September 4th, 2014

POLL: Did Clegg Really Get Challenged By a Nine Year Old?

Nick Clegg sounded very sceptical that he was really being grilled on Call Clegg by a remarkably eloquent nine year old boy called Rohan.  He sounded suspiciously like an adult woman. 

It wasn’t posh enough to be a Tory press officer, and strangely “Rohan” echoes Labour’s attack lines on Free School Meals. Sources close to the Deputy Prime Minister are “positive” he has been done over.

What do you reckon?

UPDATE: Despite 85% of Guido readers disagreeing, an LBC spokesman says:

“The LBC production team spoke to the boy and his mum, and we were confident the caller was genuine. Since the show, we’ve spoken to Rohan’s headteacher who confirmed he made the call from school in the presence of a teacher, and we’re completely satisfied he has a genuine interest in the issue.”


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband aged 14 3/4 says:

    Curses, Labour caught out again.

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    • 6
      Caption Contest says:

      Clegg to boys – “So do you play for ISIS ?”


    • 59
      Revenge served Cold Caller says:

      I bet it was a Liberal woman taking her revenge for Clegg’s lack of action over Rennard


    • 67
      ancientpopeye says:

      Why the hell am I paying through my taxes for kids school dinners, surely not to allow their parents to buy a few more scratch cards or more dope?


      • 74
        jgm2 says:

        For the same reason we pay for them to go to school in the first place. The kids aren’t going to learn fuck all if their parents can’t even get their shit together to feed them a breakfast or make them a packed lunch. Which, in Labour-voting slums (slums is probably redundant there), is far too may of the useless c*unts.

        Since, for the moment, the only acceptable decision for removing kids on political grounds is not that their parents are useless Labour-voting fuckwits but that they might vote UKIP, we must try and at least ensure that they get a decent meal if they are to learn anything.

        In an ideal world of course, parents would make sure that their kids were fed. But then in an ideal world parents would make sure that their kids could read and write and, in an ideal world nobody would be so fucking stupid as to vote Labour again after the utter economic clusterfuck they made last time. But we must deal with the world as we find it not as we might wish it to be.


      • 88
        f*ck off grandad says:

        who the f*ck are you some kind of fag*t f*ck?

        your generation got f*cking grants to go to university and bought your house for threepence and now its worth half a million for doing what? nothing

        kids these days get saddled with 10s of thousands in debt to go to university. to pay for your free bus passes and tv licenses

        you got pensions worth hundreds of thousands and paid f*ck all for them and they are going to be paid by these kids.


        • 92
          The facts dear Boy says:

          Pensions are not free from the state. They are self funded by NI compulsory contributions. Yes we know the State borrowed from the future by using NI to fund other things but that is not the fault of pensioners.

          No student has a tuition fee debt. They have a higher tax coding that only kicks in when they earn higher wages. So like pensioners they are paying by the taxation system.


        • 124
          cured lefty says:

          You need to tidy up your argument at the moment it’s totally incoherent
          Btw what do you think of grandads who paid tax for fifty years now retired now physically destroyed by their career choice .?


      • 121

        What about free dinners for us pensioners ?

        At least we ve paid in to the system .

        ( well.. those of us that worked anyway — cannot speak for those that just ……….twerked )


  2. 2
    Diane Abbotopotamus says:



  3. 3
    Havocman says:

    I dislike Clegg intensely but he was stitched up there.


    • 40
      Joe Public says:

      It was so obvious that she must be a member of NUT(S)


    • 48
      Err says:

      Clegg is a complete and utter two faced, lying, cnuting, granny selling, power hungry, u turning, tuition fee traitor, rose garden faking, proportional representation vote wrecking, mussie appeasing, EU loving, UK hating, Christian despising, Dutch loving, multicultural promoting, Rotherham apologist, s3xual abuse of constituents and party members allowing, windmill & solar power zealot, common purpose lying, traitorous, utter, utter, utter, cnut.

      In short, the quicker the LibDems are erased from the HoC the better and safer this country will be. At least Clegg is ensuring that outcome will happen sooner rather than later.


