September 4th, 2014

‘2014 GQ Award – Great Condition’ For Sale on eBay

Up for auction on eBay this morning, “a brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item”:

The listing offers:

“A fantastic opportunity to buy this rare and highly collectible GQ ‘Men Of The Year 2014′ award. In near perfect condition (there is a small stain on the back as it was handled by someone with blood on their hands). 

This will really sex up your mantlepiece! Can be delivered in as little as 45 minutes.

It comes free-standing as we had problems with it’s display rack. We have made a rack enquiry, but nothing came of it.”

Will the proceeds go to philanthropic causes?


  1. 1
    Piers Morgan says:

    Nothing to do with me guv.


  2. 3
    Grommit says:

    Fapperning just released pics of Bliar and Mrs Bliar. They were immediately banned as being against the Geneva Convention!


    • 99
      Old Nick Heavenly says:

      To really get the general public on the warmongers side they should release a video of Tony beheading Biggob and then one of Biggob beheading Tony.

      Perhaps the NSA monitors could pass this on to Barrack “Empty Vision” O’Blunda.


  3. 4
    Havocman says:

    Cherie’s missed a couple of zeros off the price there.


  4. 6
    Diane Abbotopotamus says:

    Tony is completely innocent and had nothing to do with anything and if anyone says otherwise they’re a WAAAYCIST!!!!!!


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    “2014 GQ Award – Great Condition’ For Sale on eBay”
    Doesn’t the value of an award depend on who is awarding it? How can anyone be honoured unless the entity offering the honour possesses honour? Or do they address that by awarding it to themselves, at the outset?


  6. 9
    nell says:

    the middle east is going up in smoke and bliar spends his time attending bubble gum champagne receptions accepting worthless empty awards . why is he still being paid as middle east p e a c e envoy when he has done nothing but harm?


  7. 10
    ? says:

    I would rather buy a second hand plastic replica of the B&Q award for most improved shelf stacker.


  8. 11
    Cpl Hicks says:

    WTF were GQ thinking in giving Blair an award? A spectacular error of judgement.


  9. 13
    Owen Jones says:

    Enoch Powell was 100% right.Rivers of Blood. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to agree.Just a moral sensible one.


    • 18
      Mehdi Hasan says:

      I agree with Owen Jones.


    • 22
      ? says:

      Enoch was right but some of the language he used helped kick any debate about immigration into the long grass for 40 years.


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        No it didn’t. It was simply used as an excuse to kick the debate into the long grass. It was the beginning of silencing critics through censorship. The beginning of ‘no platform’ for dissenters.

        He didn’t use any inflammatory language. History and events are proving him 100% correct.

        Nobody now doubts which way this is headed. Or at least not anybody who can find their arse with both hands.


        • 34
          Map maker with a pointy compass says:

          I know of many people that couldn’t find their arse with help from GPS, NHS and DWP.


          • Jeremy Corbyn says:

            This weekend marks the 45th anniversary since Enoch Powell delivered his infamous Rivers of Blood speech in Birmingham.


        • 46
          Like me? says:


          • An 'Orrible Caant. Namely, Me says:

            How’s he gonna throw the bucket of water over his head now?

            Shutit Errol, I don’t pay you to think.


        • 84
          ? says:

          Enoch predicted a future that in my opinion his speech then helped go on to make by turning the subject of immigration toxic for anyone to talk about.
          The black man having the whip hand over the white man etc.
          Race, who is superior,whips it’s got the lot.
          A good case can be made against mass immigration without having to mention race at all.
          I wish he had done that.


  10. 15
    • 27
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Yes but there IQ is higher than most Labour supporters.


      • 60
        Braveheart says:

        As the Tories now only talk to UKIP supporters and not to the 85% of the electorate who loathe UKIP, their prejudices and their economic illiteracy and would never vote for them, a massive Labour victory and a Labour government after the next election, with support from all moderate Conservatives, is now guaranteed, regardless of the calibre of Labour candidates.
        Almost suits me fine. Better Red than UKIP.


        • 71
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          85% of the electorate “loathe UKIP” yet 27½% vote for them in the European elections. Bit rich to accuse UKIP of “economic illiteracy” when you can’t even add up.

          Vote UKIP and improve your arithmetic.


