9/11 Apologist Reinstated as Full Labour Member


Guido has obtained the Labour Compliance Unit email confirming that Gerry Downing has been reinstated as a full member. Downing runs Socialist Fight, a Trotskyist group which has defended ISIS, and has personally apologised for the 9/11 hijackers. Here is the email:

Dear Gerry,

Appeal Reference: 1535467

We emailed you in November to let you know that after review by a second NEC panel, it had been decided that your membership would be re-activated pending endorsement from your CLP.

I am now writing to inform you that your CLP has not objected to your membership within the 8 week period in which they were allowed to do so, therefore you are now a full member of the Labour Party with the constitutional rights of an ordinary member. This means that you can attend appropriate meetings with a right to vote.

Currently your membership record states that you joined on 20/11/2015; the date your membership was reactivated, but your application to join was initially received on 22/02/2007. You can, if you wish, backdate your Join Date to the date your application was received, upon payment of any membership fees that are unpaid, from receipt of your application. To do this please call Member Services on 0345 092 2299. Member Services will tell you how much you will need to pay in back fees and be able to take payment, if you have your bank or card details available.

You do not have to backdate your membership, but some party activities, e.g. selecting electoral candidates, require participating members to have a minimum length of membership, which is calculated from an individual’s Join Date.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you back into full membership of the party.

All the Best,

Compliance Administrator

The Labour Party

A Labour Party spokesman declined several opportunities to comment. This the sort of person Labour “welcome” into their party…

UPDATE: A Labour spokesman confirms he was reinstated by the NEC:

“Gerry Downing was excluded from the Labour Party in 2015. Following an appeal and after no objections were received from his CLP a panel of the NEC agreed to reinstate his membership. If new evidence comes to light the Labour Party will review that evidence and make sure the rules of the Party are upheld.”

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Trump supporter Raheem Kassam responds to Suzanne Evans calling him “far right”:

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