      • 57
        Jimmy juranti says:

        I’am sure you missed out a few more expletives but I will have to reread your comment a few more times, just to make sure you understand :-)


      • 63
        jgm2 says:

        Awww. You’ll have to pay for your comedy degree now?


        I don’t understand the abuse heaped on Clegg by the bedwetters. He stymied any Tory effort to challenge Labour’s gerrymandered boundaries thus making it easier for the Labour fuckwits to return to power and finish the UK completely. Compared to having to pay a few quid for their Sociology degrees from Spunkbridge Polyversity, in Labourfuckwitland, I’d have thought that was a price worth paying.


      • 69
        Anonymous says:

        Err! Will you please stop posting your indecisive views on this blog & tell us just what you really think of Clegg?


        • 105
          The Great British Public says:

          We think he is an EU sycophant and 5th columinst, a hater of British culture, and the sort of bloke who would say anything if it meant he got that sale to meet his monthly target, think double glazing / life insurance.

          He has spent his whole life promoting the EU and working for the EU, check his Wiki profile. He is a bought and paid for Europhile to his very core.

          It is no suprise the generally Eurosceptic public cant stand the sight of him.


      • 101
        I am a Lib Dem and my name is Tom Pepper says:

        Number 48: Well said – I could not agree more.


  4. 4
    idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I really, really, really, don’t give a fuck.


  5. 5
    Robert says:

    It sounds like a woman not a kid, not even slightly like a kid.


  6. 7
    LOL says:

    Which is an Islamic trait?

    A) heading
    B) heading
    C) heading


  7. 8
    Anjem Choudary's Shit Staine Dhoti says:

    Clegg: no arse, no waist, a gut: perfect specimen for public life.


  8. 9
    @ohthisbloodypc says:

    That’s exactly what I thought.

    Sounded like a woman. The kid was far too articulate. Even a bright kid would say a few things that would give away his age.

    he also said he was from “er… south london” A kid of that age would be more specific, because his whole world would be, say, Saint Mary’s in Wellesley Road. Not “south London”.

    Anyway. Few people refer to an area as “south London” unless they are from the other side of the river.

    So the bogus caller, I’d suggest, was a middle class woman in her 30s from north london. I suspect she does not very fulfilled either.


  9. 10
    Nigel Farrage says:

    If Dim Dave wasn’t such a fucking idiot he would be working hard to make Clegg look worth a vote, ditto George Galloway and assorted opther competitors for the Labour Payroll vote.


    • 21
      jgm2 says:

      UKIP are the obvious competitor for Labour’s ‘Stepford Wives’ voters.

      Rotherham is now a key constituency. If Labour’s mental illness can be cured at all then it will need to be proven in Rotherham. Otherwise it is time to head for the exits.


      • 34
        Owen Jones says:

        Given that Labour connived with immigrants in the abductions and gang ràpés of 1,400 local white working class girls in Rotherham, do you really think anyone in that town would be stupid enough to vote Labour again?


        • 35
          jgm2 says:

          I would bet on it.

          Labour is a mental illness. Labour will be elected next time. In fact the same councillors, standing on a Labour ticket will be elected next time.

          ‘Because my dad voted Labour and his dad voted Labour…’


          • Apthorpe says:

            Agree, it would take a real politcal leader to capitalise on Labour’s role in the abuse in Rochdale and ensure that they were held fully responsible for allowing it to go on. Only then would you have a chance of breaking the hold Labout has there. Alas Dave is really just as keen as Labour to kick the whole thing into the long grass and hope you all forget about it and carry on as normal.

            UKIP will make a dent I suspect but Labour will hold it.


          • Fred the pensioner says:

            Send for Owen this minute! There is a job for him to do….


        • 37
          Havocman says:

          Errrr, yes. There will be a Labour MP returned at the next election. You massively underestimate the tribal stupidity of the average Labour voter.


