September 3rd, 2014

Bercow Braced for Post-PMQs Showdown

All eyes on the Speaker at today’s back to school PMQs. Yesterday Bercow scarpered before Michael Fabricant could give him a grilling and this morning he is spinning hard in the FT about how Clerk stitch up of the Clerk job isn’t a “power grab”, honest. Fabbers is hoping to be called for more Points of Order after PMQs today, and he also has a few for Hague tomorrow at Questions to the Leader of the House. There’s no getting out of it for the Speaker this time, he has submitted written questions as well:



  1. 1
    Mitch says:

    Good that a serious politician like Fabricant is on the job.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    This Berk-ow needs to go….


  3. 3
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    As for Sally, she’s always braced…


  4. 4
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    What are the current odds on Bercow being ousted before the year’s over?


  5. 5
    Ethel of Purley says:

    Tony B LIAR, mass murderer, war criminal, ego maniac named as philanthropist ot the year, now you know satire is dead, I just wish he was dead.


    • 7
      The Nobel Peace Prize Committee says:

      You really couldn’t make it up.


      • 14
        Anon & VOTING for UKIP in May 2015 GE & LE says:

        And he will be slithering into Celtic Manor later today

        for the NATO meeting as the Middle East Whore Monger

        but of course the MSM have been told not to report he is

        attending……….wonder why ??


      • 18
        Oscar says:

        Coming next:
        Cathy Ashton- Babe of
        Ed Balls- Mathematician of the Year.
        Fartbott: Dieter of the Year.


    • 10
      Tony Blair says:

      Look, guys, I know some of you don’t like me, but the fact is I’m a pretty straight sorta guy. I’m straight about the fact I’m a mass murdering war criminal who’s made about 100 million in blood money.

      It’s just as well no one has checked to see if the proceeds from my memoirs went to charity as I said they would. What is important is.


  6. 9
    Buckingham Voter says:

    A pause to witness the hypocrisy:
    When one scrote calls out another scrote for being a scrote, and the second scrote responds to this by calling the first one a hypocrite.

    It is usually the case that the sheer mass of irony inherent to the situation at this point causes a tear in the fabric of space-time, resulting in both scrotes being sucked into a black hole of self-absorbed narcissism. Innocent bystanders are advised to quickly become apathetic to the confrontation, lest they too become sucked into the singularity.


  7. 11
    Owen Jones is a cunt says:

    Labour voters are so thick, I bet if you did a poll asking them who’s to blame over Iraq, they’d answer Thatcher.


  8. 15
    Winston says:

    David Cameron in 2007:

    “By using the word ‘Islamist’ to describe the threat, we actually help do the terrorist ideologues’ work for them”.

    David Cameron now:

    “We need to be absolutely clear on where the origins of where these terrorist attacks lie. That is the existence of an ideology, Islamist extremism”.


    • 24
      Dangerous Brian says:

      David Cameron, never knowingly right.


      • 29
        No Sharia Please, We're British. says:

        True but on this occasion knowingly wrong. He will have had full security briefings on ISIS and will know that they are fundamental M*slims who seek to follow Mo’s example to the letter and to follow the teaching of the Kor’an, and to implement Sharia, the law of Is*am.

        If they are extreme then all four traditional schools of Islam are extreme.

        Listen to Brother Rachid explain it all:


  9. 16
    el tigger says:

    Does Fabricant mean “contracts” (as he has written) or “contacts” (which seems the more appropriate question)?


  10. 26
    John Bercow says:

    I can’t wait for the Lords gig. Get a bit of kip.


  11. 28
    Speaker Out says:

    Doesn’t anyone check drafts at Hansard these days? The order paper or whatever it is, is riddled with errors – significantly ones that don’t light up on a spell checker!


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