this jinxed Jonah?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Labour Looks in the Mirror and Knows It Has Lost

Torn subGuardianistas and the unpopular parts of the blogosphere are raging about the Sun’s full on assault on Brown and all things Labour. When Labour delegates were ripping up copies of The Sun on prime time TV what did they expect the response would be? There is a logical inconsistency about their rage; on the one hand they said the Sun wasn’t important and on the other hand they froth about it almost continuously.  That they keep on repeating the mantra that it isn’t really important tells you it is really hurting and they fear it.  The Mirror is an avowedly Labour supporting paper whereas The Sun is the biggest swing-vote paper, and it has swung decisively to the Tories.  That is why Bad Al Campbell and the rest of the Labour spin operation are bleeding so badly over the Sun’s shift…

This morning’s reporting of Brown’s conversation with Mrs Janes was a good news story, news is after all what people don’t want you to hear, the rest is spin.  The left is now in full on “Murdoch is evil” mode, Fox and the Sun will be characterised as liars.  They will take presenters like Glenn Beck and columnists like the great Kelvin MacKenzie and make out that this is biased news – it isn’t, it is opinionated infotainment.  Audiences like that, it is provocative and entertaining, Jon Stewart and Polly Toynbee do the same thing from the other side.

Murdoch does not have a monopoly on bias, the BBC and the Mirror are not exactly objective – though only the BBC pretends to impartiality.  Look at the Mirror and every day you see made up news, not just opinionated comment.  If you think the Currant Bun is tough on Gordon here is a selection of recent Mirror headlines resulting from a site-search for “Cameron”:

Cameron Choker, Cheap Cameron, Confused Cameron, Slippery Cameron, Bad Joke Cameron, Big Guns Turn on Cameron, David Cameron: Cheesy And Sleazy, England – It’s the Curse of Cameron (bloody hell, Kevin Maguire’s nicked the idea of a political leader who is a sporting jinx) and Cameron’s Credit Crunch Christmas.

The Mirror is no different from the Sun, yet you don’t hear the Tories whinging about it…

Speccie v Staggers on Communism and Circulation


In the week we celebrate the Fall of the Wall (more in this coming week’s Guidogram) the covers of our political weeklies are worth comparing.  The Speccie reveals and condemns Soviet agents at the highest levels of the Labour Party.  The New Statesman glories in a cover with a flattering (old) picture of the communist tyrant Fidel Castro.  On the inside is a feature on his allegedly ‘popular’ variant of socialism.  So popular is Castro’s socialism that he has turned the island into a prison, locked up dangerous poets, not held an election in half a century and jailed dissident democrats.  No mention in the article of the people who to attempt to flee to Miami on floats made out of car tyres or the level of destitution to which the country has been reduced.  Perhaps Castro is popular in the same way that the Staggers is ‘popular’.   Up to date ABC circulation figures are no longer available, but the suspicion is that since they have got rid of the adult political reporters the weekly circulation has gone below 20,000 – less than the daily readership of this blog.  Online data  since the beginning of the year shows the relative downward trend:

Relative Trends

Perhaps if it was more in the real world politically – the latest claim is that the Chief Rabbi of Poland is a Tory stooge – the downward trend of the Staggers might be arrested.  Perhaps they are hoping, vainly in Guido’s view, that a change of government will boost circulation…

Listen to Mrs Janes Berate Gordon Brown


Brown Shame‘Mr Brown, listen to me… I know every injury that my child sustained.  My son could have survived but he bled to death’

“How would you like it if one of your children, God forbid, went to a war – helping protect his Queen and country – and because of lack, LACK of helicopters, lack of equipment your child bled to death? “And then you had the coroner have to tell you his every injury?”

Do you understand Mr Brown? Lack of equipment.

The PM replied: “I do understand but I think you have got to also understand that I feel very strongly about this as, as you do.”



JJ: Right, can I now just say how I feel?

GB: Yes please.

JJ: Many many years ago, in 18-something, somebody said the biggest enemy of our Army was our Treasury… they were so right.

GB: I, I…

JJ: Even to this day..

GB: I, I…

JJ: Mr Brown, to this day, I know as fact helping my sons buy equipment themselves before they go to war, I know of every mother, the letters I have received off mothers whose sons have been killed, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, you know, friends of mine that were killed in Northern Ireland.

I know that our Government are letting our troops down, big time.

GB: But I’m sorry I would not send anybody abroad unless I felt that they were properly equipped and, er, what I’ve told the Army chiefs that we cannot send people abroad unless we can properly equip them.

JJ: But they’re not properly equipped and we both know this.

Full transcript.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Guy News : Fifth November Edition

Notice that the Mail on Sunday and The Times followed up on the story broken first on Guy News of the lewd Labour MP and Nadine Dorries.  Guidogram subscribers knew first and got the “behind the blog” back story of last week.

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New Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has big ambitions in his first meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu today:

“I came to bring this conflict to an end.”

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