        • 41
          Jim Ley says:

          Given UKIP are full of crooks, expense account junkies and failed Tories – Neil Hamilton cleverly ticks all boxes – they ain’t gonna do no different either


          • Apthorpe says:

            There are degrees of depravity.
            I in no way approve of Neil Hamilton but his addiction to bribes and dirty money is a different order to institutionalised abuse of children and vulnerable adults. UKIP can make a positive difference but like all politcal parties only if the electorate keep the pressure on them and ensure wrong doing is punished.


          • Err says:

            1,400 white underage girls sexualy abused and some murdered, in 1 small town.


          • jgm2 says:

            All hushed up by Labour councillors, Labour MPs and a Labour government. Any dissenters (eg B&P) pursued through the courts by a Labour-beholden ‘Equalities Commission’ and compliant CPS and police.

            And still they’ll return a Labour MP and a Labour council next time they get the opportunity

            Because, yes, they really are that fucking tribal and stupid.


        • 60
          Leeds Rhinos says:

          Owen, do you like rugby league?


      • 84
        Jack Ketch says:

        I find it incredible that the Conservatives have not torpedoed Labour by publically bursting with righteous indignation and denouncing the “institutional corruption” of the Labour Party–attacking Labour leaders for failing to condemn the cover-up artists, bringing up Islington and PIE and mentioning not only WHERE abuse has been taking place, but which parties run the councils.
        There is also an opportunity to take a targeted swipe at “authorities” (NHS, police, social services) for not truly representing the people and the King family debacle would have nicely dovetailed in too.
        Maybe they are just too well mannered at Eton, or maybe there are cross-party scandals to come.


        • 93
          Brown Eye PI says:

          They’re not known as the liblabcon for nothing.


          • The Religion of Peace says:

            That really is the least of your worries dirty kuffar

            Remember for more of us,

            Vote ISIS
            Vote Often
            Vote LibLabCon

            Alllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaakkkkkkkkbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar


          • The Religion of Peace says:


            Already in a town like Rotherham, near you..



  10. 11
    LGBT spokesman/woman/man with no meat and two veg says:

    Who knows these days It might have been a woman trapped in a 9 year old boys body speaking on the phone.


  11. 12
    Sickipedia says:

    An Islamic cleric told a Luton radio station that in an ideal world he’d like to see homosexuals get executed.

    I was shocked- what would a Muslim be doing in an ideal world?


    • 29
      LibLabCon spokesperson (not man) says:

      That just shows how vibrant and diverse modern Britain is with our many cultural differences that keep us united in diversity. :)

      And if you disagree, you’re just a waycist.


    • 46
      Cinna says:

      Never mind being shocked, what is Plod doing about this. Any white, Christian person saying that would be in pokey sharpish. I suppose we have to think about good ol community cohesion. Which reminds me that I was in Manchester City centre yesterday and Chief Constable Farty is still allowing the followers of the religion of peace to picket the J’ewish owned cosmetic shop in King St. As far as I’m aware we have a ceasefire in Gaza. It’s time to move these undesirables on.


    • 108
      The Religion of Peace says:



  12. 13
    Caption Comp says:

    Mum says I shouldn’t speak to strange men and they don’t come much stranger than a Libdem.


  13. 15
    Shoot illegal immigrants says:

    It could have been a 9 year old boy pretending to be a middle-aged woman pretending to be a 9 year old boy.


  14. 16
    C.O.Jones says:

    She probably works for the local charity shop but lied about her age.


  15. 19
    Don Spackman says:

    Nevermind someone pretending to be 9, Nick Clegg managed to fool enough people in those TV debates to get the Lib Dems elected with 50 seats.


  16. 20
    Rohan, Rotherham says:

    mr clegg, i go to scool in rotherham and my favourite teacher is akmed abdullah, he’s our gym teacher and we all luv him very much.


  17. 24
    ? says:

    It could be Laurie Penny because I don’t think her balls have dropped yet.


  18. 28
    Greedy Fatty says:

    I’ve eaten too much but am entitled to take up NHS time and money by demanding a gastric band. Delish!


  19. 33
    A Man From Slough says:

    Presumably the radio station has got a record of the phone number that Rohan used. At the very least it would be obvious whether he was phoning from Sarf London.