          • I used to vote UKIP . says:

            I voted UKIP in the recent European and Local Elections but
            I will revert back to the Conservatives at the General Election .
            I fear Miliband and Balls far more than Europe .


          • Braveheart says:

            27.5 % of a 34% turnout is less than 10%. Learn to take account of all relevant figures.


  11. 19
    Cùnt getting award from cùnts surrounded by more cùnts says:

    GQ should have had all the IRA terrorists in receipt of Blair’s free passes from justice up on stage alongside him when they handed over their pathetic award.


  12. 20
    Jonnie Bercow says:

    Me, me, I want it, I think I bloody well deserve it, I’m going to out bid Alastair Campbell, George Gallaway and the Prince of Darkness on this one, though I’m a bit disturbed that the money will go to the “The wide mouthed Frog” the recipients wife.


  13. 21
    Chilcott says:

    I bid £10.99. If delivered then it gives me ten minutes to ask a question or two. Dud answers expected.


    • 41
      Whiffler says:

      Twenty eight, twenty eight, twenty eight – at the back of the room !

      Do I hear twenty nine ?. Twenty nine … twenty nine – to the lady at the front

      Do I hear Thirty pieces of silver ?

      SOLD!!. To the man in the conflagrationary underwear !


  14. 26
    Bob says:

    Spot the difference – the Guardian’s Rotherham cover-up:


  15. 28
    Cinna says:

    I found myself at a loose end for 30 minutes yesterday and wandered into Waterstones. Looking around I found, modestly displayed. Owen’s book “The Establishment”. Having nothing better to do, and yes, I should have known better, I had a leaf through the book.

    Well that’s 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. But what I find really depressing is that some people will actually pay good money for this rambling rubbish.

    Best of all there is an endorsement, on the rear of the jacket, of Owen and his book by that great political philosopher Russell Brand.


  16. 29
    Fucking Hell says:

    Laurie Penny @PennyRed · 12h

    I am, apparently, a Red Woman this year.


  17. 31
    Alyingstare Campbell says:

    Philanthropist ? Surely they meant Villain of the piece ?


    • 37
      peter trouser hitching says:

      At least mad al has quietly slipped away into a dignified silence and deep depression


      • 42
        jgm2 says:

        Labour will have him trussed up in a cellar to try and keep him away from the newspapers and TV studios. Just as Labour does best in the opinion polls when Ned Miliband and Ed Balls are kept away from public scrutiny.

        Every time the voters catch a glimpse or soundbite from Blair, Brown, Balls etc they are reminded of the clusterfuck they made last time. Which is why they are kept well away from the spotlight.


        • 61
          Ali C says:

          Mmmmffff .. Hg hnnnn ooo mmmjkjkjlkju…can’t breathe! Mfffgghhh…


        • 83
          boredhousehusband says:

          which is why UKIP should make sure that clips of the Labour idiots are used within their election campaigns to point out the nonsense which came from their mouths.

          Gloves off, UKIP, please! Gloves off


          • The two Muppets says:

            Yes, I wish that UKIP would attack Labour more ,and not
            concentrate on only attacking The Tories . The Conservatives will give you an In/Out referendum .
            The Labour Party never will , so use your head .


          • jgm2 says:

            The Tories will give you an In/Out referendum?


            And I have a bridge to sell you.


  18. 33
    peter trouser hitching says:

    I lookfoward to the day when slippery jelly fish Mr Cameroon receives his award from Attude magazine for services to the parents of terminally ill children


  19. 36
    Anonymous says:

    The Country is going down the tubes at a fast rate of knots and what are they debating in the ‘House’ at this very moment ?………. Puppies & Kittens


    • 45
      peter trouser hitching says:

      Can I be the only dissenting voice in this clamour of madness?

      My late father (RN RTD) made a point of giving both myself and my brother a kitten each every sunday morning in order for us to stamp it to death before church singing Jerusalem to drown out the pitiful mewing
      On our reurn father would carve the puppy
      yet another great British tradition thrown out like a left over dog carcass


    • 87
      boredhousehusband says:

      are they planning on banning dogs as being contrary to iSlam?


  20. 38
    The EU says:

    We should have made Tony Blair President of the EU.
    We were remiss in not appointing him.