  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    “Did Clegg Really Get Challenged By a Nine Year Old?”
    Or was simple subterfuge necessary, to bypass an LBC (Lets Back Clegg) question-filtering-system? Given that Nick could be made to paint himself into a corner, using just a handful of elementary queries concerning the construction of his personal rendition of reality. What do you think? But more importantly consider this: Is it not exactly the same sort of intransigence concerning testing untested ideology, that powers ISIS and its ilk.


  21. 42
    Free School dinners Cyril Smith style says:

    For fucks sake son don’t ask Cyril Smith if you can have some more.


  22. 45

    I did challenge Clegg. And tweeted it to him and party but got no response! Ok it’s less gimicky than the “9” year old because I’m only a 29 year old male


  23. 65
    nell says:

    that sounded awfully like one of the eagle sisters!


  24. 70
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    I am charmless, spineless,gutless, truthless, friendless,witless and hopeless.


  25. 71
    Jimmy juranti says:

    I’ve just swore at an Indian on the phone saying his name was John, he said he was from Microsoft and I had a problem with my computer, am I a racist, should I report myself to plod for swearing at this Indian John, after all he is only earning a living lieing and telling people they have problems and stealing money, that sounds like a politician forget it.

    59 mins is my time for keeping one of those fkers on the phone but today I don’t have time :-(


  26. 73
    boredhousehusband says:

    Rohan has been on LBC a number of times, very articulate young lad, Ferrari followed him for his first day at school earlier in the year. I think that’s the kid, anyway


    • 115
      Gillian Duffy says:

      Where are all these Rohans flocking from?

      Neither Nick seemed to know him.


    • 125
      Cpl Hicks says:

      Haven’t 9 year olds got more important things to worry about like xboxes and sweets? Whats the betting that this kids parents are typical bedwetting lefty cnuts?


  27. 75
  28. 94
    Ad hock says:

    Clegg got reamed! Totally exposed on lack of consistency, and joined up thinking, or indeed, any thinking at all!! Well done Rohan whoever you are!! If Rohan is a nine year old boy he is a genius with a bright future in politics ahead of him!!


    • 99
      boredhousehusband says:

      He gets done every week.

      The best one last week was a woman who waited patiently for his long winded answer and then said “well, you’ve totally avoided the question as usual….”


  29. 95
    Tony McLeish says:

    Up with the Labour Party and Glasgow Celtic FC.
    Prettiest women in World
    1. Veronica Zemanova
    2. Briana Banks
    3. Katherine Jenkins
    4. Zooey Deschanel
    5. Erika Eleniak


  30. 98
    idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Yvette Cooper is vile.


  31. 102
    sixupman says:

    The class bell was heard to ring, well thought out if it was a hoax?


  32. 103
    David Cam says:

    I always believed the Boy Cleggy was a nine year old wanting to eat at the Big Boys table.


  33. 104
    Serious Question says:

    If you were an average Lib Dem would you prefer to open up to a woman or a nine year old boy?


  34. 109
    Plebiscite says:

    Makes a change from 9 year olds getting done over by politicians at a certain south London guest house…


  35. 110
    Maimed Codger says:

    Guido, you Ponce… how many MP’s are Jacking themselves off to a sexy sounding 9 yer old Boy..


  36. 111
    All MP's are scum says:

    I would think that most 9 year olds could run rings round Clegg.


  37. 112
    Flatcap Army says:

    There is a slim possibility of course that it genuinely was a call from a precocious little shit who needs to go out in the sunshine a bit more


  38. 113
    Caligula says:

    I’ve just listened and with that unconvincing whiney pathetic simpering voice of a phoney it’s definitely Nick Clegg.


  39. 114
    Female Fuckwit spotter says:

    dont like the Clegg but that is a is a woman no doubt whatsoever


  40. 117
    Ad hock says:

    LBC did hint that it might have been Milligit in disguise!


  41. 130
    Err... South London says:

    Aren’t all those calls hoaxes made by Blue Peter presenters? Who wants to know what Nick Clegg thinks anyway? Whatever he pledges to do, next year he will just change his mind again.


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