    If we had done so we would be occupying all of Ukraine by now.


    • 107
      Old Nick Heavenly says:

      and there would have been open revolt all over Europe.

      But these arseholes seem to working towards that anyway.


  21. 39
    Standard life customer says:

    Finally going to get a bit of money back after that thief Brown stole it to “invest” it.

    I see my standard life shares have made quite a profit.

    Whilst Brown’s investments have left me paying owning the largest this country has ever known in all of its 2500 year history.


    • 49
      Aye, aye! says:

      Sell your RBS shares pronto!


      • 67
        jgm2 says:

        And your HBOS. And anything else that is HQ-ed in Fucking Scotland. Because there will be one hell of a fucking backlash when the Little Scotlanders vote to fuck off.

        Obviously not all 60 million consumers will jump ship but enough of them will to totally fuck up Fucking Scotland.


    • 51
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



      • 56
        Dr Dolittle of Yorkshire says:

        We want to share your daughters with the rest of the world.


      • 57
        Gordon the mad says:

        Pensions need to be taken from wealthy people , like pensioners, and given to fit young people who can’t be arsed to work.

        It’s the right thing yo do.


  22. 40
    Fabians are evil says:

    I’ll bid 600 squid for his shredder


  23. 43
    Tachybaptus says:

    Was passing through Connaught Square last night and saw a huddled figure surrounded by armed police scuttling into a black BMW 7 series. Wonder whether the bauble has gone already and it was being delivered in person.


    • 48
      peter trouser hitching says:

      This Blair creature Blair doesnt even use a british car

      Foe my part I intend to continue to move around london on my trusty armoured Rudge bike


  24. 47
    Jimmy says:

    Comedy’s hard


  25. 50
  26. 54

    Update on the Russian land bridge to Cr!mea:

    Vote UKIP :-D


  27. 58
    Neil Stein says:

    I am catholic and support the labour party and Scotland. Up with Glasgow Celtic FC.


  28. 59
    Central services says:

    If any of you see a young lad crying round the back of the BBC studios, no need to alert the police.

    It’s just Owen Jones reading Guido’s review of his new book.


  29. 62
    Man of peace says:

    What bullies do is they say when you are a 1) white middle class educated man and you are depressed they say what right have you got to be depressed, you self indulgent pompous oaf. Look at starving people in Africa you ungrateful wretch. This just makes you more depressed and feel angry.
    2) But if you are happy the verysame people then say you should be depressed as you have a useless worthless life so you should kill yourself.
    Anyone who insults my post is a psychotic moron.
    I just thought I would put this thought into the World.
    Up with Labour.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. 64
    Joyce Sack-Her says:

    It would be much fairer if ALL children were made property of the state.
    That way a random percentage could be handed out to Muslim men to abuse, rather than just those living in Rotherham.
    Much fairer. Much more progressive.


  31. 65
    Jack the Ripper says:

    Bit pricey for three reels of sellotape.


  32. 66
    peter trouser hitching says:

    cannot anybody see that we need to deport Ebola threat Dianne Abbott and the rest of her kind and go back to the halyon days of the summer of 1939


  33. 72
    Phil Anthropist says:

    I smell a religious war brewing… not only sectarian warfare between Sunnis and Shiites. ISIS crossed the Christian line when it started killing non Muslims. Essentially, we are observing a 21st century 9th Crusade. When will we ever learn?


  34. 73

    The UK is also being ‘goaded’ at present – in part by certain sections of its own media as well IS.

    Whilst the ‘enemy’s enemy is also my own enemy’ line holds in this case as a strong argument against the UK backing Assad, one should also look at the parallels which are apparent with the GIA insurgency in A’lgeria back in the 90s.

    It is also becoming clearer that IS are deploying a Russian style active-measure campaign against Lebanon, presumably as an advance part of their plans for taking the country once they have consolidated their control of Syr!a’s surrounding provinces. A good question to ask is just how embedded are the GRU in this part of IS, and what assistance could be offered Lebanon to counter those measures ?

    Reacting to videos of the apparent beheading of Western intel guys is a good public justification for action, but is there a credible strategy in place which will avoid further humiliation for the West and a repeat of the fiascos that happened in L’ibya ?

    If it wasn’t for Hezbollah in Lebanon, this would be a relatively easy problem to remedy.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  35. 74
    Shite says:

    Isis is an Egyptian Goddess….stop using her name for war mongerers.

    It is now ISIL


  36. 75
    Kurds on their Whey says:

    Hey Mr Cameron,

    There was an article on the North West regional news last evening….apparently hundreds of Kurds have go off to fight in the war…but no mention of taking their passports, either before they went or after they return.


    • 81
      Cinna says:

      Of course what this actually highlights is that all these peoples, no matter where they were born, are not, and don’t intend to be, part of British society. When push come to shove their first loyalty is to their religious, tribal and ethnic origins. To keep stating that these people are “British” is laughable.


  37. 76
    Dean Rinso says:

    My bid has been rejected. The minimum bid is £500. Seem a bit much even though Tony Blair’s name is on the stand.


  38. 77
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:



  39. 79
    T May or there again T May not says:

    If ISIS is threat to Britain close the gates and don’t let anyone from that’s region in.

    Everything else is an act of war and aggression.
    I have no problem getting rid of ISIS, however, let’s be honest this is not about ISIS, actually they are there for a purpose: an pretext to get of rid of Assad.

    Assad is being targeted because he refused to be puppet for America and Israel.

    It’s sickening how willing this government is into following America into another war

    Liked by 1 person

  40. 80
    Seven x Seven says:

    My reaction to listening to Cameron on the Today programme this morning was stark fear because this is all we have for a leader during the worst world upheaval since 1945. The man is lost, overwhelmed, hopes that by saying something he can make it true


  41. 82
    The Tap says:

    The area organisers of UKIP have been planted by MI5 since the beginning.

    Carswell is a shining gem of a politician surrounded by slime on all sides.

    The other Better Off Out Conservative MPs like Hollobone should quit the Conservatives if Carswell succeeds and wins Clacton as expected.

    They would then be a significant bloc of quality to head off the likely Dad’s Army which would be arriving in Westminster if the UKIP general rabble starts winning seats.

    That said, some of the rabble will be worth having and very entertaining. MI5 are not in control of every constituency, despite their best efforts.

    The ex-UKIP candidate at Clacton is now joining the Lib Dems. If he’s a sign of the level of quality lining up for the future, then heaven help us


    • 101
      jgm2 says:

      So the previous UKIP candidate, whose major policy – some might say sole policy, is to leave Europe joins the Liberal party which is the most Europhile party in the UK?

      What the fuck?

      It’s almost as if if he was only in politics for a cushy job.


  42. 88
    Dave the Blob says:

    I know many people say that I am all talk and no action. But Sam says it’s important to pace myself to conserve my energy levels. After I’d worked my socks off getting gay marriage on the statute books, I had to lie down in a dakened room for two days and Sam had to rub eau de cologne into my temples.


  43. 89
    Sense & Sensibility says:

    David Cameron wants his own war to make him look ‘big’ in the eyes of all the other leaders.

    His only aims are to maintain his own presence as prime minister, maintain the interests of big business and perpetuate the sense of fear that him and his talentless colleagues (esp May and IDS etc) are trying to create.

    The more fear Cameron and his confederate of dunces can enstil in us, the less we’ll complain about our not-so gradual of civil liberties and privacy.

    ISIS may not have been directly created by the UK and US but we certainly played a significant part in the formation… but then like everyone knows every pantomime needs a villain. If we were truly appalled about the beheadings etc then why the heck aren’t we backing away from Saudi etc… Is it more about who’s doing it… a blind eye to pals and all that


  44. 97
  45. 114
    Labour's Legacy says:


  46. 115
  47. 116
    Downing 'Benefits' Street says:


  48. 118
    Jack 'in the box' Straw says:


  49. 120
    BBC bias says:

    BBC admits receiving millions in grants from EU and councils (The Telegraph, 01 Feb 2012): “The BBC received millions of pounds from the European Union and local authorities over the past four years, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.”

    “The BBC admitted in a letter to a Tory MP that it has received nearly £3million in grant money from the European Union over the past four years.”

    “Other grants totalling £16million came from local authorities across the UK. The money was spent on “research and development projects”.”


  50. 122
    Cynic says:

    Will they accept payment in blood diamonds? 12 pieces of silver?


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